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ABF Freight Payscale

ABF Freight started off as a small, local carrier in 1923. The company has since grown to service all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam and Canada. The company serves over 250 ports in 130 countries.

ABF Freight

ABF offers several different driving jobs, including:

  • LTL
  • OTR
  • City drivers
  • Student drivers

Working with ABF Freight, you will be responsible for picking up and delivering cargo from various long-distance locations. The company maintains a very young fleet, with most road tractors being 18 months or younger. All vehicles are fully air-conditioned and equipped with power steering.

There’s a preventative maintenance program available for all equipment, and any drivers that meet the company’s qualifications will also be able to receive a comprehensive benefits package and join the Teamster Union.

As a part of the Teamster Union, you will be paid in accordance to the union scale of payment.

ABF Freight Driver Salary

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ABF Freigth Payscale

The pay scale for the company depends on the position that you take. Let’s take a look at a few of the different salaries offer:

Road Drivers

No specifics are given about road drivers, but we do have information about their individual pay scale. According to the data provided by glassdoor.com, we found the following salary ranges:

  • The lowest salary is $60,000.
  • The highest salary is $80,000.
  • The average salary for a road driver is $73,562.

City Drivers

Anyone that works for the company locally will be part of the company’s city driver team. These drivers are paid between $24 and $26 per hour. The average pay for a city driver is $25.12 an hour, and this figure does increase depending on the location that the driver is responsible for covering.

Drivers that work in busy areas, such as major cities, will be paid more.

Benefits for Working With ABF Freight

Before we break down the pay scale when working for ABF Freight, there are also several other benefits that need to be considered.

  • Medical benefits are offered with no out-of-pocket premium passed on to employees. Medical, dental and vision coverage is offered by the company.
  • Holiday pay varies by contract and is usually within the 8 – 14 day range.
  • Sick pay is allotted for up to five days per calendar year.
  • Vacation of up to 5 weeks is provided for drivers that have given 30 years of service for the company.
  • Retirement benefits are offered through the company’s 401(k) program. A pension fund does exist and is a multi-employer pension fund.
  • Life insurance is provided through the company’s multi-employer sponsored health and welfare fund. If you’re injured or killed on the road, your family will be taken care of thanks to a life insurance plan.

As an employee for the company, you also have access to the stock purchase plan to buy stock in ABF Freight.

What Employees Have to Say About ABF Freight

If you’re thinking about starting a career as a truck driver or want a change of pace, ABF Freight may be a good fit for you. We’ve had the pleasure of talking to many different employees of the company, and have found some very valuable information for anyone looking to join the ABF team.

Let’s first start with the work/life balance.

abf freight jobs

A major fault of most trucking jobs is that work-life balance is difficult as a trucker. Many people state that they work long hours, nights and weekends. Holidays are also worked, but this depends on the position and the respective holiday. The work-life balance could be better with the company.

Many freight drivers stated they had no life outside of work, and if you’re injured, you will have a difficult time with the company’s management.

Pay and Pension

ABF Freight has great overall pay, and the company does offer a full pension plan, which is a nice addition for any truck driver. If you work for the company for 30 years, you will receive five weeks of vacation per year that is paid.

The company also pays for all of your benefits, so this should be a major consideration with skyrocketing healthcare costs in the country.

Benefits are also optimal, with medical, vision and dental plans being offered. You never have to pay out-of-pocket expenses for your medical care, which is also a major perk when working with ABF.

Work Environment

Micromanaging is a concern at ABF, but many employees stated that everyone is very nice, and taking time off is not a major issue. Matters do take time to be resolved, and you will be expected to seek out the information yourself.

Managers are often overworked or slow to respond to requests, so many employees stated they must go the extra mile to find out information about their questions and concerns.

Slow-Season Layoffs

Every major shipping company in the country has to deal with slow seasons. The most troubling issues that the company is that during the busy seasons, the company hires too many employees. Many of these employees will be laid off during the slow season, which is a major concern.

Overall, ABF Freight has a great reputation in the industry and offers reliable employment. We’ve also come across several other jobs that may be of interest to potential truck drivers, and these jobs have salaries that are both well-paying and offer more home time as a result.

Dock Workers

Dock works are a vital cog in the shipping department. You’ll be working on the dock, and you’ll be paid a salary that is between $22,700 and $42,800, depending on how many years you have worked with the company.

Diesel Mechanics

Mechanics who work for the company will need to be knowledgeable in diesel engines and will have steady work all year long. Mechanics earned between $15 and $28.13 an hour. This comes out to a salary range of $31,183 – $62,282.

ABF Freight Jobs

ABF Freight does not list the company’s current pay scale on their own website. These figures have been provided through various employees and statistic websites that have conducted surveys on the company’s pay scale.

Other factors that may go into considering a job at the company include the pension plan the company offers and the fact that they pay for all of your benefits. You will be required to pay union dues, which can be expensive, and as a freight driver, you will be required to work very long hours.

If you’re lucky enough to find a city driving job, keep in mind that this position does pay far less than freight drivers who may be driving across the country.

Working within a bigger city, such as Chicago, you will have the extra benefit of being paid more. Several job opportunities are available with ABF Freight all around the country.