Mesilla Valley Transportation

Mesilla Valley Transportation is a good company for new drivers to get on the road and make a good living.   MVT Trucking comes with three decades of experience in the field and offers prospective drivers training and career placement.

Getting on the road with MVT behind you allows for:

  • Real-world experience
  • Great salary
  • Great benefits
  • A friendly work environment

The History of Mesilla Valley Transportation

Mesilla Valley Transportation

Hauling refrigerated and perishable goods primarily in 1981, MVT quickly became a popular transportation choice in the Southwest. Strategic offices in Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas allowed MVT to quickly service the southwest and became a leader in quality service.

The company quickly grew during the 80’s, and by the mid-90s, the company started servicing all 48 other states and all of Canada.

Acquiring 53 feet dry van trailers allowed the company to service the U.S. / