Barr Nunn Transportation Pay Scale

Barr Nunn was founded in 1982 and has grown into a trucking operation with 550+ tractors under their operation and over 1,800 trailers. The company hauls everything from building materials to appliances, animal feeds, food and much more.

While always known for local driving jobs and great benefits, Barr Nunn recently updated its pay model to attract and retain the world’s best truck drivers.

What is Shift Load Pay?

Barr Nunn realizes that the backbone of their operation is their dedicated team of drivers. Shift + Load Pay is one way to compensate truckers for their hard work. The innovative pay method provides:

  • Stable paychecks
  • Higher income
  • Newer trucks to drive
  • Bigger bonuses

With Shift + Load Pay, drivers worry less about the ups and downs of mileage pay. However, Barr Nunn still offers traditional, per mile pay for truckers to choose the payment method that they prefer.

Shift-load pay offers up to $355 per day and in 2022, due to the driver shortage, you’ll earn an additional $10 per Shift.

New Pay Rates For Barr Nunn Trucking in 2022

Barr Nunn

After 17 years in the industry, Barr Nunn’s commitment to truckers changed to offer some of the best rates in the industry. The pay has been updated to be:

  • $0.71 for top, regional north fleet
  • $0.06 additional per mile for solo and team drivers in 2022

Barr Nunn team truck driving jobs also pay an exceptional top rate of $0.89 to $0.92 per mile.

Team drivers can operate multiple fleets, with the option to be out:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • 18 days
  • 21 days

However, these are just some of the perks that truckers enjoy while working for this trucking company.

Our average pay for all drivers rose over $8.500 from 2019 to a new rate of $87,142.

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The top 50% of solo company truck drivers averaged $103,321 in 2021.

If you want to join a company that values its drivers and goes the extra mile to make its employees happy, Barr Nunn is one of the best in the industry.

Solo Driver Qualifications

All drivers that are interested in joining the Barr Nunn team will need to have a valid Class A CDL license. Additional requirements to join on as a trucker include:

  • 14 months of experience with tractor-trailers in the last 48 months
  • No DWIs in the last 7 years
  • No more than three moving violations in the past three years
  • Must pass a drug test and cannot refuse the test
  • Cannot have a DOT reportable accident in the last three years

Drivers will need to pass a pre-employment DOT physical, drug screen and a human performance evaluation.

Perks of Driving for Barr Nunn

Barr Nunn Transportation

Drivers at Barr Nunn have the opportunity to make $100,000 or more per year without the sacrifices that most truckers are accustomed to in the industry.

For example, drivers can earn six figures without:

  • Sacrificing their home time
  • Giving up benefits
  • Losing security

Barr Nunn knows that keeping the industry’s best drivers means offering the best benefits. A few of the key benefits that drivers earn on top of their traditional pay are:

  • Option to choose per mile or Shift + Load pay
  • Transition pay
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • CSA safety bonuses every 90 days, totaling $700 – $1,025
  • On-road safety bonuses every 90 days of $500
  • Paid vacation time every 90 days
  • $100 anniversary bonus
  • Industry’s fastest pay raises
  • Safety-based pay raises for every 20,000 and 40,000 miles driven
  • Detention pay kicks in after one hour
  • Practical mileage pay

The practical mileage pay is one way to ensure that truckers receive more accurate pay for the loads they run. For example, if a run’s shortest mileage is 535 but you need to go through busy city areas, practical mileage may be as much as 40 miles more than listed.

Drivers benefit from higher pay using practical mileage pay.

A few examples of practical pay that Barr Nunn is currently offering are:

  • Colombus, OH to Atlanta, GA has a practical pay that is 44 miles more than the shortest mileage route
  • Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC is usually an easy route, so the difference in practical pay is 1 mile

Truckers that are used to hitting traffic, construction zones or detours benefit from higher pay. Barr Nunn goes the extra mile to ensure that their drivers are paid well and stay with the company.

Practical mileage is just one of the ways to keep solo and team drivers happy.

Barr Nunn Drivers Benefits

barr nunn trucking jobs

On top of the bonuses and great pay options, drivers also benefit from great benefits. A few of the perks that are available include:

  • Health Insurance from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, with single drivers paying $55/week, employee + dependent pay $120/week, employee + spouse pay $129/week and family costs are $149/week.
  • 401(k) program,offering 100% match for up to 3% of eligible earnings OR 100% match up to $2,000. Solo and team drivers both benefit from 401(k) options.
  • Employee paid time off is earned by accumulated miles. For example, if you drive 60,000 miles, you receive 3 days of PTO. If you drive 960,000 miles, you earn 9 PTO days. Of course, you’ll earn multiple PTO days through these milestones, too.
  • Free life insurance of $10,000 is available for all drivers.

Truckers enjoy using late-model tractors, and 100% of the freight is no-touch, drop and hook freight. Trailers come with cargo sensors and tracking, too. In addition, free-rider programs are available for all drivers, so you can bring your spouse or a loved one with you on the road.

To put it simply, Barr Nunn Transportation offers some of the best pay in the industry.

Drivers state that Barr Nunn is upfront and honest with them when hiring.

Drivers are told how much they’ll be paid by load and day, and the pay is exceptional. Reliable home time is available to all drivers, so you earn a great paycheck while also enjoying a social life.

The only complaint we heard is that trucks are tuned for gas mileage at 65mph. Not sure if that is really a bad thing these days.

Barr Nunn’s change in pay has led to the company offering some of the best pay rates and benefits in the industry.

Newer equipment and exceptional benefits make driving for Barr Nunn a great experience.