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Dutch Maid Logistics Driver Pay

Dutch Maid Logistics has been in the transportation industry since 1974. Since opening its doors, the company has grown from a small business to a large operation with a big facility in Willard, OH.

The company has worked with some big-named businesses in the food industry, including Pepperidge Farms, Dannon, Giant Eagle and Marzetti.

If you’re looking for a solid career opportunity with a financially stable company, Dutch Maid Logistics may be a good fit for you.

Dutch Maid Logistics Driver Jobs

Dutch Maid Logistics offers three primary services: truckload, spotting & shuttle, and logistics. Drivers will find positions in both the truckload and spotting & shuttle departments.

Currently, Dutch Maid has more than 240 trailers in their fleet. They also have specialized spotter trucks, but drivers will need to be qualified to work in this role.

According to old job listings for Dutch Maid, drivers only need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a valid CDL A

The listing states that drivers don’t need experience because they provide training. Some other resources state that drivers will need 6-11 months of experience in order to be considered for employment.

Drivers love that Dutch Maid Logistics is a family-run operation and has a family atmosphere. Management has an open-door policy, so drivers feel comfortable discussing issues. Many drivers say that Dutch Maid is a great place for new drivers to start their careers and the company keeps them productive.

But how much does the company pay and what kind of benefits do they offer?

Dutch Maid Pay and Benefits

Dutch Maid says that their drivers earn $75,000 per year on average. That number combines all driver experience levels. If you have worked with the company for over two years, you can move up to that average annual salary number.

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They report that many first-year drivers make $4,400 a week with the company, averaging $66,500 a year. We only have one completed driver survey for Dutch Maid and they reported earning $45,000 annually but they report not working for many months during that time.

Top drivers earn as much as $101,000+ annually.

Dutch Maid benefits are one of the main reasons drivers join their ranks. You’ll benefit from:

  • $2,000 – $5,000 sign-on bonus
  • 401(k) company match
  • Annual and weekly bonuses
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid orientation
  • Pet policy
  • Rider policy
  • Option to become a trainer
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Vision insurance

Life insurance policies are available, too.  Full-time employees are eligible for life insurance, and payroll deduction options are available if you want a better policy option.

Retirement Contributions

Dutch Maid contributes to their drivers’ 401(k) retirement plan, which is available after 12 months of continuous employment. The logistics company does not state what their contribution to your retirement will include.


Full-time employees will receive multiple vacation tiers based on their tenure with Dutch Maid. The current rules on paid vacation, include:

  • One-week paid vacation after 12 months of continuous employment
  • Two weeks of paid vacation after 24 months of continuous employment
  • Three weeks of paid vacation after 5 years of continuous employment
  • Four weeks of paid vacation after 10 years of continuous employment

Your vacation pay is based on your average weekly income and will go up accordingly. Drivers will also have the opportunity to make more money throughout the year through bonus options.

Bonus Opportunities

Drivers have a lot of bonuses that they can receive, depending on their route and performance. For example, Dutch Maid will pay bonuses of:

  • $0.01 per mile for all of your dispatch miles after one year of employment
  • $0.01 per mile as a safety bonus for all miles
  • $25 per stop after the first stop of the day

If you stay with the company for six years, a longevity bonus of $1,000 will be added to your paycheck. Drivers who have to go into New York City are paid an additional $100 to $175 for entry, and some east coast locations may offer similar perks.

When you drive with Dutch Maid, you have the confidence that they train all of their drivers in-house. You don’t need to worry about experience as a new driver because the company is willing to invest in you and help you get a jump start on your career.