Best Trucking Companies For 2024 (Top Paying & Highest Rated By Drivers)

top rated trucking companies to work for

Thinking of starting a career in the trucking industry?

Are you a seasoned driver looking to make a fresh start with a new employer? Just like any other industry, some trucking companies offer better opportunities, perks and compensation than others.

We’ve rounded up the best companies to work for based on compensation, home time and perks.

The 10 Best Trucking Companies to Work For

#1) GP Transco

GP Transco

A 2019 addition to our Top Rated list, GP Transco embodies what it means to respect and care for your drivers.  They have held onto the top spot for the 4th straight year.

With one of the best benefits packages in the industry, it is no surprise that they stand apart in terms of having the lowest driver turnover in the industry.

And for good reason, with an average base salary of $87,000 per year, you can have a true lifetime career with GP Transco.

How did they come so far so fast? 

Their GP lead recruiter, John Alverez is “one of the guys.” He worked as an OTR driver for 30 years prior to becoming a recruiter, so he knows how the industry works. John knows that truckers sacrifice a lot for their careers.

He has established a protocol within the company that offers transparency and honest pay.

If you’re going to be away from your family, driving across the country, you deserve pay that rewards you for your time.

#2 Barr-Nunn

Barr-Nunn are one of the more transparent companies in the industry. They continue to evolve and improve their pay options for drivers while maintaining their growth and company culture.

After 18 years in the industry, Barr Nunn’s commitment to truckers changed to offer some of the best rates in the industry. Their pay has been updated to be:

  • $0.71 for top, regional north fleet
  • $0.06 additional per mile for solo and team drivers in 2022

Barr Nunn team truck driving jobs also pay an exceptional top rate of $0.89 to $0.92 per mile.

They have introduced a new shift load pay option that lets drivers choose a more stable, reliable income versus the traditional per mile structure.

With Shift + Load Pay, drivers worry less about the ups and downs of mileage pay.

With that said, they still offer traditional, per mile pay for truckers as well. That ability to choose the payment method that they prefer is a great option.

Shift-load pay offers up to $355 per day and in 2022, due to the driver shortage, you’ll earn an additional $10 per Shift.

#3 Walmart

walmart trucking jobs
© Walmart

Technically speaking, Walmart isn’t a trucking company.

But they do have their own private fleet – and they pay their drivers very well.  In fact, they recently announced plans to pay their drivers up to $90k per year for 2019 to recruit and hire the best of the best.

The average full-time driver in Walmart’s private fleet earns $86,000 per year working 5.5 days a week.

Walmart will pay for activity, mileage and training too. Plus, you’ll receive a quarterly safe driving bonus.

When driving for Walmart, you’ll get home once a week, and you’ll get reset hours off the road. But that’s not even the best part – Walmart drivers don’t load or unload freight. And you’ll get benefits starting your very first day.

Walmart’s benefits include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Pharmacy
  • Life

You’ll also have the opportunity to enroll in a 401(k) plan as well as a stock purchase plan.

Walmart’s private fleet is one of the best flatbed trucking companies you can work for. But there is a catch – you’ll need to have some experience to be considered for hire.

Here’s what Walmart requires:

  • At least 30 months of full-time experience working with a Class A tractor/trailer in the last 3 years.
  • Interstate Class A CDL with Hazmat endorsement, or obtain Hazmat endorsement within 60 days of receiving a job offer.
  • No serious traffic violations while operating a commercial motor vehicle within the last three years.
  • No more than 2 moving violations while operating a commercial or personal motor vehicle within the last 3 years.
  • No convictions for an OUI, DUI or DWI, or reckless driving involving drugs or alcohol within the last 10 years.

These are just a few of Walmart’s driver requirements. If you have experience and follow the laws of the road, you should have no problem being considered for a position as a driver.

Walmart has one of the lowest turnover rates in the country. The number one reason why drivers leave is because they’re retiring.

#4 Epes Transport

Epes Transport

One of the larger regional carriers in the South and Southeast, Epes Transport, has grown over time with many successful mergers.   They offer a competitive wage for drivers willing to put in the hours. 

