Jack Cooper Transport

Jack Cooper Transport

Jack Cooper Transport was founded in 1928 and has grown into a leading trucking company that moves 1 million automobiles across the country each year. The company maintains 1,800 tractor-trailers and operates in the Western, Southern and Midwestern regions of the country.

The company maintains a long history of private ownership, with Jack Cooper founding the company and the operations remaining in the Cooper family still.

Working for Jack Cooper Transport

The Jack Cooper company offers positions all across the United States, and the company’s core operations revolve around auto haul driving. Drivers will be required to transport automobiles from manufacturing plants to dealerships around the country.

The company is part of the Teamster Union, and prides itself on being one of the only companies that still maintains professional union employees.

The company offers:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short-term disability
  • Prescription

Employees are given competitive wages (more on that shortly), and there are requirements that must be met for a driver to be eligible to work with the company.

All drivers must meet the following requirements:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • No evidence of multiple CDL licenses
  • 3 years or more of previous employment history
  • No history of license revocation or suspension in the past 3 years
  • Maintain the ability to read and write in English
  • 2 years of more of verifiable OTR experience
  • Pass a DOT drug screen

As part of the union, drivers will also receive a union pension.

When applying for Jack Cooper Transport, drivers will also need to meet the requirements outlined in Section 391 of the FMCSR. The section includes proper motor vehicle records, medical test, road test, background test and information of past drug and alcohol testing.

Drivers must also have no history of:

  • Leaving an accident scene
  • Using a vehicle to commit a felony
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Driving while intoxicated (in the last 3 years)

Drivers must also maintain the appropriate CDL license to be eligible for employment.

Jack Cooper transport careers can include tractor-trailing driving and auto haul, but the company also offers minor positions as a shuttle bus driver, too. The company has other corporate positions available, too.

But in the trucking industry, they remain a leader in OTR, local and regional positions.

If you have 2 or more years of OTR experience, you will need no car haul experience to land a job at Jack Cooper. The company does require all drivers to have a CDL-A license with endorsements for air brakes and tractor-trailer operation.

What’s the average Jack Cooper Transport Trucker Salary?

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Jack Cooper Transport Trucker Pay

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According to the company, the average driver working with the company during their first year will earn $75,000.

This is according to a new job posting from the company.

When you dig deeper into Jack Cooper Transport careers, you’ll find that the average salary, according to four salaries reported on Indeed.com, is $70,328, so drivers can make a lot of money working as an auto hauler for the company.

What Are Truckers Saying About Jack Cooper Transport?

jack cooper trucking jobs

Jack Cooper maintains a large fleet, but they don’t have many reviews online. The reviews that you do find are all rather positive with a few complaints along the way, too. The majority of reviews have great things to say, such as:

  • The union is great and works on behalf of drivers
  • The pay and benefits are great
  • Roadside assistance is offered 24/7
  • Free insurance is offered

The company also offers vacation and paid time off, but the amount differs by position. The company does offer a 401 (k) plan with a partial percentage match. Health insurance is one of the best in the industry, and with no premiums.

Drivers will load and unload new cars from railroads and deliver them to their final destination on a daily basis. Drivers like the fact that they are able to see the country, and the insurance is free, allowing drivers to keep more money in their pocket at the end of the week.

Pay and benefits are above average, but drivers don’t like the local terminals, which people complain is not filled with good management.

The trucks and equipment are older, too, and a lot of drivers wish the fleet would be updated.

Management is dedicated to their job, but they’ll be quick to go on the defensive and blame the driver for general mishaps. The management could be better, but it’s not an issue big enough to offset the exceptional pay and benefits that drivers receive.

Team orientation is a vital cog in the company’s operations, and there is an “everyone helps everyone” type of environment.

Home life is not a top priority at some terminals, and a lot of drivers do state that they work overtime every week. This leads to a higher paycheck, but drivers often feel drained and worn out at the end of the week. The company will work with you at some terminals to ensure that you have home time.

But like every trucking company, home time can be very little unless the trucker stresses the need for home time often.

A person asked about the average salary of a driver in 2017, and the response being $55,000 – $100,000, depending on how long a driver has been with the company. This is far above the industry average and with a union on a driver’s side, it will be harder to fire an employee that has worked hard to remain in their position.

Glassdoor also provides salary data from three salaries submitted, with an average salary of $57,145 per year. The salary ranges are between $50,000 and $61,000.

The interview process with Jack Cooper Transport is pretty standard and only basic questions are asked. Drivers who meet the company’s requirements will often be fast-tracked into working with the company and will start their job quickly.

Jack Cooper is a worldwide name with positions across the United States, including positions in the Eastern region now, too. There are a lot of positions opening up in Michigan where a lot of the auto manufacturers operate.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced environment, great salary and exceptional benefits, Jack Cooper Transport is a great choice.