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Navajo Trucking Pay Scale

Navajo Trucking is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and has terminals in Idaho, Arkansas, California, Utah and Arizona. The company has over 75 years of experience in the transportation industry, and offers transport across 48 different states.

Priding themselves on safety, reliability and support, Navajo Trucking is one of the premier employers in the trucking industry.

Anyone wanting to drive for the company will be happy to know that they offer competitive rates and that the company has recently changed their pay scale, which we’ll discuss shortly.

A Career with Navajo

Navajo Trucking

Navajo has a very detailed outline of their pay scale as well as what drivers can expect when working for the company. When you drive for the company, you’ll benefit from:

  • Great pay per mile
  • Detention pay
  • Vacation pay
  • Layover pay
  • Mileage incentive pay
  • Multi-stop/pickup pay

If you’ve looked into working with the company prior to June 2015, it’s important to know that the company changed its pay scale for drivers that have less than five years’ experience.

Anyone beginning after June 1 will now be on a daily pay rate rather than a per-mile pay basis.

The company does not divulge this rate, but we have some insider information on what the pay rate is.

  • During the first 90 days of driving, truckers will be paid $110 per day.
  • With three to nine months of experience, truckers will be paid $115 per day
  • With between nine months and 12 months of experience, you’ll earn $120 per day.

This salary system is only in effect for those that have less than five years of experience and lasts for just one year when working with the company.

Once this is completed, you will be paid on a per-mile basis.

navajo express pay scale

Initially, the company paid $.30-$.32 per mile for all drivers who had under five years of experience, but the company now has all drivers that have been with the company for more than one year earning at least $.35 per mile.

Orientation with the company lasts for two days and is rather straightforward.

When working for the company, you will benefit from transportation to the terminal for orientation either through a bus ticket or by the company paying for your fuel. Orientation will include a hotel room that will be paid for by the company.

The major issue with the initial pay scale, according to many drivers, is that they will work for 14 hours a day and earn just $110, which is a very low-wage as truckers already know.

You’re also not guaranteed a specific mileage, and the pay does not change depending on the routes required.

Anyone that is first starting out in the field will want to start at a company that offers better starting pay, or wait until you have experience before joining Navajo Trucking.

Pay after gaining experience can be as high as $.43 per mile, but this is not the norm, according to most drivers.

What Are Company Drivers Saying?

Navajo Trucking Jobs

When working for the company, you’ll find that you’ll receive consistent loads and have little downtime.

This means that you’ll be maximizing your earning potentials and you won’t have to sit and wait while not being paid. Dispatch is also very helpful, according to drivers, and the biggest concern is that pay raises are needed.

[alert-warning]Experienced drivers do not feel like they are paid an adequate rate.[/alert-warning]

The equipment and maintenance policies are more than adequate, and there are extensive fueling points offered. Many of the trucks are new, and the company recently got new trailers in 2015.

While runs are consistent, many drivers do state that the runs are short, meaning that you’ll be spending a lot of time during the unloading and loading process.

Mileage Expectations

Navajo Trucking may not have the highest pay scale, but the company does offer exceptional mileage. Mileage will obviously vary weekly, and there is a bonus program for any driving over 10,500 miles a month.

It is the goal of the company to have all drivers reach this limit, but it is obviously not the norm.

A driver leader will be dedicated to each driver to ensure that they are not sitting on the road and to also ensure that scheduled loads reach their destination on time.

Home time is obviously dependent on your schedule. The company wants drivers to get home time at least every three weeks, and driver leaders will work with you to determine the adequate home time necessary.

Many drivers do complain that home time is sparse with the company, but this is the norm in the trucking industry.

When Will You Be Paid?

You’ll be paid every week on Wednesday. This means that you will need to scan and send the payroll team any bills from the prior week by Sunday the night before.

Keep in mind that the company does use electronic logs exclusively, and trucks are set to a limit of 65 mph while on cruise control. Once cruise control is off, vehicles are only able to reach 62 mph. Additional safety measures and policies are in place to ensure the safety of each and every driver operating a company truck.

Drivers are allowed to have one additional passenger, over the age of 10, to accompany him while on the road. You’re also able to bring a pet with you as long as it does not jeopardize the safety of the vehicle’s operation.

While layover and detention pay are offered, Navajo Trucking does not divulge these figures openly.