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Based in Marshfield, Wisconsin, Roehl Transport is one of the largest trucking companies in America. The company boasts a fleet of over 5,000 trailers and 2,000 tractor-trailers, and employs over 2,500 workers.

With terminal operations in major cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix and Dallas, Roehl is a company that offers steady employment.

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The company also offers CDL training to help new drivers break into the field.

If you’re considering a job with Roehl, you may be wondering what the company’s pay scale is.

Roehl Transport

Roehl Trucking Pay

Roehl’s compensation structure is a little bit different than other trucking companies.

Known as Your Choice Pay, the company unveiled this new pay plan in 2014, and it rewards drivers who perform well with continual raises – without the wait.

Bonuses are not included in the pay structure.

Instead, safe and efficient drivers receive a pay as you go raise, which means you won’t have to wait a year to see a pay increase.

Roehl Trucking

For every quarter you improve your efficiency and safety, you receive a pay raise. And mileage rates are just one component of the compensation package.

Drivers also have the option of adding to their income by becoming a driver trainer, or referring new drivers to the company.

Driver trainers earn more than $10,000 per year than drivers.

Roehl also pays for extras, like:

  • Tarping and untarping
  • Layover day
  • Detention time
  • Intermediate stops
  • Hand loader and unloading
  • Short haul pay
  • Canada pay
  • NY City and Long Island
  • Approved lumpers paid
  • Refrigerated modular unload
  • Plaque or to load premium
  • Secondary load

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Roehl doesn’t divulge how much they pay on their website, but salary data can be gathered by employees from multiple 3rd-party sites to give us a good view.

Based on information from 83,00 Roehl Transport reviews from current or recent employees, the average driver will earn $59,652 per year.

Salaries can range from $25,000 on the low end (typically new/student drivers) all the way up to $86,000 for a seasoned professional driver. Weekly pay ranges from $800-$1,400.

Of course, salary is just one piece of the puzzle. There are several other things that you need to consider when before applying for a job at Roehl.

Home Time Options

Roehl does offer a number of options when it comes to home time:

  • Local drivers are home daily, and most positions are based out of Roehl terminals.
  • Dedicated and regional drivers are home weekly or given up to 26 weeks a year off through the company’s HOMEtime PLUS 7/7 Fleet.
  • HOMEtime PLUS 7/4 and 7/3 drivers get approximately 120 days off each year and are home every other week. These truckers drive for 7 days with 4 days home, and then 7 days with 3 days home.
  • HOMEtime PLUS 14/7 allows drivers to enjoy more mileage and more time at home. These truckers drive for 14 days straight and then spend 7 days at home.
  • National drivers receive three days of home time after driving for 11 to 14 days. Drivers who stay out for longer can enjoy up to a week at home.

Home time can be just as valuable as the pay you receive, and Roehl offers flexible options to meet the needs of drivers no matter what stage of life they’re in.

Pet-Friendly Trucking Jobs

Another perk to working at Roehl is that the company allows you to bring a neutered or spayed pet on board with you.

The company has even gone as far as installing pet run areas and waste receptacles at their terminals.

While the company’s pet policy won’t add to your salary, it will certainly bring you comfort on the road when you’re away from friends and family.

Owner Operator and Lease Purchase Program

Roehl also works with owner-operators and offers a lease purchase program.

Through the BOXX program, owners enjoy benefits, like revenue choice, frame volume choice, support, and cost control.

When it comes to compensation, you can choose to be paid based on a percentage of the customer’s order, or you can be paid based on the miles you drive – it’s up to you.

If you choose to be paid based on the miles you drive, here’s what you can expect to earn:

  • Using Roehl’s trailers (national): $1.23 (1-400); $1.17 (401-800); $1.10 (801-1200); $1.04 (1201-2000); $1.01 (2001+)
  • Using your own trailer (national): $1.31 (1-400); $1.25 (401-800); $1.18 (801-1200); $1.12 (1201-2000); $1.09 (2001+)
  • Using Roehl’s trailers (regional): $1.21 (1-400); $1.15 (401-800); $1.08 (801-1200); $1.02 (1201-2000); $0.99 (2001+)
  • Using your own trailer (regional): $1.29 (1-400); $1.23 (401-800); $1.16 (801-1200); $1.10 (1201-2000); $1.07 (2001+)

As you can see, owner operators earn great compensation whether they use the company’s trailers or their own.

Roehl Transport offers consistent, steady work and great pay for drivers. And with a CDL training program, you can start and end your career with Roehl.

Although the company does not divulge their actual pay rates on their website, numerous employees have shared salary information online, and drivers earn more than average.

A great benefits package, a pet-friendly driving program and flexible home time allows you to take more control over your career and your yearly income.

Roehl has been in the business for decades, and they received numerous awards for safety as well as their compensation model.

Rather than having to wait a year for your raise, you can start earning more right away if you improve your performance. It’s a simple concept, and one that’s allowing Roehl drivers to earn more money than their competitors offer.

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