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May Trucking offers entry-level trucking jobs that are perfect for anyone entering the trucking industry. Even seasoned drivers will find a home at May with a variety of job openings available and great benefits for drivers.

May Trucking Company History

May Trucking

Founded in Idaho, May Trucking has been around for 70 years this year. Starting in 1945 hauling cement to construction sites, the company now operates 900 tractors throughout the United States.

The company has offices in:

  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Florida

Refrigerated and dry goods are the main goods the company hauls.

Using the best equipment and technology in the industry, the company is always looking for exceptional drivers willing to put in the extra effort needed to deliver freight on-time, every time.

May Trucking Careers & Driver Opportunities

May Trucking Jobs

As with all trucking companies, there are strict requirements for all drivers.

Safety comes first with May Trucking, and all drivers must meet the following requirements to work for the company:

  • Must be 21 years or older.
  • All drivers must be able to speak and write in English.
  • Drivers must have experience to operate vehicles and all necessary equipment.
  • A road test must be passed with a valid certificate provided.
  • All traffic violations as well as criminal charges in the last 12 months must be presented to the company.
  • A valid operator’s license must be secured.

It is the driver’s responsibility to be able to properly load, distribute and secure all freight that is to be hauled.

According to 49 CFR Part 391, all drivers must be able to pass a physical and medical examination. This information will be held by May Trucking as proof that you’re physically capable of handling your job duties.

All Oregon trucking companies must operate within Oregon law.

As long as a driver meets the requirements, they will be considered for a job. Drivers will enjoy a variety of benefits that make life on the road a little more sustainable. This includes:

  • Rider policy. Solo drivers are allowed to bring along a rider for a specific period of time. This allows family members to spend some time together while on the road.
  • Benefits: After 90 days of being hired, company benefits will be offered. Benefits include medical, dental and life insurance. A prescription drug plan is also offered. Retirement benefits (401k) is offered, with the company matching contributions after 6 months of being employed.
  • Pets. There is a company pet policy that allows certain pets to be allowed within a rig. However, potential drivers will need to ask their recruiter about pet policy specifics.

How does home time work?

May ensures that their drivers are given adequate home time. This is done by working with a dedicated Driver manager. The basic time off is 1 day per 1 week of work. What can drivers expect in the different divisions?

  • 11 Western Division: Within this division, drivers can expect to be on the road for 2 – 3 weeks at a time.
  • 48 State Refrigerated Division: A more demanding schedule. Drivers can expect to be on the road for 3 – 4 weeks at a time.

This is the current policy as listed on the company website. If a driver needs more home time, they can talk to their Driver manager and discuss their options.

Freight Type

Broken down into two divisions, May Trucking offers:

  • 11 Western Division: This is a division dedicated to the Western United States. These drivers will be dealing with just dry goods.
  • 48 State Refrigerated Division: The second division deals with just refrigerated goods and will operate in all 48 continental states.

May Trucking Pay Rates How much can a driver expect to make?

  • May Trucking Pay


May Trucking Pay Scale

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There is a base salary of $420 per week for all drivers.

Drivers that have just finished training and do not have experience will earn 30 cents per mile. After a 6 month period, drivers will start to earn 31 cents per mile.

After a year of clean driving, pay will go up to 35 cents per mile.

Pay raises are given every 6 months after the initial year at ½ a cent per 6 months.

Tuition Reimbursement

The company will pay $100 per month in tuition reimbursement.

May Trucking reviews indicate that 70%, on average, of freight is drop and hook. Drivers are not going to haul hazardous material at any time, and the company does not operate in Canada, so there will be no crossing the US / Canada border.

There are very few hauls into New York City, and there is no forced dispatch.

Team opportunities within the company are only available in the refrigerator division, with sparse team opportunities in dry goods. Drivers can be teamed together through the company, or you can choose which driver you would prefer teaming with on your own.

Using the most advanced equipment, May Trucking’s average truck age is just 24 months. Most trucks are driven within 61 and 65 miles per hour. Electronic logs are currently being implemented across the company to ensure the utmost in log accuracy.

Most opportunities are regional, but drivers are able to apply for a dedicated account after a year of driving with the company. Local positions are very rare.

May Trucking is on the top list of trucking companies in the country. Drivers will find that there are a lot of opportunities within the company. Operating over 900 tractors, the company deals mostly with temperature-controlled freight, but the dry good division is growing quickly.