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Hogan Transportation has been in operation since 1918. The trucking company’s history is similar to many in the industry with humble beginnings. Hogan was a small company that has since blossomed into a full-service operation.

Hogan Trucking jobs include:

  • Experienced drivers
  • Student drivers
  • Owner-operators
  • Car haulers

Drivers are paid well at Hogan, and they have positions primarily from Texas to the east coast and some in Washington and California.

Hogan Transport Driver Salary Information

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Hogan Transportation Pay

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Hogan Trucking jobs pay an average of $83,876 per year, according to the salary information provided by drivers on Indeed.com.

Local drivers report earning closer to $60,000 per year, and drivers have a varying view of employment:

  • Beginners state that Hogan is one of the best places to work
  • Former drivers say that the company demands a lot of hours out of you, with some days lasting 14 hours

Every trucking company has a mixed bag of reviews, so your experience at Hogan Transportation may be different.

Open Job Positions and Pay Information

Hogan Trucking jobs are in high demand, and the company has a few positions open that provide insight into their salary.

  • Reefer drivers with their CDL A have an opportunity to earn $74,100 out of the company’s Nashville, TN office. In addition, you’ll receive a $10,000 sign-on bonus, you’re responsible for no-touch freight, and pay has been increased to $0.54 CPM.
  • Livestock drivers are being hired out of the Eldon, MO office and also receive a $10,000 bonus. In addition, monthly safety bonuses are available, and the position pays $63,000 annually. Schedules are given in advance to offer you flexibility.
  • Dry Van drivers are being hired in both Texas and Oklahoma with a $0.94 to $0.97 CPM. Sign-on bonuses of $7,500 are offered, and drivers earn $83,000 annually on average. Home time is weekly.
  • Car Haul drivers are hired out of Ohio and Indiana, with $95,000 annual pay on average. You’ll be home each week, $7,500 is offered as a sign-on bonus and pay is $26/h. The position is in such high demand that Hogan is willing to train you, if necessary.
  • Dry Van/Reefer positions are available, with a $10,000 bonus in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Mileage pay increases every six months, and the average salary ranges from $60,000 to $75,000.

From all of these open Hogan Trucking jobs, we have a better understanding of the salary range at the company. Salaries range from $60,000 to $83,000, with these salaries averaging out to $71,500.

Compared to the national average, Hogan pays very well.

Hogan Trucking Jobs: Requirements to Work at Hogan

Hogan Transportation knows the value of a dedicated CDL driver, so they’re more than happy to pay generous sign-on bonuses and train drivers to fill certain in-demand positions. Hogan car hauling jobs, for example, need drivers and there is training to fill the position.

  • Class A CDL
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Less than 2 preventable accidents in the last year
  • Less than 2 violations in the past year
  • Less than 3 violations in the past three years

Military veterans also have a home at Hogan Trucking. You’ll be asked about your experience level, but the company is known to hire new CDL graduates. Fair pay is a motto in the company, so even new drivers are paid well.

A few of the most common benefits, including:

  • Holiday pay
  • Vacation pay
  • Passenger program
  • Puppy policy
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Late model trucks

Home time varies significantly from one position to another. Some positions offer home time every other day,

One primary concern for drivers is that the cost of medical benefits is quite high. However, the benefits are good, albeit costly. Drivers do receive a 34-hour reset, which offers good home time for most drivers. Paid time off and employee assistance (free) are two additional perks that drivers praise.

Benefits kick in on the first of the month following 60 days of employment.

However, even with medical, you’re able to opt into cheaper plans or choose premium plans if you have a family or more complicated needs.

Hogan Transportation is adding additional dedicated routes often. So, if you’re lucky enough to land in one of these positions, your home will be more often.

Hogan Owner Operators

Want to be or remain your own boss?

Hogan is clear that there are positions that meet the needs of most owner-operators. While we could not find enough current owner-operators to give a salary range, we will update our profile once that is complete.

You’ll need to contact the company’s recruiters for opportunities for O/O in your state.

Hogan Transportation is a trucking company that is willing to pay their drivers well, work with you if you need training and leverage hefty bonuses to attract drivers. A higher-than-average salary, good benefits, late model vehicles and more than enough miles to drive are all a reason to work for Hogan.