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Stevens Transport is the 4th largest temperature-controlled hauler in the United States.

Based in Dallas, TX, the company services all of the United States and even offers services internationally.

Working with numerous Fortune 500 companies, Stevens Transportation is a premier trucking company that offers great benefits and pay to their drivers.

Median Annual Salary


TDS Driver Surveys: $54,362

Glassdoor: $71k

Indeed: $54,076

Stevens Transport Pay Scale
Pay has increased by 32% since our initial 2019 survey.

Stevens doesn’t freely divulge their pay rate on their own website, so we have to go off of what other drivers in the field have stated they make with the company.

It’s important to remember that the pay scale starts off low because a lot of students will go through the company sponsored CDL training and will get their fresh start with the company.

Stevens Transport Driver Pay is broken down into the following:

0 – 6 months

New drivers that have not been on the road for long will start at the lowest pay tier in the company. This is for the first 6 months of driving where pay will be 26 cents per mile.

6 – 9 months

Once a driver surpasses the 6 month mark, they will move up to 28 cpm. This is a very nice pay bump and is aligned with most of the country’s other trucking outfits.

9 – 12 months

Working for 9 – 12 months will boost your pay by another cent per mile, up to 29 cpm.

12+ months

After working for the company for a year, pay is increased again to 30 cpm.

Subsequent months

There is currently no information available for the company’s pay scale beyond one year of experience. There is also no information available in respect to specific bonuses, but the company does mention that drivers can receive extra pay and bonuses for specific situations.

The pay a person can expect to earn at 26 cpm averages about $800 a week, or $20 an hour, according to past employees.

Moving up to the year range will obviously increase this amount greatly so that drivers can earn $922+ based on just over 3,000 miles driven in a week. Stevens Transport states that the average driver can log 3,000 – 5,000 miles with the company.

Layover Pay

The typical layover pay is $25 a day. If drivers are stuck in Laredo, Texas, the driver will receive $75 a day.

Load/Unload Pay

Something that many companies don’t offer. Load and unload pay is granted on the actual labor that is done by the driver. The company pays 100% of these costs.

Extra Stop Pay

Any drivers that will need to make extra stops will be paid $15 per stop. If there are more than 3 stop-offs, the driver will be paid $25 for each drop-off that follows.

Miles are based on all miles driven. This includes miles driven when there is no load.

Training to Make More Money

Drivers that want to make even more money can with Stevens. All drivers that have been employed with the company for over a year and have 90,000 miles under their belt – with no accidents or major safety concerns – are eligible to become a trainer.

As an OTR trainer, drivers will be paid extra money weekly.

Trainers will be paid for all miles, including miles driven by their students.

This is a great way to make some extra cash aside from the money earned when on the road.

Stevens Trucking Benefits

Stevens Transport

Stevens takes care of their drivers. The benefits packages awarded to all drivers is substantial and includes the following:

  • Medical Plan: Multiple coverage options are offered in medical plans. These are offered at competitive rates and include coverage for prescription drugs.
  • Vision Plan: In and out-of-network plans and benefits are offered. Enrolling in any medical plan will automatically enroll drivers in the company’s vision plan for free.
  • Dental: Complete dental coverage is offered. Employees that enroll in a medical plan will be enrolled in the company’s dental plan for free.
  • Life Insurance: Medical plans come with an automatic life insurance policy worth $50,000. Additional coverage can also be purchased.
  • Disability Insurance: Employees can purchase optional disability insurance for both short and long term disability.
  • 401k: The company’s preferred retirement option is a 401k savings plan. Contributions can begin one year after employment, with employees able to pay up to 15% before taxes. Stevens Transport will pay 50 cents for each dollar employees contribute up to $800.
  • Time Off: Employees are eligible for vacation time and will be off on major holidays.
  • Emergency Driver Assistance Fund: At a fee of just $1 per week, drivers can enter into an emergency fund that is created by drivers for drivers. This fund allows for financial support in the event of unforeseen emergencies – both professional and personal.
  • Rider Program: Drivers can travel with an adult all year long as a passenger and with a child (10+) during the summer.

Every driver will be able to use the company’s state-of-the-art equipment and will have their own personal driver manager. These managers will help with logistics and be the go-to person when home time is a necessity.

Insider Tip For Stevens Trucking Success

Stevens Trucking

Current and past drivers recommend being friendly with managers.

A personal driver manager may ask you to do short runs, such as a 200 mile run, and turning the run down may mean less work in the future.

People that have worked for the company state that you should:

  • Take all loads available.
  • Be nice and respectful to managers.

This will ensure that you get the most miles possible as a driver. The manager is also the person drivers will turn to when they need time off.

Life on the Road

Stevens Transport is a great company to work for, but how is life on the road?

Great equipment and trucks are provided, but what about home time? The company lists their available home time as the following:

  • Local routes: Anyone that is given a local route can expect to be home daily.
  • Regional and dedicated: Drivers working on regional or dedicated routes can expect to be home every 7 – 10 days on the road.
  • National: Anyone that is a national driver will get home time every 3 to 4 weeks.

The amount of home time is not stated by the company.