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Swift Transportation is known as a solid and reliable company for new CDL drivers and OTR veterans.

They pay on time, every week and by and large offer the best starting pay for new drivers. They do this through their own training program and truck driving school that puts new drivers on the fast track to a professional trucking career.

Many drivers get their start with Swift.  They have a great fleet with over 90% of their rigs late model Volvo & Freightliner tractors.  For new drivers, this is crucial.

They offer many different driving opportunities.  Including dedicated, flatbed, dry van, heavy haul, express, refrigerated, intermodal, ocean containers, etc…

Average Salary For Swift Trucking For The Past 12 Months

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Swift Transportation Pay Scale

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They even have a program, Swift Academy, that trains new drivers and allows them to be fully reimbursed ($6,000) after they complete their 1st year with the company. 

If you are starting from scratch, we feel that Swift Transportation offers one of the best turn-key program to go from a rookie to a professionally trained OTR driver.

They are also known to have the most complicated pay scale that varies by your starting destination and total route length.

Their sliding pay scale model can be seen below… 

Here is the most recent stats we have from 2015.

Swift Transporation Pay Scale Chart

ExperienceRateDispatch Length
25-99 Miles100-149 Miles150-199 Miles200-249 Miles250-299 Miles300+ Miles
3 MonthsWest$0.42$0.42$0.36$0.34$0.32$0.26
4 MonthsWest$0.44$0.44$0.38$0.36$0.34$0.28
6 MonthsWest$0.46$0.46$0.40$0.38$0.36$0.30
9 MonthsWest$0.47$0.47$0.41$0.39$0.37$0.31
1 YearWest$0.48$0.48$0.42$0.40$0.38$0.32
2 YearsWest$0.49$0.49$0.43$0.41$0.39$0.33
3 YearsWest$0.50$0.50$0.44$0.42$0.40$0.34
4 YearsWest$0.52$0.52$0.46$0.44$0.42$0.36
5 YearsWest$0.54$0.54$0.39$0.46$0.44$0.38

Consistency is one thing new drivers can count on with Swift.

They pay every week, on Tuesday.

For new CDL drivers, your first year is great as you will be eligible for 5 pay rate increases. The first after 90 days, another after 120 days, the 3rd bump after 180 days, the 4th increase comes after 9 months and the final increase comes after completing your 1st year.

Again, depending on your base location you can start out anywhere from $0.25 to $0.41 per mile.

Swift Trucking Benefits

Paid Time Off

Swift also off paid time off after you complete your first year with the company. Their benefits scale rewards loyalty and is among the most competitive in the entire trucking industry.

After that first year, you earn 5 paid days off for a total of $400. For your 2nd, 3rd and 4th year as a Swift Trucker, you will earn 10 paid days off at $1000 total. If you hit your 5th year, you will earn $1800 spread over 15 paid off days.

Health Insurance Options

Swift offers driver 3 different medical plans to choose from for your health insurance coverage. You can mix and match dental, vision and their overall wellness program and tailor a plan to fit your families needs. They also offer a 3% match 401k plan for retirement.

Driver Rankings

Want to be rewarded for your strong performance?   Of course you do! 

Swift is one of the first companies to introduce a driver rating system that rewards you for your safety record, total miles driver, customer service performance and length of your employment.  

Military Recruitment Program

Swift actively recruits veterans to help them transition back to civilian life with a rewarding and stable career.  With the GI Bill, you can get paid during your training period in the Military Apprenticeship Program.

College Tuition Program

Swift recently announced a program with Southern New Hampshire University to encourage their company drivers to get their Associates or Bachelors degree online.  They will pay your tuition for you.