Epes offers regional driver jobs and also hires owner-operators looking to take control of their careers.

They offer a competitive benefits package that includes matching 401(k), medical, dental and vision insurance, life & disability insurance options, spouse support program, scholarships, etc…

If you are looking to start out in the Carolina’s, Epes is a great place to break into the industry.

#7 Anderson Trucking Service (ATS)


ATS offers many different employment opportunities to both owner-operators and those who wish to become a company driver.  Anderson offers flatbed, vans, heavy haul and specialized haul. They offer specialized training classes are also available, so truckers can choose the right division for them.

While the company is not ideal for new drivers as they do no have their own CDL training program, they do offer some of the highest pay rates in the trucking industry for those ready to hit the road.

ATS offers excellent medical insurance and employee benefits that kick in after 60 days of continuous full-time employment. With low deductibles and affordable weekly payments, many truckers join ATS just for the company’s benefits.

Company drivers start out making $.48cpm, while owner-operators earn $180,000 on average.

#8) Brady Trucking

Brady Trucking Inc

The Brady Trucking company has been providing trucking services for more than three decades and is considered one of the most reliable truckload carriers in the Midwest and Southwest United States.

They own and operate more than 250 Peterbilt trucks and over 300 trailers throughout the Rocky Mountain region. 

With exclusive contracts in the oilfield transport industry, they can keep you close to home and offer very competitive pay.

Brady takes a different approach to pay and they generally do not pay by the mile or hourly.

Instead, Brady drivers earn a portion of their truck’s revenue- they pay drivers a percentage of the loads hauled. 

Drive For Dot

#10 DOT Transportation

Dot Transportation is the largest food redistributor in North America.

The company has partnered with 1,100 manufacturers and has served more than 4,700 customers in the less-than-truckload (LTL) category.  Dot Foods offers driving opportunities across the U.S in all 50 states.

DOT has a fleet of 1,300 trucks and home time is a priority for them.  

They will only hire drivers who are within 100 miles of one of their locations.  The good news is that they have regional distribution centers and terminals all over the US.

Be prepared to do some work though, most loads require loading and unloading.

#12 Trimac Transportation

Trimac Transportation

Trimac hauls a variety of products, including: food, chemicals, dry bulk, oilfield, petroleum, industrial gases and resource commodities.   That gives truck drivers many paths to a rewarding career. 

For owner-operators, Trimac offers one of the higher median rates we have seen- $233k per year.

#16 Sysco

Our former number one rated company in 2020. They still offer great pay, routes and benefits. 

Food distribution is a huge part of the industry and the king of national food distribution is Sysco.  With bonuses, you can earn over $87k annually at Sysco.

The perks don’t stop with just money either. When working for Sysco, drivers are often able to be on 100% local routes, making it a desirable company for truckers that have a family.

Daily routes are offered, and this leads to most routes allowing truckers nightly home time.

Beyond increased home time, they offer a very competitive benefits package that goes beyond the usual industry standards.  With company stock discounts, paid vacations and holidays, retirement plans, etc…

They are also responsive to their driving team and make an active effort and improving driving morale and efficiency.

Our list of the highest-paying trucking companies has been going strong for over a decade now. We strive to update the list every month and keep you informed about driver pay averages.

Profiles updated in 2024 now include at least 2 data points directly from either Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor or In the past, we have relied on our own driver surveys but moving forward we want to offer the most robust data and feel that using 3rd-party data gives more accurate real-world estimates.

