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Pinnacle Transport Driver Pay

If you love the idea of transporting RVs and travel trailers across the country, a job at Pinnacle Transport may be a good fit for you. The company hires everyday drivers for its Driveaway and Towaway divisions, and there are many more opportunities for those with CDL A licenses.

Who is Pinnacle Transport Group?

Pinnacle Transport Group has been in business for more than two decades, and they specialize in RV transport. The company is headquartered in Elkhart, IN.

Along with RVs, they also haul oversized freight, manufactured homes, recreational vehicles and utility trucks.

Pinnacle Trucking Jobs

The Recruiting Process

In order to work at Pinnacle Trucking, drivers must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 23 years of age
  • Pass a drug test
  • At a minimum, hold a regular driver’s license for at least three years
  • CDL preferred but not required
  • Pass a DOT physical
  • Verifiable driving work experience

Before you can even complete your online application, you must have a current DOT physical. You must also provide a photo of your driver’s license and your Social Security Number when submitting your application.

When reviewing your application, Pinnacle will run a background check and look at your:

  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Drug test results

For those with CDLs, they will also require a pre-employment screening and a Clearinghouse Report.

Drivers who qualify will go through the onboarding process, which means they will go through:

  • Orientation
  • Take a road test

Once the road test is complete, the first run can be scheduled. Dispatch helps drivers plan their first trip, and drivers receive a 50% advance on the run.

Pinnacle Driving Opportunities

Pinnacle Transport offers several opportunities to meet every lifestyle. Their driving jobs include:

  • Pinnacle Driveaway: For drivers without trucks. For this position, you’ll be driving buses, step vans and utility trucks from their manufacturers to their destinations in North America.
  • Towaway: For hotshot drivers with pickup trucks. This position involves towing RVs from their manufacturers to their destinations in Canada and the U.S.
  • MultiHaul: Lease a 1-ton truck from the company to haul multiple RVs or travel trailers at once. If you don’t have your own trailer, you can lease one from Pinnacle as well.
  • Toter: This division hauls manufactured homes, oversized freight and modular workspaces.

Some of these divisions have special requirements drivers need to meet.

For example:

  • Towaway: Pinnacle RV transport drivers must be owner-operators with fifth-wheel or bumper-pull attachments.
  • MultiHaul: Drivers must also be owner-operators, have a Class A CDL and have at least 9 months of experience with a 53-foot or longer trailer.

Pinnacle Transport Salary Data

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Pinnacle Transport Driver Pay

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All Pinnacle Transport drivers are independent contractors regardless of which division they are working in. What this means is that drivers are not technically employees of Pinnacle Transport and will be responsible for paying their own taxes and expenses.

Drivers are paid per mile, and the rate varies by:

  • Division
  • Location
  • Product type
  • License class

All drivers are paid the same day they deliver the unit as long as the paperwork is sent in by a certain time of the day. Payments are deposited to an EFS MasterCard. The card also gives fuel discounts.

Drivers in the Towaway and Driveaway divisions will receive a 50% advance on each run and the remaining 50% on delivery.

Pinnacle Transport Group lists the following pay rates for drivers:

  • $2.04-$2.26 per mile for larger, CDL loads
  • $1.90 per mile for smaller, non-CDL loads
  • For MultiHaul: $3.10 for doubles and $3.27 for triples

According to our 3rd-party payroll aggregators, independent contractor drivers at the company earn:

  • $1,010 per week

Pay will depend on several factors, however.

For example, a job listing for a Pinnacle manufactured housing driver states that drivers gross $6,000 per week. The same pay is listed in a job posting for a Toter driver.

Another job listing for AM and mid-day shift local drivers states that it pays $17/hour.

Pinnacle Transport has many opportunities for drivers, whether they’re truck owners looking to make a living driving or a CDL A holder who wants more autonomy in their careers.