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Central Freight Lines first opened their doors in 1925 in Waco, Texas when “Woody” Callan Sr. purchased a Model T and started hauling goods from Waco to Dallas. The company would slowly grow, opening a Dallas Facility in 1938 and expanding through acquisitions.

The company would purchase Perry Motor Freight and Curry Motor Freight.

Major expansion began in 1992 when the company expanded into:

  • Arkansas
  • New Mexico
  • Tennessee

Central Freight has since purchased numerous trucking companies and went public in 2003. Central Freight Lines trucking has expanded their network to 49 states and recently celebrated being in operation for over 95 years.

Working for the company allows for a steady career with ample opportunity to grow as a driver.

Central Freight Lines Trucking Careers

Employee and owner operator opportunities are available with CFL. The company has positions available across the country, with pay varying by location.

CFL Solo Drive Pay (LTL)

Solo drivers can expect to earn $0.58 CPM, plus you will be paid hourly for:

  • Down time
  • Hooks
  • Dock
  • Layover
  • Breakdowns
  • Training time

You will need to be 22+ years of age, have a Class A CDL and be able to lift at least 75 pounds.

CFL Owner Operator Pay

Central Freight has a plethora of owner-operator opportunities around the country. Positions for moving freight from terminal to terminal, on a regional basis, are available. Based off of a recent listing, pay is:

  • Solo drivers – $0.90cpm + FSC of $0.19 to $0.35cpm. Loaded miles are paid a total of $1.09 – $1.25.
  • Team drivers – $1.15cpm + FSC of $0.19 to $0.35cpm. Loaded miles are paid a total of $1.34 – $1.50.

Solo drivers can expect to drive 10,000 to 20,000 miles per month, while team drivers average 20,000 to 28,000 miles per month. You will enjoy holidays off, and weekly settlements are paid via direct deposit.

The company will pay for all:

  • Plates
  • Fuel taxes
  • Tolls
  • Scales
  • Lumpers

Five-day work weeks are available in most locations, so you can expect weekly home time.

FSC pay does vary by location.

CFL Pay and Salary Information

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Indeed.com has over 100 employees that work for Central Freight Lines that have submitted their salaries in the past three years, with thousands of salary points available. The pay for a truck driver is:

  • $10.40 to $31.30 per hour, with the average hourly rate of $20.69
  • $20,800 to $62,600 per year, with the average driver earning $52,991 annually

Local drivers earn an average of $21.63 per hour.

Central Freight Lines Benefits

Central Freight’s benefits are generally good, with paid holidays and benefits including:

  • 401 (k) retirement options
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Profit sharing
  • Health, dental and vision insurance

CFL will pay a portion of their employee’s health insurance premiums. There is also a defined contribution pension plan available.

CFL Reviews

Reviews are a great way to judge how life is working at a company. There’s good and bad with every trucking company, but the reviews seem primarily positive for Central Freight Lines trucking.

The good reviews include:

  • If you’re just starting out, CFL offers great opportunities to learn more about the industry and work your way through the ranks.
  • Everyone is laid back and helpful, with a decent salary and a chance to move up in the company.
  • Management does not micromanage as long as you get your loads to the terminal on time.

The bad is that there’s often not enough equipment and trailers. Benefits are acceptable, but a lot of the drivers believe that benefits could have been better. Trailers are a frequent issue. Even when repaired they’re never “repaired properly.”

Complaints are pretty standard for the trucking industry.

One of the main benefits is that drivers are often home on the weekends, so you will have a good work-life balance. Drivers with kids or a family will find the home time to be one of the biggest perks of working for CFL.

Pay is consistent, and there are more than enough miles to go around at most locations.

You may have to deal with different office politics and favoritism at some locations, but that’s the same with every trucking company.

When going through the company’s timeline, you’ll find that they routinely purchase new vehicles and phase out older vehicles from rotation.

Central Freight Lines Tracking

CFL has several tracking options:

  • PRO Number
  • Purchase Order
  • Bill of Lading Number
  • Origin Carrier Pro

You can trace packages using any of the numbers above. Shipments can be tracked by putting the corresponding number into the tracker. Each line will track a different shipment, so you can track multiple packages at once.

Central Freight Lines is a great company to work for, especially for new drivers or drivers that want to work a five-day work schedule and be able to enjoy some free time with their family. Pay is decent and the benefits are standard for the industry.