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Have you ever wondered how much you could earn as a truck driver with them? Or what you would need to do to secure a job for this company?

Well, we can help you get on the fast track to a success career with Holland Freight. As one of the transportation market leaders when it comes to next-day delivery services in the Midwest, the company prides itself on quality handling, regional expertise, and on-time performance.

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They have won a plethora of awards since the brand was launched in 1929.


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Holland Freight, or Holland, was founded in Holland, Michigan, in 1929, and is one of the largest less-than-truckload (or LTL) freight haulers in the United States. The company is renowned for delivering the largest amount of next-day service lanes in its territory and has one of the lowest claim ratios in the industry.

Holland primarily served the central US, but has since expanded its operations to the Midwest and Southeast. The company has in excess of 6,700 employees and has won several awards over the years, including the Logistics Management Quest for Quality award, which it has won every year since the 1980s.

In total, Holland – which used to be a subsidiary of USF – provides full-state regional delivery services in a dozen US states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, Iowa, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Missouri), as well as the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. In addition, the company provides direct, regional delivery services to a total of nine other states (Alabama, West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kansas, New York, and Nebraska), and additional services via its sister company USF Reddaway.

The company has a fleet of over 5,400 tractors and in excess of 6,000 trailers from a 60-terminal network.

The company was acquired by TNT in 1985 (which became USF in 1996), and then made up part of YRC Worldwide, or YRCW, in 2005. Holland has 57 service centers in North America, including four in Canada, and offer a lift-gate service at most of these centers.

The president of the company is Scott D. Ware, and there are 146 account executives in total.

The company prides itself on offering more next-day service lanes than other competitors in its region, as well as its highly reliable on-time performance, low claim ratio, and the high percentage of its shipments that are delivered damage-free (99.8%).


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According to Payscale.com, the largest number of employees at the Holland (50%) have been working for the company for 20 years or more, and earn on average approximately $60,000.

The amount employees will earn will depend on various factors, such as job title, experience level and academic level.

The median salary for an employee working at Holland is $43,000.
The median salary for Holland truck drivers is $72,086.

The truck driver earnings potential varies by role.

For a city driver, the average salary is $67,554. For long-haul driver, the median annual salary is $77,125 per year.

Here are some other facts about salaries at Holland, according to Payscale:

  • + Employees for the company who work in the state of Missouri earn the most money, taking home an average of $84,000.
  • + Employees who have the biggest salaries at the company include tractor-trailer drivers, who have a median pay of $74,000 per year. Account executives and operations supervisors are also among the highest earners, taking home median pay of $60,000 and $46,000 per year, respectively.
  • + The median salary for employees who have an associated degree is $40,000 per year.


The company has a number of different job positions other than just as a company driver, each of these has its own salary. The amount you can expect to make for a particular job you are interested in will depend on various factors, such as your experience and education level.

According to Glassdoor.com, the average pay of an operations supervisor at Holland is $54,122, while an account executive makes an average of $70,543 every year.

According to the website, a dock casual worker can expect to make an average of $12.67 per hour.

Average salaries for office admin works and account managers are $18.63 per hour, and $65,300 per year, respectively.
According to Indeed.com, a forklift operator working at Holland can expect to make $21,000 a year; an operation supervisor can take home $53,000 a year; and a supervisor can earn $44,000 a year.


With a company the size of Holland Freight, you have job opportunities and you also have career opportunities. They provide a wide range of career opportunities for prospective employees who would like to work for the company long term.

Some of the skills that are highly sought-after by the company include customer service, people management, safety compliance, and teamwork. The company prides itself on its high standards of customer service, so good communication skills are a must.

In fact, they have a training program for retiring drivers to come into the office and continue their careers in an administrative support role. They value the experience of being a professional driver and how that gives administrative support staff, a unique view on how they can best interact and work with their company drivers.


The majority of employees who work at the company participate in a 401(k) program, and according to Payscale.com, a large number of staff have health insurance and dental coverage. Another benefit of working for the company is the opportunity to travel, and because the company has a presence in several states, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work in a position in a part of the country that you want to reside in.

Holland provides an attractive compensation package for workers, as well as a flexible working environment and plenty of opportunities to progress within the company. Because of this, the company is a popular option for those who want to build a stable long term career in the transportation industry.

Some of the other perks for employees include competitive pay when compared to other transportation companies, as well as a benefits package that includes vacation and sick pay.

The company prides itself on its lower turnover, with workers staying at Holland for an average of 15 years.

USF Holland Career Opportunities

The organization utilizes the latest equipment, technology, and facilities, and its premises are well-maintained and safe. According to their website, Holland provides a work environment for employees that is not only flexible, but one that recognizes contributions made by staff and encourages involvement from every member of the team.

For those who are thinking of applying for a position with the company (such as a company driver, admin worker, or operations executive) can visit the Holland website for the latest job opportunities, and make an application. These vacancies detail the skills needed for the role, as well as the relevant experience and academic achievements that are necessary.

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