Mississippi truck driver salary and jobs

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make In Mississippi

Mississippi has 2.949 million people that call the state home. While the state’s average median income is $24,509 per year, one position pays significantly more: trucking. We’re going to explore the average truck driver salary in Mississippi to learn how much you can expect to make went entering a career as a trucker in MS.

How Much Do Truck Driving Jobs in Mississippi Pay?

Mississippi trucking companies are in a difficult position because there aren’t enough truckers to meet demand. For truckers, the high demand and low supply of qualified CDL drivers means that salaries are rising.

How much is the average trucker salary in Mississippi?

  • Salary.com lists the median salary at $48,190
  • Indeed.com lists the average base salary at $66,077
  • ZipRecruiter lists the average salary at $50,138

If we combine all three of these salaries and average them out, we come to an average salary of $54,802.

Other key points to consider are:

  • $54,802 translates to $4,566 per month, or
  • $1,141 per week, or
  • $28.54 per hour, based on 40 hours a week

Nationwide, Mississippi’s salary is very competitive. Of course, you have to factor in low and high earners, which can skew the average slightly.

Mississippi Salary Information by Percentile

Someone in the bottom 10th percentile of drivers will earn significantly less than a driver in the top 10th percentile. The lower percentile is made up of inexperienced drivers who are often right out of CDL school and still getting their “feet wet.”

  • Lower 10th percentile earns between $22,100 and $37,300
  • Lower 25th percentile earns around $43,000
  • Medium (50th percentile) earns around $48,000
  • Top 25th percentile earns around $55,000
  • Top 10th percentile earns $61,500 or more per year

If you’ve been driving for Mississippi trucking companies for 10+ years, the salary rises to $74,000+. Of course, this figure doesn’t include additional perks, such as safety bonuses or other monetary benefits that significantly pad your salary.

Salary Ranking by State

Truck driver salary in Mississippi is great, compared to the average income in the state, allowing truckers to find financial freedom. However, on a national scale, the state pays their CDL drivers, on average, lower than most other states.

Mississippi ranks 29th in the country in trucker pay.

However, with the state’s lower cost of living, drivers still have the financial freedom they desire with great pay and benefits.

Highest Paying Cities for Truck Drivers in Mississippi

Naturally, Mississippi trucking companies pay more in some cities than others. But the following cities offer the highest salaries at the time of writing this article:

  • Southaven pays an average salary of $51,158
  • Horn Lake pays their drivers an average of $51,133
  • Walls pays their drivers an average of $51,107
  • Olive Branch pays their drivers $51,029

Rounding out the top 10 paying cities for truckers in MS, the salary falls to $50,964. If you live outside of the bigger cities, you’ll find that the lowest paying cities include Shannon, Sherman and Smithville, all of which pay their drivers around $46,600.

Living outside of the city is cheaper, so it still may be beneficial to land one of these positions, even if they’re lower paying.

How Mississippi Truckers Can Increase Their Pay

Maximizing your earnings as a trucker is always possible, but you need to work hard for it. A few of the ways that drivers in Mississippi have increased their pay include:

  • Endorsements. If you’re willing to get endorsements, you can increase your pay significantly. For example, someone who receives their HAZMAT endorsement will have the option to haul dangerous loads for a significant pay bump. An endorsement makes you a more valuable employee, and you gain a lot of flexibility in the process.
  • Safe driving. Many trucking companies will reward you for safe driving habits. If you maintain a good driving record, you can benefit from bonuses each quarter, depending on the company.
  • Drive more. Truckers are in one of the most in-demand positions in the world right now. If you want to maximize your earnings, drive more. The miles are there and will allow you to make more money. Of course, you’ll sacrifice your work-life balance.
  • Team drivers. Finally, team drivers earn more money because you can be on the road more. If you don’t mind working with another driver, team driving is a good way to drive significantly more miles. We’re seeing many team driver positions averaging $70,000 a year. It’s also nice to have someone to talk to when you’re on the road.

Due to the current driver shortage, the demand for truckers is through the roof. Many truckers are entering into their first trucking position with a salary that is 30% higher than just a few years ago.

Sign-on bonuses are also available, an additional perk to attract drivers and add to your overall first-year pay.

A few examples of solo CDL A positions that are available right now are:

  • Ryder Systems is paying drivers $1,500 or more per week, with 2,300 miles weekly, $17 per stop, $2,500 bonus when you drive for 30 days and an additional $2,500 after 90 days.
  • United Road is a vehicle hauling company, and they state that their top haulers earn $98,000. They offer a staggering welcome bonus of $7,500 to $15,000.
  • Roehl Transport is hiring. The company lists weekly compensation at $1,515. Drivers can expect 75% drop and hook, with most drivers hauling 2,500 to 3,000 miles per week. You’ll be on the road 5.5 to 6 days a week with a minimum of 34 hours of home time weekly.

If you live in Mississippi and want to enter into a high-demand career and great pay, obtain a CDL and join the trucking industry. CDL drivers keep the country’s supply chain running smoothly.