Rush Trucking

Rush Trucking Driver Pay

Rush Trucking was founded by Andra Rush in 1984, and at the time, the company’s goal was to become a leader in the automotive logistics industry. Rush, which is a woman- and Native American-owned company, grew to become a leader in the industry thanks to Andra’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, treating staff like family, and prioritizing driver safety.

Headquartered in Wayne, MI, Rush reached a new milestone in 2017 with the opening of its facility in Toledo and reaching $1 billion in annual revenue.

Rush Transport Services

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As one of the leading trucking companies in Michigan, Rush offers a number of services to customers, including:

Full Truckload

Rush specializes in offering dedicated, full-truckload transportation throughout the Southern and Midwestern United States. The company services multi-stop, round-trip and closed-loop routes.

Rush drivers are available 24/7 to meet the needs of their customers.

Capacity Solutions

Rush has a network of providers across the country, which allows them to quickly:

  • Add capacity
  • Coordinate intermodal and international transportation
  • Secure specialty equipment

Expedited Delivery

Rush’s Expedited Delivery Service (EDS) ensures that deliveries are made safely and on time. Drivers are specially trained to handle high-value freight, which is visible every minute and every mile.

The company offers same-day and door to door service.

Supply Chain Management

The goal of Rush’s Supply Chain Management division is to provide customers with a personalized and sustainable strategy that improves time and cost efficiencies.

They can help with:

  • Workforce development: Position developing, organizational planning, training, candidate sourcing and more.
  • Analysis and reporting: Identify and track metrics that matter to operational performance.
  • Logistics design and management: Operation optimization, load execution, material order management, event management and shipment planning.
  • Coordination of launches and expansions: Organization, including quote and costing creation as well as strategic planning.

Rush Trucking Pay and Benefits

Rush offers a variety of services, and drivers are available round-the-clock. What does that mean for company drivers?


Rather than paying by the mile, like most other carriers, Rush pays by the lane.

The pay-by-the-lane system ensures that drivers are paid fairly based on their route’s frequency and complexity.

The company does not list any pay information on their website, but we gathered 38 salary reports and this does provide a salary base from actual employees.

Rush Trucking Driver Pay
  • $199 per day (based on 34 salaries reported); $51,740 per year

According to Indeed, owner-operators at Rush are paid $3,776 per week.

Both yearly salary reports are on the low side, but keep in mind that these figures aren’t coming from Rush itself.

Home Time

At most locations, Rush offers over-the-road, regional and local/shuttle services. In most cases, the freight is no-touch.

Drivers on local and shuttle routes are home daily, and routes are within 100 miles of one of the company’s hub locations.


Rush company drivers receive:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental coverage
  • Retirement programs
  • Bonuses for safe driving
  • Up to $1,500 for driver referrals

The company also has an Employee Assistance Program, and they offer company discounts as well. The assistance program can help employees when personal issues arise. Discounts can help with the purchase of a vacation, car or even a new smartphone.

Modern Fleet

Rush Trucking provides drivers with late-model equipment, and they offer responsive maintenance.

The company’s motto is “Safety First is Safety Always,” so it’s their priority to provide well-maintained equipment.

All of their trucks have a top speed of 68 mph, and they’re all equipped with QualComm technology.

Their fleet includes:

  • Sleepers and day cabs
  • Drop-deck trailers (75)
  • Dry can trailers (700+)

On average, tractors are three years old and trailers are five years old. Preventative routine maintenance is performed about once every 180 days.


What do employees have to say about their time at Rush Trucking?

Most were happy with their experience. They praised the work environment and their friendly co-workers. Some complained about communication and dispatchers, but these are common complaints among drivers with most companies.

Safety is taken very seriously, so drivers must be prepared for that. Frequent route switching can be a problem for some drivers.

Shuttle pay is mostly hourly, but drivers are home daily.

Overall, most drivers were satisfied with their time at Rush Trucking, and they used their time at the company as a learning experience to progress in the industry.