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About TDS

With over 15 years experience in the transportation industry, TruckDriversSalary.com is dedicated to helping drivers earn more. From finding the right company and pay grade, saving more on insurance coverage or finding more loads. We have helped thousands of drivers earn more.

This project started out innocently enough…

A close friend of mine had just completed his 2nd tour in Iraq and was ready to return to civilian life.

During his deployment, he had extensive experience driving heavy equipment for the Army and wanted to start a career in the industry.  He signed up for a few different ‘career events’ with regional carriers but could not find a truck company that would take him on for paid CDL training.

Well, let me re-phrase that- he found lots of schools that wanted him to pay for his CDL license but he was looking for a company that would train and put him on the road.

He also felt like he was getting jerked around with bait and switch pay-per-hour recruiters which did not seem realistic.

From that point on, we started a spreadsheet for national carriers and rated them on benefits, downtime and of course, pay.  Initially, we hoped to have a newsletter we could send around to others but we quickly realized that an online resource would be a smarter approach…

And with that TruckDriversSalary.com was born.

Since 2013, we have grown beyond our wildest expectations.  Over that time we have put over 2,500 drivers into careers on the road.  We continue to help new drivers find the best placements for career advancement and fight for worker rights around the US.

How Do We Determine Our Pay Rankings?

Our published data is not an exact science and should be taken as a general baseline only. 

Individual pay rates will vary depending on location, your driving experience, etc…

We use driver surveys, company supplied payroll data and multiple 3rd party tools to arrive at our published rates.  Always check with the actual company in your area for the latest statistics.

We hope our rankings give you guidance and put you on the path to a successful OTR career.

We appreciate your time and thank you for visiting.