Truck Drivers Wanted

Truck Drivers Wanted

The On-Going Annual Truck Driver Shortage Is Estimated To Be 58,000+

“Truck drivers wanted,” a phrase that is continuing to be heard in 2022.  A recent report from CNN indicated that there will be a shortage of 50,000 truck drivers in the United States by the end of the year.  The information comes from a very credible source: American Trucking Association.

2016 Truck Driver Shortage Of 50,000 Drivers

A truck driver shortage is nothing new, but it’s continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

Just look at these figures:

  • A decade ago, there was a shortage of 20,000 truck drivers
  • In 2013, there was a shortage of 30,000 drivers
  • In 2016, there will be a shortage of 50,000 drivers

Ultimately, in just three years, the demand for truck drivers has increased greatly. Just look at the world around us. Amazon has to deliver packages at rapid speeds, eBay has to keep up, Macy’s has to keep up, and the list goes on and on. People in America expect delivery straight to their front door, and this is causing the trucking industry to boom.

Companies need to fill their warehouses at rapid paces, and the best part is that this, too, causes a great demand for truckers.

The demand is not able to be filled at the moment, so you’ll find that there are truck drivers wanted, and no one to fill these positions. What does this mean for you? This means that you could demand a higher salary, or find employment quickly. Companies need you to fill their ranks, and there are simply not enough talented drivers available.

Average Truck Driver Salary Expected to Grow

Licensed Truck driver Training

Do truck drivers make good money? Absolutely.

Far too often we see people assuming that truck drivers are simply not paid well, but this is not the case. And it’s expected that truck driver salaries will increase in 2016.

Just look at these facts:

  • In recent years, the lowest increase in truck driver salaries was 8%.
  • In recent years, the highest increase in truck driver salaries was 12%.

So, utilizing this data, we can assume that truck drivers can expect their salary to increase by at least 10% in 2016. Now, how many of your friends can say the same thing about their salaries? For most people in America, they do not receive pay wage increases above 1% or 2% on a continual basis.

In fact, wages for most Americans have been stagnant in recent years.

The truck driver shortage has caused truckers to be paid, on average, $73,000 a year, according to ATA. These are individuals that are working for a private fleet, such as someone employed by FedEx or Walmart.

When you look at the Labor Department, they also provide figures that show the annual median pay for all truck drivers in the United States will be around $50,000 per year.

In 2014, there was a shortage of 38,000 truck drivers, and the shortage has increased by 10,000 in just one year. Currently, there are:

  • 6 million truckers in the United States
  • 750,000 truckers that are on a “for hire” basis, meaning that they work for another trucking company

Even with the shortage and higher wages, trucking companies are having a difficult time luring in potential candidates – and keeping them. The main issue is that the home/work balance simply doesn’t exist in the trucking world. Even companies that state they have a great balance between home and work time offer abysmal options.

Being home for two days out of every three weeks is very difficult if you have a family.

Truck Drivers Wanted

But someone has to fulfill these jobs. The best part is that you never have to worry about these jobs being outsourced to India. The American truck driver must be a person that lives in America, and works in America. You can’t outsource jobs that require deliveries in America to foreigners.

And the workforce is aging greatly for truckers. The average median age for truck drivers is 49. According to the Labor Department, the median age for all American workers is 42 years old. What does this indicate? Younger generations are not interested in being truck drivers. in a world where life in an office and regular 9-to-5 or business-related skills are dominating the workforce, people are moving away from wanting to do blue-collar jobs like being a trucker.

Trucking companies also have difficulty hiring women. Women make up 47% of all United States workers, but they account for just 6% of workers in the trucking industry.

All of this information can be quite overwhelming, but it does show that there is such a demand for truckers, that you will find it rather easy to land the trucking job if you meet the requirements:

  • CDL license
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Clean driving record
  • Clean criminal history record

The truck driver shortage has also caused many employers to offer massive sign-on bonuses to new drivers. Most companies will provide a $1,000+ sign-on bonus for competent drivers that stay with the company for a specific period of time. Many trucking companies will even pay for you to attend their own schooling as long as you agree to work with the company for a specific period of time.

The trucking industry is suffering greatly due to the high demand for the hours that drivers must work per week. Many drivers cannot go home even weekly, and drivers will often work 70+ hours a week. This is not a job for everyone, but it’s a great career that offers a lot of security. The high demand means that this is a very hot career, and the shortage makes the driver have a lot more control in terms of salary demand and benefit demand.

If you’re tired of working a mundane job that doesn’t pay well and you don’t mind being on the road for days or weeks at a time by yourself, being a truck driver is a great choice.

CDL Life

You have an immense amount of freedom, the benefits are spectacular, and there is typically no boss standing over your shoulder unless you’re late delivering a load.

You also have the opportunity of purchasing your own rig and working for yourself. This means that you’ll be able to demand a commission on every load that is delivered, and you make a lot more money in the process.

It should also be mentioned that you have the ability to work as a team driver, so you can bring your significant other on the road with you if they are properly licensed.

Many companies will also allow for another passenger to come along on the ride with you, which makes life on the road a little less intense and lonely.

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