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Arrow Truck Sales

Logistics will always be vital to business. No matter what happens in the world, companies will always have to move items.

The trucks themselves are often the biggest overhead for a logistics company.

For this reason you should consider giving Arrow Truck Sales a call and purchase a used vehicle.

We have a world financial crisis at the moment, yet there are still plenty of trucking jobs available. Starting up and maintaining most other types of business can be precarious given the financial climate, but trucking jobs have proven themselves a little more resilient.

A logistics business will still, however, have to be run well to survive, and reducing costs is every bit as important as getting the contracts to running a lucrative business.

The key to running a successful logistics business very much depends on how you can maximize your profit from each job. You can do little about overheads like fuel, because the price of fuel is governed by external factors such as, tax and oil price.

What you can control though is how much you pay for your vehicles and how roadworthy those vehicles are.

So, why should you buy your next truck from ATS?


First of all, Arrow Truck Sales have been in business for 60 years. You do not get to last that long in used vehicle sales if you don’t provide an excellent service.

ATS are owned by Volvo Group, so they are not a fly-by-night used vehicle firm. They provide the same amount of customer satisfaction you would expect from any other part of Volvo Group.

The company also offer very reasonable extended warranties that can ensure the vehicle performs for up to 4 years.

They offer many different types of truck that would be useful for CRST Inc to YRCW or anyone in between, and can count many of these firms as regular customers.

Flatbed trucking companies all over the USA and Canada have made use of Arrow Truck Sales as one of their suppliers. They have locations in every major US city, as well as premises in Toronto.

Before any truck is sold, it undergoes reconditioning and a stringent check to make sure it is fully roadworthy. Buying one of these trucks is as good as buying a brand new truck.

The checking process involves a 100-point thorough inspection, and every truck comes with a standard warranty of six months.


So when you buy an Arrow Certified truck, you are getting a vehicle which you know will do the job it is required to do.

Not only have you saved money by not paying the full retail price of a new vehicle, but you will save money on maintenance and repairs in the long run.

Another good aspect to the company, is they offer a breakdown service that will help you stay on the road every day of the year, for 24 hours a day.

Logistics can often involve penalties if the load is not delivered on time. With this breakdown service they will help ensure you get there on time.

They also offer finance. This is done in an ethical way which prevents you paying too much interest.

In the event of the death of someone who has entered into a finance agreement with Arrow Truck Sales, they will cancel the agreement and pass the truck onto the estate of the owner. Which is a very decent way for a business to operate. This means that rather than leaving debts to loved ones, the deceased person leaves an asset.

So if you own a logistics company, or you are a self-employed driver who does owner operator jobs. You should seriously consider buying a pre-owned vehicle rather than a new vehicle.

With the trucks so well checked over and reconditioned, there really is no need to pay the extra money to get a factory new vehicle.

Buying a pre-owned truck from Arrow Truck Sales can vastly reduce your overheads and ensure you can stay competitive no matter what the circumstance check external financial factors are.

With the other benefits also available, buying used from Arrow can even be an improvement on the service offered by some truck manufacturer’s dealerships.

So give ATS a call and see if you can find the perfect vehicle for your business.

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