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Shaffer Trucking

Shaffer has been in the industry for more than eight decades. The company specializes in hauling temperature-sensitive freight and is one of the top carriers used to haul candy and confectionary products.

Shaffer, which operates more than 5,500 power units, is known for its competitive pay and excellent treatment of its drivers.

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Shaffer Trucking Jobs

Along with OTR positions, Shaffer now offers dedicated or regional fleets that offer even more home time. OTR drivers currently get one day off for every six days out. The company operates in all 48 contiguous states, so employment opportunities are available in most locations.

Drivers spend about 12-21 days on the road when doing OTR.

In order to maintain their reputation for being one of the safest and most reliable carriers out there, Shaffer has stringent requirements that drivers must meet in order to be considered for hiring.

Company Driver Requirements

To drive for Shaffer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 22 years old
  • Hold a valid Class A CDL
  • Have a stable and verifiable work history
  • Have at least a year of verifiable experience driving a tractor trailer
  • Pass the DOT and company physical, drug test and Shaffer’s in-truck driving test
  • Meet all other DOT requirements
  • Have an acceptable driving record with no major preventable accidents within the last five years

Shaffer also works with owner operators, and they must meet the same requirements in addition to meeting their insurance requirements and having a truck that scales 44,500 pounds.

Driver terminals are available at convenient locations and offer the facilities and services that drivers need to live comfortably on the road, including:

  • Showers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Driver’s lounges
  • Truck parking

Some terminals even have unique perks, like:

  • Pet kennels
  • Basketball hoops
  • Company vehicles
  • Maintenance shops
  • Popcorn machines

Drivers who are hired will have to go through orientation, which includes an in-truck driving test. Several orientation locations are available for new drivers. All lodging and meals are paid.

Shaffer hires safe and experienced drivers. But is it worth it to meet their stringent requirements? How much does Shaffer pay its drivers and the owner operators that work with them?

Shaffer Trucking Salary Data

Shaffer has a reputation for offering some of the best pay out there. Most drivers agree that they live up to that reputation.

The company pays practical vs. short route miles, which they say pays 3-5% more.

  • Their top 50% of OTR drivers earn up to $0.68 CPM
  • These drivers earn an average of $103,903 per year

Profit sharing is also available, which contributed $16 million in 2021. On average, OTR drivers received $2,258 in 2020 through the profit-sharing program. That equates to about $0.02 CPM on average. Over the last three years, the company has paid out $34 million through the program.

It’s important to remember that the salary above is for the top 50% of drivers.

What about the average Shaffer driver?

According to our 3rd-party pay aggregators, the average driver’s salary at Shaffer is $71,475 per year.

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Shaffer Trucking Pay

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Recently, Shaffer announced an increase in pay for drivers in their national OTR and regional fleets with their Leading Pay Plus program..

New drivers will now be paid:

  • $0.59-$0.65 per mile, depending on their experience level

That’s about in line with the average salary we have compiled. Pay really is competitive and what attracts more drivers to the company.

Of course, drivers also enjoy other benefits and perks that add on to their base salaries, including:

  • Health insurance from BCBS of Nebraska
  • Vision, dental and life insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Pet policy (up to 2 dogs or cats)
  • Rider policy at no cost
  • Safe driver productivity bonus
  • Stop-off pay
  • Breakdown pay
  • Guaranteed detention pay after 2 hours of wait time
  • Scholarship program (applies to dependents of employees)

Owner Operator Pay

Owner-operators who work with Shaffer are paid either on a sliding scale or a flat rate.

Sliding Scale (Out 21 days OTR)

  • 1-150 miles: $1.84 for solo and team drivers
  • 151-250 miles: $1.64 for solo and team drivers
  • 251-700 miles: $1.39 (solo); $1.42 (team)
  • 701-1200 miles: $1.33 (solo); $1.36 (team)
  • 1201+ miles: $1.25 (solo); $1.28 (team)
  • Deadhead: $0.90 for solo and team drivers

Flat Rate – Weekly Home Time

  • 1-500: $1.24
  • 501-1200: $1.21
  • 1201+: $1.19

Flat Rate – Bi-Weekly Home Time

  • 1-500: $1.31
  • 501-1200: $1.27
  • 1201+: $1.21

Owner operators also get guaranteed detention pay and stop-off pay of $30 for each stop. Company drivers enjoy the same perks.

Crete Carrier And Shaffer Trucking

When drivers research Shaffer and visit their website, they’ll likely see the name “Crete Carrier” mentioned as well. But why?

Shaffer Trucking joined the Crete Carrier family back in 1974. The two companies, along with Hunt Transportation, have become the largest privately-owned transportation carriers in the country.

Shaffer Trucking Reviews

Shaffer has industry leading CSA scores and is a top pay certified carrier. Their driver retention rate is three times longer than their competitors. Competitive pay is one of the reasons why drivers stick around. The company’s respect for and treatment of their drivers is another big reason why drivers stay with the company for years.

Shaffer drivers also enjoy new equipment, which makes the job easier and less stressful. On average, the carrier’s equipment is two years old.

Drivers say they believe Shaffer is a great company for OTR drivers, and they always get you home when you need it. Most drivers say that the company treats them well, the pay is great, and the miles keep coming.

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