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RoadRunner Freight Pay Scale

RoadRunner Freight is a leader in the freight industry, and the company offers competitive pay rates for drivers. There are several different divisions of the company, and we will be discussing the average RoadRunner freight pay scale as well as what life is like working with the company.

RoadRunner Freight

RoadRunner Requirements

The requirements for drivers that work with RoadRunner transportation, include:

  • CDL-A license
  • 21 years of age
  • 1 year of tractor-trailer experience

A hazmat endorsement is preferred, but not required. Drivers will also need clean driving and criminal records.

Owner Operators

Owner-operators will be required to haul a 53’ van trailer, which can be leased from the company. 

According to previous drivers, the lease comes out to $800 per month, and you will be required to perform any maintenance or repairs on the trailer as needed.

There is no forced dispatch, and drivers are typically paid 85% – 96% gross for runs.

RoadRunner Freight has several different divisions, and the pay rate will change depending on the division that you drive for.

The transportation divisions are as follows:

RoadRunner Expedite

RoadRunner Expedite
Earn Up to $210,000 Per Year

Drivers within the expedite division are owner-operators, and these drivers are in the following salary ranges, according to the company:

  • Up to $210,000 per year as a solo driver
  • Up to $350,000 per year as a team driver

The company also offers excellent referral bonuses, great pay for all miles, weekly settlements, contractor support, field discounts, health and medical plans, and great home time.

There is a lease program available with the following benefits:

  • Bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Comprehensive maintenance plan
  • $0 money down
  • Brand-new, 2016 trucks
  • Weekly payments

RoadRunner Intermodal

RoadRunner Intermodal
Up To $2,700 Per Week

Great rates and home time. The Intermodal division has opportunities for:

  • Local
  • OTR
  • Regional

Owner-operators in this division are offered the following benefits:

  • Maintenance discounts
  • Medical plans
  • Fuel discounts
  • Weekly settlements
  • $2,700 per week on average pay

Drivers can also become company drivers, and these drivers will receive annual safety incentives, excellent benefits, paid vacation, referral bonuses and competitive pay up to $.44 per mile.

All drivers in this division must be 23 years of age or older.

RoadRunner Truckload Plus

RoadRunner Truckload Plus
85% Rev Share

The Truckload Plus division offers nationwide truckload opportunities and is perfect for owner-operators. You’ll be able to benefit from the following:

  • Choosing your own home time schedule
  • No competition with company drivers
  • Sign-on incentives and excellent referrals
  • FSC
  • You get to pick your own freight
  • Payments are provided weekly
  • Health and medical plans are available
  • Fuel discounts are given to all drivers

The best part is that you will receive 85% revenue pay on all loads that you choose.

RoadRunner Carriers

RoadRunner Carriers
Up to $65,400 Per Year

The Carriers division is a great choice for anyone that wants to drive a company truck. This is what we based our salary average on for this report. 

Please remember that the company does offer exceptional financing for all new trucks if you want to be an owner-operator, but you can also be a carrier with the company and drive their trucks.

When working for the carrier division, you will need a CDL-A license.

You’ll also have the opportunity to earn up to $70,000 per year with performance bonuses.

This division offers:

  • Up to $.45 per mile
  • $1,200 per week pay + $3,000 retention bonus annually
  • Dedicated lanes with averages up to 2,800 miles per week
  • Weekly home time
  • Weekly pay
  • Additional pay for:
    • Detention
    • Layover
  • All equipment is from 2013 or newer
  • Vacation time is offered
  • Referral bonuses and safety incentives are offered
  • Orientation is paid
  • Full benefits are offered
  • 401(k) plans are available

RoadRunner Freight Tracking

RoadRunner Freight Tracking

Freight tracking is a specialty of the company, and this will help drivers choose which loads they want to take. This division is available to all owner-operators and offers the best opportunity if you want to make a lot of money driving.

You’ll be able to pick and choose the freight that works best for your budget.

You won’t have to waste time sifting through boards looking for loads to take either. The company now contacts drivers to discuss open loads that are available, and you do have a right to turn down a load. Many drivers will choose to take several different loads a week within a certain region so that they can stay close to home, or at home in some circumstances.

Utilizing the utmost in technology, the freight division allows you to focus on driving, while the company brokers loads on your behalf.

RoadRunner Transportation Salary

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Since there are many divisions within the company, let’s take this time to recap what the pay is for each division:

  • Expedite: Up to $210,000/solo; $350,000/team.
  • Intermodal: $2,700 average pay weekly with incentives (up to $.44 per mile).
  • Truckload Plus: This division offers 85% revenue, but no averages are listed.
  • Carriers: Pay averages $1,200 per week, with pay up to $.45 per mile. A $3,000 retention bonus is awarded annually.

Drivers that work for the company seem to always have good things to say about RoadRunner Transporation.

You will be required to work five days per week with the company, and the company does maintain all of its vehicles to the utmost degree. Offering professional communication, dispatch is very helpful to owner-operators, and will help drivers find loads that match their current demands.

The company does offer medical, retirement and other benefits, but most of the company’s drivers are owner-operators, and no information is provided on the cost or quality of the benefits offered.

Freight tracking and monitoring allows for a streamlined route for all drivers, and there is very little downtime when working for the company.

New drivers that need to go to orientation are paid for their time, and drivers are paid for layovers and detention in most cases. Referral bonuses are offered to drivers, but the company does not divulge how much will be paid to drivers as a result.

Owner-operators are able to receive $0 money down financing on 2016 vehicles, and you can also choose to work with the company’s carrier division if you do not want to own and operate your own truck.

Trailers are able to be rented from the company, and the monthly fee as of 2013 was $800, with drivers being responsible for maintaining and repairing all trailers.