Averitt Express Pay Scale

Averitt Express Trucking Pay Scale

Averitt Express offers a variety of career opportunities to dedicated truckers.

If you’re currently in the field or just obtained your CDL, you’ll find that Averitt Trucking offers substantial benefits and pay.

Averitt Trucking Careers

Averitt Trucking

Becoming a member of the Averitt family allows you to work with a company that offers weekly home time and several different positions.

Regional Flatbed

Offering coverage in 15 states, regional flatbed drivers get home time every week and will be hauling:

  • Steel
  • Lumber
  • Building materials

There are over 100 facilities where drivers are able to park and spend the night. You’ll be driving mostly on the east coast and in Canada.

Note: Drivers will not be entering NYC.

Pay Scale

All drivers have the opportunity to earn ¼ cpm fuel bonuses on top of high industry rates. A driver with 1-year of experience will earn $.43 a mile with a top-out pay of $.46. As a driver, you’ll also be paid for the following:

  • Tarping / re-tarping
  • Stop-off
  • Load securement
  • Breakdown pay
  • Layover pay
  • Referral bonuses

Regional Truckload

Regional drivers will cover Texas and Oklahoma, and most of the states to the east. Regional drivers must have 12+ months experience with driving in the past 3 years to apply. Hazmat endorsement will be a necessity for the position.

Regional Pay

The pay starts at $.40 cpm, with $.43 and $.46 cpm offered in select cities. The top-out pay for drivers in this position is $.45 – $.46 cents per mile.

You’ll also be paid for the following:

  • Loading and unloading (90% no-touch)
  • Stop pay
  • Bump dock pay
  • Driver referral
  • Breakdown pay
  • Layover pay

Dedicated Supply Chain

Averitt Express

Dedicated supply chain drivers have the benefit of knowing how much money they’ll earn per week. This is a position where the driver will work with consistent customers, and daily home time is a possibility depending on the route.

Dedicated Pay

Hourly and mileage pay is offered, with many drivers earning $1,250+ a week. The company does not provide specific figures for mileage payment, and the wage will be based on the location and position.

Drivers will be paid for:

  • Loading / unloading
  • Stop pay
  • Breakdown pay
  • Layover pay

Dedicated Flex

A dedicated flex driver works as a dedicated driver that will also be asked to help with truckload operations from time to time. Working with 1 account per week, the driver will haul a variety of freight.

Flex Pay

All dedicated flex drivers start at $.41 cpm, with mileage varying based on the account. Home time in this position will be every 1 – 2 weeks on average. Stop and unloading pay may or may not be offered depending on the account.

You will always have the following:

  • Breakdown pay
  • Detention pay
  • Layover pay


City drivers have a routine route and daily home time. The company does not divulge the pay in this position aside from stating that pay varies based on experience and location. According to salaries that have been submitted on Glassdoor, city drivers can expect an average hourly wage of $22.10.


Shuttle drivers will be transporting LTL freight to various service centers in the company’s network. Mostly a drop and hook position, these drivers will be able to enjoy home time. Pay is based on gate-to-gate mileage, and delay pay is offered.

Averitt Express Benefits

Averitt Express Benefits

Aside from Averitt Express salaries, the company offers substantial benefits to drivers. When working for Averitt, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Family and individual healthcare plans. Cigna is offered with medical, dental, vision and prescription plans available at low costs.
  • Hearing care benefits are offered to all drivers.
  • Profit sharing and a 401(k) plan is offered to allow drivers to enjoy the utmost in retirement benefits.
  • Full life and disability insurance is offered by the company.
  • Wellness programs allow drivers to stay in top shape all year long.
  • Averitt will provide uniforms to all drivers.
  • Credit union programs are offered to all drivers.
  • Rider programs allow you to spend time on the road with your wife (depending on position and account).
  • Flexible spending accounts are offered to drivers.
  • After 90 days with the company, you’ll earn 8 vacation days.
  • The company does offer vacation time, but they do not elaborate on the amount of time provided to drivers.

One of the biggest perks of working for Averitt is that drivers will be able to stop at over 100+ Averitt Express locations.

These are locations where drivers will be able to rest for the night in a safe area.

Many of the locations offer exercise facilities with showers.

Associates will be able to join the company’s discount program to receive discounts on everything from vehicles to computers and more. All drivers will need to undergo orientation before being allowed behind the wheel of a company truck. Orientation takes place in Cookeville, TN no matter the driving position.

While in orientation, you’ll have all of your lodging and transportation paid for by the company. Most meals are provided for free, but not all meals.

The company does offer a CDL training school that helps new drivers get acquainted with life on the road.

Averitt Tracking

A week long course allows drivers to go through the company’s student program where students learn how to properly handle equipment and perform difficult driving maneuvers in their vehicle.

The Averitt tracking system is also a major part of life on the road and will be the means in which dispatch is able to effectively assign jobs to drivers.

A press release from 2014 came with the announcement that all regional drivers and many other drivers received a pay raise across the board. The time it takes to reach top-out pay was also decreased, allowing potential commercial drivers to earn the top pay within 2 years or less on average.

Fuel efficiency bonuses were also introduced and provide a new way for drivers to earn more money while on the road.

Life as an Averitt truck driver provides great pay, home time and benefits that meet or exceed industry standards. With steady hauls, drivers can earn $1,250 or more per week depending on their position.

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Averrit Express Trucking Salary