Cypress Truck Lines
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Cypress Truck Lines Pay

Cypress Truck Lines
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Cypress Truck Lines has positions open for local, dedicated, regional, short-haul and OTR positions across the southeast. The company deems itself the “best flatbed trucking company around.” The company offers a stable career option, and they have a major focus on safety.

Local drivers are home every night, while regional drivers are home every weekend.

That’s a guarantee.

What about Cypress Transport pay rates?

The company states that they offer the best pay in the industry. Of course, experience is considered, so you’ll make more money depending on your experience level. New pay rates have been implemented into the Cypress Truck Lines pay scale, too.

Even if you have no experience, the company offers 2 – 7 weeks of training with $100 per day pay and a $500 maximum for your time training.

Working with Cypress Truck Lines

Cypress Trucking
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Cypress Truck Lines doesn’t require you to have experience to work with the company. You’ll be able to start your career as a driver with the company. There are terminals in Jacksonville, FL, Abilene, TX and Smyrna, GA.

The company does not hire owner-operators, and they’re not hiring teams at this time.

New drivers will need to attend orientation at one of the three terminals, and you’ll be expected to:

  • Attend for one week
  • Provide 10 years of work history
  • Provide a driver’s license
  • Provide a social security number
  • Provide banking information for direct deposits

If you apply to work with Cypress Truck Lines, you can expect to start orientation at 8 a.m. You’ll need to pass a physical and drug test with the company. If you’ve recently had these tests performed, you’ll still need to retake them to ensure that you’re physically fit and capable to drive.

Drivers that have less than six-months experience with flatbeds will be required to ride with a trainer for a period of six weeks.

All trucks are assigned to drivers, and there are currently 500 units on the road. You’ll be supplied either Internationals, Freightliners or Peterbilts to drive. Even if you haven’t driven in years but maintain a Class A CDL, you’ll be able to work with the company if you meet their standards.

You’ll have to take refresher training, which may last one to four weeks.

The company runs 100% electronic logs, and equipment is allowed to be taken home as long as you live 50 miles or more from one of the company’s terminals. You’ll need to have a safe place to park your rig, too.

Accessorial pay is provided when you have to load, tarp or poly. The company maintains 85% pre-tarped and preloaded loads.

Annual Pay Stats

Cypress says that they offer the industry’s highest pay, but this is an overstatement. The company has a lot of reviews on Indeed, and there is salary data available to help us better understand what the company is paying.

What do Cypress Truck Lines reviews state?

The company’s average salary is $808 per week. How does this compare to the rest of the industry?

It’s 9% below the national average.  So you’ll make less working for the company than other national places, but that doesn’t tell the complete story.  Compared to other SouthEast regional carriers, they are on par.

Most reports have $808 as the average, but there is also a varying amount of pay data.

Cypress Truck Lines Pay Scale
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Salary data, based off of 14 submitted data points, has the driving salary of:

  • $20,000 on the low end
  • $65,000 on the high end
  • $40,402 as an average

Even at $40,402, this is 37% below the national average.  But when you read the reviews, you start to see that a lot of the drivers are not experienced. The key points from the reviews that I want to point out are:

  • You’ll work long hours
  • Work days can last 15+ hours
  • Pay is good for a new driver
  • Home every weekend
  • Money isn’t comparable to other companies
  • Growth is available within the company
  • Management seems to be a hit or miss, depending on the terminal
  • Very professional workplace
  • Supportive staff
  • Equipment is better than average
  • Maintenance program keeps rigs running well
  • Options to work local or regional
  • Cameras are installed in the truck
  • Experienced drivers will get better trucks
  • Safety department has a lot of rules to follow
  • The company provides a good learning experience

Does Pay Really Tell The Full Story?

We understand that pay is the only factor for a lot of OTR drivers.   However, our personal preference is to find the right work / life balance.   With that in mind, you’ll find that home time every weekend is a guarantee with Cypress and this is a nice perk when working in the trucking industry.

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Few people can say that they get home time every weekend. And if you work local, you’ll have daily work time.

Starting drivers will find that the work environment is perfect.

You’ll get the training that you need. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn that management teams are difficult to work with.

There is a lot that goes into being a trucker, but Cypress Trucking does help you transition from a new driver to someone that has a wealth of experience.

When you gain experience, you can always start working with another company that offers more competitive salaries.