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Dana Transport Pay Scale

Dana Transport is a northeast trucking company that offers truckers competitive pay and home time.

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The company made headlines in 2015 when they sued a lender that reportedly pushed the company into a $500 million default.

The company stated that they never missed payments or massive layoffs.

And the lack of layoffs show a strong commitment to the company’s employees and the family environment.

Dana Transport Salary Info

dana transport pay scale

What are drivers making at his reputable company? Salaries vary by driver and city, but there are a few data points that help us get a better idea of what you can make while driving for Dana:

  • Local Driver: $1,318 per week is the average a local driver makes.
  • Truck Driver: $1,312 per week is the average a truck driver at the company makes.

The data points come from Indeed.com, and there are 9 total entries of data.

The median annual salary for all drivers is $68,380.

This allows us to see that Dana Transport pays over 10% more than the 2017 national average for drivers.

But what is the work environment like?

Dana Transport Reviews

Employees seem to really like this company. There are complaints about local traffic, but when you’re driving through Boston, you have to expect traffic to be a little crazy at times. The company is said to be highly credible, and drivers talk highly of the work environment and great co-workers.

[alert-announce]When driving at Dana, there is no lack of hours.[/alert-announce]

Drivers always state that they were kept very busy while driving, and if you’re willing to put in the extra work, you’ll be able to make great pay for your effort. When drivers were broken down, the company still compensated the driver, which is rare.

The company is said to be very aware of the driver’s commitment, and truckers praise terminal management for the company’s dry bulk terminal.

Drivers state:

  • Pay is great
  • Bonuses are lacking
  • Equipment could be better

When driving for the company, drivers will be part of a large team that delivers liquid bulk to the northeast. There are domestic and international routes, and there are dry bulk opportunities, too. Tankers are the most commonly driven vehicles, and the company states that their fleets are one of the most modern and larger in the liquid bulk sector.

About Dana Transport

Dana Transport Inc. is a trucking company that opened its doors in 1970. The company’s name comes from the founder, Ron Dana. Rob is a former lease operating hauler that worked in the industry in the 1960s.

He noted inefficiencies in companies that he worked for, so he ventured out on his own and his company gew.

Soon, he had to bring on more help to haul goods, and he ended up purchasing a tank wash facility that became a key component of the company’s chemical hauls. His company grew from a washing facility and hauling company to a leasing outfit under the Dana Leasing name.

Dana is one company operating numerous subsidiaries.

Every terminal that the company runs has its own pros and cons. Some terminals in New Jersey are said to have dispatch that is less than pleasing and doesn’t respect drivers. But other terminals are praised for their efficiency and ease to work with.

E-logs were introduced at Dana in 2015, and the rollout was initially slow, as bigger cities and terminals seemed to get the technology before others.

An increase in demand from larger accounts pushed for the elog transition.

Drivers state that the e-logs allow them to keep track of their routes effectively, and there are little complaints about having to track down your money or argue over payroll.

Owner/operators can work for Dana, too, and this is a great option to make money and have regular routes. The issue that many O/Os complain about is that dispatch is often too eager to get an owner on the route, so they’ll lie about the load size.

Of course, these are mostly isolated cases that can’t be verified with 100% accuracy.

Dana also purchased Liquid Transport, which is a company dealing with liquid hauls. The company offers a great staff and work environment, and many of the employees state that the pay is great.

The main issue with Liquid Transport is that the equipment is lackluster, and this seems to be a major problem for the Dana Transport company as a whole. Drivers should not expect the latest and greatest equipment, but drivers can expect great pay and ample loads to keep the driver busy, which is a bonus.

There is an open door policy, and management is great to work with, too.

Positions for internal employees include dispatch, driver managers and loaders. Mechanic positions are available within the Dana company. The company culture and work/life balance is said to be good, too, allowing drivers to earn a decent living while still being able to see their family often.