Trucking Company Pay Rankings

Company (Click For Profile) Annual Pay
1 GP Transco $87,723
2 Riverside Transport $87,488
3 Barr-Nunn $87,142
4 Wal-Mart $87,013
5 Empire Express $84,480
6 Hogan Transportation $83,876
7 Mercer Transportation $83,740
8 Grand Island Express $83,000
9 Artur Express Inc $82,955
10 Standard Forwarding $82,493
11 Gypsum Express $82.244
12 ATS Trucking $80,000
13 Brady Trucking $79,906
14 Freymiller Inc $79,700
15 Western Express $79,628
16 H-E-B Transport $78,421
17 Cheeseman Transport $78,418
18 Swift Transportation $78,296
19 DOT Foods Transportation $77,807
20 Central Oregon Truck Company $77,502
21 Variant Trucking $77,277
22 Trimac Transportation $76,796
23 Transco Lines $76,464
24 Real Trucking Inc $75,660
25 Sysco $75,547
26 Estes Trucking $75,000
27 PTL Trucking $75,000
28 Foodliner $74,580
29 CRST Trucking $74,317
30 ABF Freight $73,562
31 Hub Group $73,500
32 Dupre Logistics $73,488
33 LTI Trucking $73,150
34 Ward Trucking $72,995
35 Heniff Transportation $72,800
36 Central Transport $72,540
37 Genesis Logistics $72,091
38 Melton Truck Lines $71,893
39 Hilco Transport $71,777
40 TMC Trucking $71,694
41 Epes Transport $71,557
42 Shaffer Trucking $71,477
43 United Road $71,305
44 P&S Transportation $70,926
45 Matheson Trucking $70,914
46 HMD Trucking $70,804
47 Penske Logistics $70,601
48 Jack Cooper Transport $70,328
49 R&L Carriers $70, 119
50 Koch Trucking $69,962
51 McLane Trucking $69,779
52 Western Dairy Transport $69,707
53 Cassens Transport $69,623
54 Old Dominion $69,000
55 JS Helwig & Son $68,638
56 Super Ego Holding $68,616
57 Dana Transport $68,380
58 Lily Transportation $68,000
59 Experior Transport $67,914
60 Peninsula Truck Lines $67,899
61 A.Duie Pyle $67,727
62 Red Classic Transit $67,340
63 Cardinal Logistics $67,244
64 Nussbaum Transportation $67,147
65 Western Flyer Xpress $67,111
66 Wilson Logistics $67,069
67 Cowan Systems $66,644
68 Prime Inc $66,501
69 Dutch Maid Logistics $66,500
70 Fed-Ex Freight $66,462
71 Smith Transport $66,265
722 Werner Trucking $66,108
73 SAIA $66,069
74 Crete Carrier $66,000
75 Arka Express $65,693
76 National Carriers $65,596
77 RoadRunner Freight $65,400
78 Road Scholar Transport $65,393
79 Ruan Transportation $65,183
80 JB Hunt $65,152
81 XPO Logistics $65,071
82 DART Transit $64,739
83 Total Transportation of Mississippi $64,673
84 Dayton Freight $64,389
85 Black Horse Carriers $64,272
86 CR England $64,119
87 Decker Truck Line $63,124
88 USF Reddaway $62,864
89 Averitt Express $62,750
90 Action Resources $62,737
91 Venture Express $62,608
92 Yellow Freight $62,282
93 Transport America $62,253
94 Universal Logistics $62,001
95 Don Hummer Trucking $61,742
96 System Transport $61,503
97 NFI Industries $61,491
98 AAA Cooper Transportation $61,252
99 Kreilkamp Trucking $61,167
100 Arnold Transportation $60,716
101 Gardner Trucking $60,215
102 Veriha Trucking $60,057
103 Stevens Transport $59,812
104 Big G Express $59,701
105 Roehl Transport $59,652
106 EOS Trucking $59,484
107 Mesilla Valley Transportation $59,399
108 N&M Transfer $58,779
109 Watkins Shepard $58,431
110 Coastal Transport $58,422
111 K&B Transportation $58,322
112 ACI Motor Freight $58,023
113 UPS Freight $57,866
114 JNJ Express $57,817
115 Knight Transportation $57,710
116 Combined Transport Inc $58,700
117 Acme Truck Line $57,643
118 Bulkmatic Transport $57,276
119 ABCO Transportation $57,015
120 Covenant Transport $56,787
121 Magnum Trucking $56,706
122 Pitt Ohio $56,000
123 Kenan Advantage Group $54,714
124 Cooke Trucking Co $54,643
125 Heartland Express $54,600
126 Schneider National $53,600
127 Navajo Express $53,230
128 Central Freight Lines $52,991
129 Ceva Logistics $52,595
130 Con-Way Freight $52,480
131 Southeastern Freight Lines $52,472
132 McElroy Truck Lines $52,409
133 CFI Trucking $52,402
134 Pinnacle Transport Group $52,120
135 Halvor Lines $52,131
136 United States Postal Service Freight $51,869
137 Rush Trucking $51,740
138 Blue Max Trucking $51,585
139 Gazelle Transportation $51,163
140 Bennett Motor Express $51,000
141 Indian River Transport $49,920
142 Andrus Transportation $49,912
143 PAM Transport $49,816
144 TransAm Trucking $49,499
145 KLLM Transport $58,728
146 New Penn Motor Express $48,440
147 Maverick Trucking $47,687
148 Tri-National Inc $47,627
149 May Trucking $46,835
150 Ozark Motor Lines $46,713
151 Boyd Bros Transportation $46,262
152 Panther Trucking $46,083
153 Horizon Transport $46,002
154 FFE Transportation $45,892
155 Spirit Truck Lines $44,985
156 Carter Express $44,816
157 Pride Transport $44,589
158 Raider Express $44,362
159 InterState Distributor $43,663
160 CT Transport $42,952
161 WTI Transport $42,920
162 USA Truck Inc $42,377
163 Carolina Cargo $41,600
164 Millis Transfer $41,333
165 Cypress Truck Lines $40,402
166 CH Robinson $40,016
167 Falcon Transport $39,878
168 Southern Refrigerated Transport $35,202
169 Lazer Sport Inc $34,627
170 John Christner Trucking $33,799
171 Star Transportation $31,252

