Driveaway Jobs Pay

How Much Do Driveaway Drivers Make?

Do you want to drive professionally but not necessarily drive a big rig every day? Life as a driveaway driver may be a good choice for you. We’re going to discuss what type of work you can expect when driving as a driveaway driver, how much driveaway drivers make and also the best companies to work for.

What is a Drive Away Driver?

If you want to get paid to transport cars, drive-away jobs may be a good choice for you. These professionals move vehicles from one location to another.

However, you may find yourself driving a wide range of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Commercial Trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Utility vehicles
  • Tankers
  • Etc.

You may be driving an expensive vehicle today and a utility vehicle tomorrow. The job is physically demanding, and you’ll be on the road a lot. However, many companies are posting for “vehicle relocation drivers wanted,” and you’ll find a lot of opportunities in the field.

But how much will you be paid?

How Much Can You Make As A Driveaway Driver?

how much do driveaway drivers make

Driveaway drivers are in high demand, and salary ranges from $16,500 to $110,000, but there are a lot of factors to consider that will determine whether you’re paid on either end of the spectrum. Experience, location and the type of vehicles you’re hauling will dictate your overall salary.

However, the average salary is $52,300 per year, or around $25 an hour.

Broken down, you’ll make around:

  • $4,358 per month
  • $1,005 per week

Due to the major difference between salary minimums and maximums, it’s clear that there’s a lot of advancement in the field. You can earn a substantial salary and expect pay increases if you stick with the same company.

If you don’t mind relocating, there are some cities where the pay is drastically higher than in others.

The top-paying cities for drive-away jobs are:

  • Atkinson, NE – $75,586
  • Bridgehampton, NY – $65,600
  • Deer Park, CA – $62,900

However, drivers in Brooklyn, NY, are paid $58,800, so you’ll earn nearly $17,000 more if you worked in Atkinson.

How Are You Paid?

Every driveaway company is different, but most companies will pay you a percentage of linehaul. For example, Bennett, one of the highest-paying driveway companies, is currently paying 65% linehaul with no forced dispatch, so you can work as much as you like.

Want to earn more money? Drive more.

Driveaway companies have massive networks with agents that will keep you on the road and money in your pocket. Most drivers will be independent contractors and work through load boards, so they can choose the best-paying jobs.

Many companies offer safe driver bonuses, and since there’s no forced dispatch, you have the freedom to be off when it’s best for you. Drivers that have a family waiting at home or don’t want to go through the intense workload of someone driving OTR will find that life as a driveaway driver is a good compromise.

How to Become a Driveaway Driver

Driving for one of the best driveaway companies demands skill, experience and a willingness to work hard. Bennett is one of the best driveaway companies, and many drivers will be responsible for driving RVs from the pickup location to their owners.

The qualifications for driveaway can vary from one company to the next, but they often include:

  • CDL A or B with six months of experience in the past 7 years
  • 3 months of commercial driving experience for non-CDL holders
  • 23+ years of age
  • Pass DOT physical
  • Pass DOT drug test

You’ll also need to have a fairly clean driving record with no more than one moving violation in the past year and no more than two violations in the past three years. You also cannot have a DUI in the past five years or risk being unable to drive.

Due to the very high demand in this field, drive away jobs are also being offered to recent graduates of driving schools as long as they meet certain hour minimums.

Best Driveaway Companies

Many companies are offering options for driveaway drivers, including:


Bennett is one of the leading companies for driveaway, and they offer a partnership with drivers that provides:

  • Load boards
  • Maintenance discounts
  • No forced dispatch

Drivers who want to spend as much time with family as possible often prefer to work with a company like Bennett. You’ll find nationwide opportunities to haul on the load board, and you’ll receive 65% linehaul. On top of this, Bennett also provides trip advances to drivers, so you’ll always have money in your pocket.

Most of the transports on the load board are straight trucks and tractors, but you’ll also find:

  • Cars
  • Oversized/overweight cranes
  • RVs
  • Buses
  • Etc.

Team DriveAway

Team DriveAway is another leader in the industry, and everyone will work as an independent contractor. There is no forced dispatch, so you’ll be able to run the hauls you want and have time with your family, too.

The roster of drivers includes CDL and non-CDL drivers.

You may be responsible for moving:

  • Trucks – light, medium or heavy duty
  • New and used trucks
  • Cab and chassis
  • Tractors
  • Tractor trailers
  • Utility trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Wreckers
  • Etc.

However, the company also offers specialized equipment haul, such as buses, cargo or sprinter vans, electric vehicles and more.

Drivers will enjoy up to 65% prepay on loads, and load boards are updated every 15 minutes. The company will also text you potential leads in the areas to keep you driving. Training and advancement options are available, so you can grow with the company if you like.

Pinnacle Driveaway

Pinnacle is another opportunity for driveaway drivers that don’t have a truck but want to earn a good living. The company has numerous locations to work out of:

  • California
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia

The preferred driver will have a CDL A, but it’s not required if you have a traditional license for the past three years and are 23 years of age or older. Drivers will enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

  • 50% advance when picking up a load
  • Paid gas
  • Same day pay
  • Non-forced dispatch

You’ll have access to yards 24/7 and can leverage multiple bonus opportunities, too. The company doesn’t divulge its pay information and states that pay varies by geographic location and division.

However, they’re a well-rated and respected company that works to keep loads moving and money in your pocket.

Life as a driveaway driver is different than what many truckers are used to, but it’s often a refreshing change that empowers drivers by allowing them to make their own schedule, run loads on load boards and work as often or as little as they like.