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C.R. England has been in the trucking business since 1920. It’s safe to say that they’re one of the oldest and most respected companies in the industry. Family-owned for four generations, C.R. England runs five driver training schools and offers numerous job opportunities for experienced drivers.

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The CR England pay scale is one of the industries defining market trends. As a national logistics & OTR pioneer, CR England trucking influences the entire payscale for the industry.

Before you even consider submitting an application to C.R. England, you’ll probably ask one important question:

What is the average C.R. England driver salary?

That question would be tricky to answer unless you talk to other drivers or contact the company directly.

But if you do a little digging and research online, you can get an idea of how much this trucking company pays. We found a wide salary range, which likely indicates that the company bases compensation on experience level – no surprise there.

How Much Does C.R. England Pay?

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Here’s what we found out of 125 drivers:

  • Payscale: $43,452
  • Indeed: $39,418
  • Glassdoor: $45,215 per year

It looks like most drivers start in the $31,9xx per year range, although it may be even lower for some drivers (students most likely). But there is potential to work your way up to a high salary of $50,000-$75,000 per year.

How much you earn will largely depend on your experience level and the type of driving position you take.

In 2015, the company boosted its pay to drivers several times to remain competitive with other trucking companies, so pay rates may be higher now.

And as the eighth-largest trucking company in the United States, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that they raised the pay rate again over the last 12 months.

Back in 2015, CR England announced an updated +1 cent pay per mile plan.  This has a bigger impact on their trucker pay for their Western regional operators.

On average, they will see a +4 cent per mile increase for a total bump of 14%.

Drivers in other regions also received pay hikes as well as higher holiday pay and detention pay. Retirement benefits were boosted as well.

Incentive bonuses were given to independent contractors and company drivers who take on long-haul OTR and dedicated positions.

And if you become a trainer with the company, you can earn one cent per mile for each mile your apprentice drives. That gives many drivers the potential to boost their income significantly while helping the company train rookie drivers.

Independent contract drivers are paid differently than company drivers.

2018 Trip RatesCents Per Mile
<100 Miles$1.53
101 – 200 Miles$1.28
201 – 300 Miles$1.13
301 – 400 Miles$1.03
401 – 500 Miles$0.95
501+ Miles$0.90
Empty/Deadhead Miles$0.80

Other CR England Pay Information

Once you have made 2 stops, CR England will pay $25 for the 3rd stop, $30 for the 4th stop and for any additional stops, you will earn $35 per stop.

They also pay approved loading and unloading, detention and lumper fees.

One thing that a lot of new drivers or CDL trainees get concerned about is the CR England slide scale for increased miles per run. While on the surface we can understand why it might not look like a good idea for a business, it actually works out better for drivers than a flat rate per mile payscale.

Read that again to make sure you get the point I’m trying to make.

When you factor in per diem, you significantly lower your tax liability on a sliding scale. Truck driver tax liability is something that is easy to overlook when you are just starting out or considering getting your CDL certification. Trust us, after your first year on the road you will quickly appreciate how much truck driver tax deductions can help your bottom line. A sliding scale for longer runs is the most efficient way to lower your tax burden while still maximizing your earning potential per hour.

What Driver Positions Are Available with C.R. England?

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Whether you’re a student, an experienced driver or an independent contractor, C.R. England has a job for you. The company hires:

  • Solo drivers
  • Intermodal drivers
  • Team drivers
  • Driver trainers and mentors
  • Dedicated drivers
  • Regional drivers
  • OTR drivers
  • Local drivers
  • Commercial drivers

All positions, aside from independent contractors, also enjoy the benefits of:

  • Excellent benefits package that includes a 401k plan, life insurance and health insurance
  • Pay-per-mile bonuses
  • Regional and dedicated lanes for drivers with experience
  • New equipment and trucks
  • Home time

How Does C.R. England’s Pay Compare to Other Trucking Companies?

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When considering whether to work for C.R. England, you need to consider not only the benefits and number of miles offered, but also how the company’s pay compares to other carriers.

Let’s go with Glassdoor’s salary range for C.R. England, which says drivers earn about $39,529 per year as a company driver.

What do other leading trucking companies pay?

Swift Transportation

  • $42,165 per year for an OTR driver
  • $42,181 for a company driver

CRST Expedited

  • $37,669 per year for a company driver

Werner Enterprises

  • $38,875 per year for an OTR driver

In fact, C.R. offers the highest pay in this group of carriers, and although there are likely other carriers that offer even better pay than C.R. does, they size and history are make them a strong contender for those seeking secure, long term employment opportunities.

If you’re looking for a trucking company that offers a competitive salary, great benefits and the chance to earn bonuses, C.R. England is a great option.

Experienced drivers can earn a very lucrative salary as can team drivers. And if you’ve yet to earn your CDL, you can even attend one of the company’s trucking schools to obtain your license and start working for C.R. right away.

While some other carriers may offer slightly higher pay, C.R. does offer the advantage of being a family-owned company that maintains that family-feel long after you’ve become a member of the team.