Our Top-Rated Companies For New CDL Drivers

With a record-high shortage of truckers, there has never been a better time to start a trucking career. Whether you’ve just earned your CDL or are looking for training opportunities, there are many carriers that are hiring rookies and even sponsoring training to fill their ranks.

There’s no shortage of trucking jobs, but what is the best trucking company for new drivers?

If you’re going to enter a trucking career, you want to make sure that you’re working for a reputable and reliable company.

Here are some of the best trucking companies for inexperienced drivers.

Roehl Transport

For new drivers, Roehl Transport is often named as one of top trucking companies for beginners. That’s because the company is very focused on hiring rookies.

Here’s what new drivers get:

  • $500/week during training
  • Lodging and most meals during training
  • Training from leaders in the trucking industry

Training is available near many of their terminals. Three weeks is all it takes to get your CDL. Then, you’ll go through another three weeks of over-the-road training. Roehl also offers tuition reimbursement to alleviate the financial burden of training.

Roehl’s Safety and Job Skills Training Program is broken down into three phases:

  • Phase 1: On-boarding. There’s a $400 hire bonus. The process takes five days at one of the company’s locations.
  • Phase 2: On-the-road training with a trainer for 19 days. You’ll be paid $90/day.
  • Phase 3: Your own truck. This phase lasts 30-60 days. Pay will be based on your chosen fleet and the miles you drive.

Roehl ranks as one of the safest trucking companies in the country.

With a starting salary of $60,000+, the company also offers one of the most attractive starting salaries out there.

Another great benefit of working for Roehl is that they offer consistent schedules and home time:

  • National Fleets: 11-14 days out and 3 days home. If you stay out longer, you can be home for up to seven days.
  • 7/7: 7 days out and 7 days home.
  • 7/4-7/3: Home every other week. You’ll drive for 7 days and get 4 days home time followed by another 7 days and 3 days at home.
  • 14/7: Drive 14 days and get 7 days home.
  • Regional: Weekly home time.
  • Local: Home every day.

Many veteran drivers started their trucking careers at Roehl.


Recent graduates can jump right into a career at Swift. As a new driver, you will be paired with a mentor who will ride with you for up to 300 hours. The company’s training programs are designed to give you confidence behind the wheel and obtain the training you need for a successful career.

If you’ve yet to earn your Class A CDL, the Swift Academy program can help you earn your CDL with no credit checks or upfront costs.

