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ACI Motor Freight is one of the growing motor freight companies that operates out of the Midwest. As a regional LTL provider, they focus on overnight and expedited services in the central US. They are a women-owned trucking company and have a great history of hiring and promoting female drivers.

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Agricultural Carriers, Inc. History

Agricultural Carriers, Inc. was started in 1980 by Robert Carriker who used his entrepreneurial spirit and followed his American dream. The company started as an Intrastate agent carrier before growing into an interstate operation.

The company started its operations in Kansas before opening terminals in Texas and Oklahoma.

A name changed occurred in 1999 to better reflect the company’s operation. The name was changed to ACI Motor Freight.

In 2016, ACI became a certified Woman Owned Business, allowing the company to expand its opportunities to serve customers.

Today, ACI is still one of the top LTL service providers in the Midwest.

Service areas remain intimate, with the company offering overnight LTL services in:

  • Kansas: Kansas City, Wichita
  • Missouri: Kansas City
  • Oklahoma: Tulsa, Oklahoma City
  • Texas: Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth

The company is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.

ACI Motor Freight Driver Pay

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Salary data is limited to 108 data points, according to Indeed. ACI Motor Freight’s average salary is listed as $58,023, with a salary distribution range of $29,000 to $88,000. The salary is below the national average, but truckers will operate in a smaller regional route.

Local drivers earn $57,044, with a salary range of $28,000 to $86,000.

ACI CDL Jobs and Opportunities

Main Terminals

If you’re interested in driving at ACI Motor Freight, you’ll be able to submit an online application. The company requires the following basic information be supplied:

  • Social security number
  • Address history for the past 3 years
  • Driver’s license number and 3-year history
  • Employment history of up to 10 years
  • Driving history, including accidents and violations over the past 3 years

Military drivers should provide their military history when applying.

Applicants must meet he following criteria:

  • 21+ years of age
  • 2 years of driving in the last 3-year period
  • 5-years of job history (verifiable)
  • Meet DOT requirements and qualifications

You will need to supply a variety of additional information, too.


ACI Motor Freight offers a variety of benefits to their drivers. The company is known for its small service area, so truckers are never far from home. One of the main drawbacks is that overtime pay as a driver is straight time pay until you reach 49 hours.

Benefits are expensive, but there are medical benefits.

Drivers will often take on a lot of roles in their position, as the company is a smaller entity that requires everyone works to their fullest capacity. Advancement seems to be limited as a driver, with many drivers opting to leave and go to another company if advancement is a top priority.

What Drivers are Saying

ACI Motor is known for offering a great, friendly atmosphere where coworkers often have lunch together when they’re loading or unloading. If you need time off, the company is understanding and will grant the request 95% of the time.

Customers and management are both nice, so there’s less concerns as a driver.

Management seems to be a hit-or-miss, depending on what terminal you’ll be working out of. Drivers do state that there are a lot of responsibilities, including unloading all of the pickups. Drivers who are looking for no-touch freight will want to seek a position elsewhere.

As a steppingstone to work for other motor freight companies, ACI Motor Freight is a good opportunity that opens doors for you.

ACI Expedited / Hot-Shot Services

ACI aims to provide fast, reliable service when having items delivered the next day is not good enough. Hot-Shot and expedited trucking allows drivers with the finest attention to detail to enter a fast-paced position.

Drivers that are part of this division will drive one of many different vehicles, including:

  • Car
  • Pickup truck
  • 16’ box truck
  • 26’ box truck
  • 53’ trailer and tractor

Of course, regional LTL positions are in high demand and are what most truckers will likely end up in.

ACI Motor Freight is a good, small company for drivers just starting out and wanting to get the experience needed to move into another company. Work hours are long, and you’ll have a lot of responsibility, including unloading.

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