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Gazelle Transportation Pay Scale

Good news for truck drivers that are to get into the crude oil transportation sector. Gazelle Transportation Inc., the leading crude oil transport company in the West, have announced that they are expanding their routes to cover a larger area spanning 6 states across the United States.

Better yet, they offer one of the best pay ranges for new drivers.

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Gazelle Transportation Pay

Gazelle Inc. is a leading service provider for oil transportation and operate in locations known for oil production, the company targets the establishment of additional terminals to better cover a wider area of service.

Existing and Target Terminals

Gazelle Transportation currently has existing terminals in the following locations: Gilette and Casper Yard (Wyoming); Vernal Yard (Utah); Debeque Yard and Lucerne Yard (Colorado); Hobbs Yard (New Mexico); Midland Yard, San Antonio Yard, Charlotte Yard, Houston Yard, Laredo Yard, and Corpus Christi Yard (Texas), Coalinga Yard as well as Paso Robles Yard (California).

The company intends to add more terminals to its existing coverage, setting up in the states of North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, as well as Louisiana. Another terminal will also be added to the existing ones in Texas as this particular state continuously grows when it comes to oil production.

Gazelle Transportation Company History

Gazelle Transportation

Founded in the year 1992, the company has been operating as one of the top options when it comes to crude oil transportation.

Starting as one of the small trucking companies, Gazelle Inc. has since expanded into one of the biggest market players.

Gazelle Transportation Services

Gazelle Inc. is primarily concerned with the transportation of oil to and from neighboring states with as little delay as possible. Working only with the best tools of the trade and following set rules and guidelines as required by a governing committee, Gazelle Inc. commits to the following services:

1. Obtaining only state-of-the-art trucks installed with the latest in transportation technology for a safe and timely delivery of products to and from different terminals.

2. Tracking of trucks to ensure the safety of both drivers and the merchandise. This tracking process is designed to also predict and control the transfer of crude oil from one terminal to another.

3. Implements the use of advanced technology with the aim of protecting and keeping drivers safe as they travel through different states.

4. Proficiency in making the transfer, Gazelle Inc. is concerned with the accuracy of merchandise volume upon delivering, ensuring that the amount logged in is the same logged out upon reaching the desired destination.

5. Follows a set route with timely delivery and safety in mind – truck drivers are provided with specific instructions on the road with constant communication kept during the hours to stay up to date when it comes to deliveries.

With years of extensive experience in the industry of transporting crude oil, Gazelle Inc. has moved with the times and features only the best tools and technology designed to ensure the safety and quality of transported merchandise.

Now Hiring! Truck Drivers Needed

Gazelle Transportation Jobs

Gazelle Inc. is currently looking for experienced truck drivers who are willing to be part of a continuously expanding company, operating in 6 states with the view of adding more terminals in the near future.

Truck drivers who are interested to join the team and pass all the necessary requirements will be given a starting salary of up to $20 per hour.

Full benefits are provided upon signing of contract, giving Gazelle Inc. truck drivers a sense of job security.

Competitive benefits offered by Gazelle Inc. include:

• Vision, dental, and health care
• 401K
• Life Insurance
• Extensive training program
• Flexible spending accounts
• And more

Job Environment and Career Advancement Opportunities

Gazelle Transportation terminals

As a close-knit workforce, employees of Gazelle Inc will enjoy a pleasant working environment and a seamless management system that allows them to concentrate on their work.

The job culture is well established with employees given the chance to socialize with other drivers to foster camaraderie within the system. Career advancement is also a possibility as Gazelle Inc. continues to open its doors when it comes to training and workshops for its employees.

Gazelle Inc. recognizes the importance of truck drivers who perform well and rewards them accordingly through various means.

Understanding the importance of steady benefits and the hazards that often come with the job, the management of the company takes into account the needs of truck drivers and makes sure that they are met to the best of the company’s ability.

Gazelle Transportation Reviews

Gazelle Transport Driver Reviews

Gazelle Transportation currently employs a large workforce with an eye to adding more to the current crude oil transportation experts within their system.

Reviews for the employer have been quite generous with current employees rating Gazelle 4 stars out of 5 when it comes to employee care and retention. Turnover is low, therefore assuring steady delivery of crude oil merchandise to and from different locations.

Reviews for Gazelle note that the company provides steady work to truck drivers with a complete set of benefits competitive in the market. Although the hours are very long, the trucking company salary makes up for it.

When it comes to maintenance and management, Gazelle Transportation takes care of its people as noted by an online reviewer and current employee. Frequent checks of the trucks are before every move to make sure that both the driver and the merchandise are well protected during transportation.

Requirements for Truck Driver

Truck drivers who are interested in becoming part of this growing enterprise will be required to pass several documents in pursuant of the position. Experience is a must together with extensive driving knowledge and the physical capacity to perform on-site repairs if it becomes necessary. A clean bill of health verified through a medical document will also be required by the company.

Further requirements will be discussed upon contact of interested applicants.

Contact Information

The corporate office of Gazelle Transpiration is located in California at 34915 Gazelle Court, with phone number (661) 322-8868. For those who are interested in finding oil transportation careers in Gazelle Inc., contact the company directly.