US Trucking Directory

When getting started in the transportation industry, it can be difficult to understand which companies are there for you and your career and which are simply fly-by-night organizations.

Our pay scale guide offers new drivers a head start on the industry and we hope gives you a leg up on a successful CDL career.

The TDS Best Trucking Companies For 2019

Rush Trucking

Rush Trucking Driver Pay

Rush Trucking was founded by Andra Rush in 1984, and at the time, the company’s goal was to become a leader in the automotive logistics industry. Rush, which is... Read More...
United Road

United Road Driver Pay

United Road specializes in auto transport and delivers more than three million vehicles per year. Their customers include major automakers, manufacturers, aucti... Read More...

Foodliner Trucking Pay

Foodliner is one of the largest food grade tanker trucking companies in the U.S. The company is part of the McCoy Group, which was founded in 1958. Today, McCoy... Read More...
Road Scholar Transport

Road Scholar Transport Pay

Road Scholar Transport has been in business since 1988. Founded by Jim and Debra Barrett, the company has since grown to become a leader in asset-based carrier ... Read More...
Experior Transport

Experior Transport Pay

Experior Transport is a Chicago-based logistics leader that has been in business since 1998. Over the last two decades, the company has grown to become an indus... Read More...
Smith Transport

Smith Transport Pay Scale

Smith Transport was founded by Mr. Barry F. Smith who started his own career at the age of sixteen. He started contracting with local dairies in the region and ... Read More...
hub group trucking

Hub Group Trucking Pay

For more than 40 years, Hub Group has been offering comprehensive transportation services. With more than 47 years of financial stability and $4 billion in reve... Read More...
brown trucking

Brown Trucking Pay

Brown Trucking offers services across the United States, with a primary focus on the southeast. The company is proud to offer experienced drivers and integrated... Read More...