Swift company drivers receive excellent benefits that include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401(k)
  • Employee assistance programs

Swift offers a variety of options for drivers, including:

  • Over-the-Road (OTR): Drivers are out on the road for 2-3 weeks before getting a 34-hour reset. Swift serves all of the U.S., so drivers get a chance to see the country.
  • Regional: Drivers are out for a week and get home time every week. Routes may run through several states within a region.
  • Dedicated: Drivers run the same lanes for an account. Home times and requirements vary based on the customer.
  • Local: Drivers are out for a day or two at a time and home almost every day. Routes are typically within a 200-mile radius of home.

Swift doesn’t require you to have any industry experience, and if you choose to use their Swift Academy program, they will pay for your tuition upfront. Once you start driving, a portion of your weekly paycheck will go back to the company to cover your tuition.

US Xpress

US Xpress is known to hire new drivers, and they often offer sign-on or holiday bonuses to recent hires.

Company drivers earn competitive salaries and receive a $0.05 pay increase for safety. Students get an upgrade bonus and up to $7,000 in tuition reimbursement.

Orientation is paid, and drivers receive excellent benefits, including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401(k) w/company match

Their pet policy means that you can bring your furry friend on the road. Plus, drivers use newer equipment, with their trucks having an average age of 18 months.

US Xpress is very supportive of veterans. They have a GI Bill Apprenticeship Program. Veterans can earn up to $75,000/year. Those who don’t qualify for the GI Bill may qualify for the Advanced Rate of Pay Program aimed at veterans.

CR England

CR England is a leading refrigerated transportation company, and they have been in operation since 1920. The company trains and hires new drivers through their Premier Truck Driving Schools. As long as you meet their hiring requirements, you can undergo training and start working for the company.

CR England runs partner CDL schools in five states. The company’s training program is concentrated to help you earn your CDL faster. Quick learners can complete their training in as little as 17 days.

If you’re willing to commit to a 12-month contract, you will pay $0 out of pocket for your training. All students who complete training with CR England will be guaranteed a job at the company as long as all other hiring requirements are met.

Werner Enterprises

Werner will hire recent graduates of truck driving schools and those with verifiable tractor-trailer experience. You must already have your Class A CDL in order to qualify for hiring and meet the company’s other requirements:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Acceptable driving record
  • Meet all DOT qualifications
  • Pass a DOT physical, DOT drug screen and company hair follicle testing

Werner recently introduced new pay packages for drivers, which includes new routes that offer daily and weekly home time. The new packages also include:

  • $5,000 sign-on bonus for full teams
  • $1,000 minimum weekly pay for the first 12 weeks
  • $2,500 sign-on bonus for solo drivers (paid over 90 days)
  • Relocation packages
  • $20 million in driver pay increases planned for the year 2021

Solo drivers earn $50-$70K/year. Leaders and teams earn more. The company also offers an employee stock purchase plan.

Werner’s driver benefits include:

  • Health, vision and dental insurance
  • Rider and pet policies
  • HSA and health programs
  • 401(k) plan
  • Disability and life insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid tolls
  • Fuel cards

The average truck age at Werner is just two years old. Drivers receive 24/7 maintenance assistance, and specialized safety training programs are available.

Maverick Transportation

Maverick offers a student program as well as a CDL training program. Whether you’re a recent graduate with your CDL or you need help earning your commercial driver’s license, Maverick has an option for you.

Student Program

With Maverick’s Student Program, participants get guaranteed weekly pay, and they work with the best instructors in the industry.

If you have less than six months of over-the-road experience, you will need to go through six weeks of training with Maverick, which consists of:

  • 1 week of Pre-Employment Evaluation (PRE)
  • Up to two weeks of Business Unit Training in Little Rock
  • Out with an instructor for the remainder of the training period

Pay and benefits include:

  • $600 PRE with travel, lodging and most meals covered
  • $600/week for Business Unit Training
  • $800 Graduation Pay
  • $1,000-$,5000 driver referral bonus
  • Starting pay of $0.49-$0.50 per mile
  • $0.03 per mile pay increase at three months and $0.02 per mile pay increase at six months
  • Weekly guaranteed pay once you become a solo driver
  • Additional $0.01 per mile pay for performance bonus
  • Yearly pay increases for the first five years
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Health/dental insurance
  • Life insurance policy

CDL Training Program

Maverick’s Driving Academy helps students earn their CDL and start their trucking careers. The school is located in North Little Rork, AR.

