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Penske Logistics Driving Jobs Pay

Penske Truck Leasing was founded in 1969 in Reading, Pennsylvania and is the owner of Penske Logistics. Penske Logistics operates in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The company is ranked among the top pre-hire trucking companies in the industry.

Multiple acquisitions in the last two years have included EPES Transport Systems and Transfreight North America.

Penske Logistics Jobs & Careers

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Penske works in a variety of fields that help truckers experience different trucking opportunities. Hundreds of locations are serviced across North America, with local and regional routes as well as over-the-road (OTR) positions.

A steady workweek for steady pay is what Penske promoted.

Multiple positions are available:

  • Hiker / vehicle transporter
  • Part-time and full-time positions
  • No touch freight
  • Touch freight

Penske Truck Driver Pay

Penske Logistics pays their truck drivers an average of $70,601 per year, according to information provided from

  • Penske Logistics Pay Rankings


Penske Truck Driver Pay

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Payscale has the average tractor-trailer truck driver earning $14 to $25, with an average of $19 per hour.

Compensation is 40 cents per mile and $10.30 per stop. Drivers are also paid per drop and hook, per layover, per hour daily and per spot.

For example, compensation is:

  • $25.75 for a layover
  • $15.45 for each delayed hour after the first hour
  • $5.15 for each drop and hook
  • $2 for each spot

Current touch freight positions available claim to pay up to $80,000 per year. No touch positions pay slightly less.

Sign on bonuses are also available at some offices, including $2,000 sign on bonuses in some areas.

Drivers have a lot of good things to say about driving for Penske, including:

  • Great pay
  • Easy work
  • Good equipment

Drivers work in a variety of industries, including but not limited to food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, automotive and packaging.

The company has a fleet of 5,500 drivers that drive in a late-model truck and tractor.

Shuttle drivers are also part of the company, with many drivers making over 400 miles per day and still able to go home.

Penske Benefits

Penske Logistics provides a plethora of benefits to their drivers that make the company a success. Key benefits include:

  • Home time. Penske drivers will be able to choose local or long-distance routes when available. You’re offered a lot of options to work on regional or local routes so that you can be home daily if wanted.
  • Benefits. Drivers are given top-of-the-line medical benefits and retirement savings plans. Vision and RX coverage are also offered. Dependent and health care spending accounts are available along with wellness benefits. Life insurance benefits are available for the driver along with their spouse and children.
  • Paid vacation and holidays. From day one, you’ll get paid holidays and vacation days. You’re paid every Friday through direct deposit, too.

Drivers are most happy about their 401(k)-retirement plan. Paid sick leave, disability insurance and reimbursement for certification, education, tuition and training are offered, too.

Safety is a Top Priority

Safety is the company’s top priority. All drivers have to go the extra mile and will need to go with their supervisors through safety training courses. You’ll find that the equipment at Penske is second to none with some of the best safety features, including:

  • ABS disc brakes
  • Back-up alarms
  • Back-up cameras

Drivers that have a superb safety rating are recognized annually. If you’re accident-free and injury-free, you will be rewarded due to your impeccable safety record.

One of the perks that differentiate Penske from other companies is that they value the feedback of their drivers. Open lines of communication are a top priority that allow you to freely ask questions and have feedback in return.

You’re truly a part a company that cares about your concerns and will reply to them seriously.

Reviews from Truckers That Work for Penske

Truckers that rely on Penske have a lot of good things to say about the company. Key pros from company drivers are:

  • Management treats drivers well
  • Drivers are treated as a person
  • Willing to work with you when life is difficult
  • Penske offer good benefits
  • Equipment is good and well-maintained
  • Daily home time and no weekends
  • Pay is good

With more than enough routes to drive, Penske drivers can often choose if they want to drive local, regional or OTR. There are incentives for working overnight as well as regular pay increases that make staying with Penske a good, long-term career opportunity.

Of course, there are a lot of cons that people mention, too. Sick days accumulate very slowly, and while a lot of people rave about management, there are plenty of others that say management at some locations are subpar.

Inconsistencies occur at some locations, but this is common for all trucking companies.

And when the company mentions that they take safety seriously and that there are open lines of communication, they’re serious. Drivers claim that the company listens to them and their concerns.

Penske Logistics is a trucking company that offers a consistent and reliable paycheck. The pay and benefits are good, and you’ll also have the opportunity to drive on local or regional routes. With great benefits and job security, Penske Logistics is a good opportunity for truck drivers of all experience levels.