With the CDL training program, students get:

  • Housing and a prepaid card
  • Breakfast and lunch

They also enjoy all of the same benefits that those in the Student Program enjoy.

Drivers at Maverick earn a first-year average salary of $66,000.

XPO Logistics

At XPO Logistics, you can go from 12 weeks of training to a Class A CDL without paying any tuition. Their training program includes a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on experience.

Once you obtain your Class A CDL and pass all required tests, you will be placed into a full-time position at XPO.

The company’s training program offers:

  • 80 hours of classroom instruction and 160 hours of supervised on-the-road experience
  • The ability to earn a paycheck while working the XPO dock and attending class

Drivers earn a competitive salary and work with modern, well-maintained equipment.

Prime Inc.

Prime hires inexperienced drivers, and they also offer training to those who don’t have their Class A CDL.

The company’s minimum requirements for drivers does not include any on-the-road experience:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Valid US driver’s license for at least 12 months
  • Verifiable work history with references
  • Acceptable driving record
  • Must meet the minimum medical qualifications established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

If you don’t already have your CDL, you can take advantage of the company’s CDL training program. Once you go through the orientation process, you will start your one-on-one training with a CDL instructor for up to four weeks. At this time, you will be running loads across the country to get the experience you need to earn your Class A CDL.

If you pass your exam on the first try, Prime will give you a $250 bonus.

Once you obtain your CDL, you will continue working with a TNT Trainer for at least 50,000 training miles. At this time, you will earn a guaranteed $700/week until you reach the 40,000-mile mark. You’ll get a guaranteed $800/week from this point until you upgrade.

Prime has a number of options for new drivers to meet their lifestyles:

  • Solo, or team
  • Over-the-road, or regional
  • Company driver, or owner operator

Prime’s pay rates are as follows:

Solo Company Drivers

  • Refrigerated: 45 cpm for full-size trucks and 50 cpm for lightweight
  • Flatbed: 47 cpm
  • Tanker: 52 cpm

Company Team

  • Refrigerated: 55 cpm split
  • Flatbed: 53 cpm split
  • Tanker: 56 cpm split

Owner Operators

  • Refrigerated: 72% of revenue
  • Flatbed: 72% of revenue
  • Tanker: 71% of revenue

Drivers get insurance benefits, vacation time, great home time, safety bonuses and a passenger/pet policy.


Schneider is another popular carrier for beginner drivers. The company’s orientation program helps ensure that new drivers are confident and ready to meet Schneider’s standards.

The length of orientation will depend on the position:

  • Van Truckload: 3 weeks
  • Tanker: 5 weeks
  • Intermodal: 3 weeks + a few days for location-specific training
  • Dedicated: Length will vary based on account requirements

All drivers are paid for their orientation. Inexperienced driver orientation includes:

  • Pre-work screening for physically demanding positions.
  • Classroom training where you’ll learn how to log into the company’s systems, how to use their tablet, how to work with maintenance and more.
  • In-simulator and in-truck time to strengthen the skills you learned during your CDL training. You’ll practice these skills on the road (including highways) and in the yard.
  • Work with a training engineer to carry out over-the-road routes. You’ll get hands-on experience under the supervision of an experienced professional.

Once you become a company driver, you’ll earn competitive pay and enjoy great benefits.


With CRST, you can start your driving career and stay with the company without stifling your opportunities for growth. The company has recently introduced a new pay package that matches your experience and grows as you grow.

CRST Driving Academy helps students train to be a driver, but they also help new CDL graduates with their transition into life as a trucker.

At the Academy:

  • Drivers learn first-hand from industry veterans and are exposed to real-world driving situations
  • After graduation, students are matched with an instructor and undergo 28 days of on-the-road training while earning a paycheck.
  • Students stay in comfortable dorms with amenities and Wi-Fi.
  • Transportation to the training facility is provided.

CRST offers solid pay and benefits for new drivers.

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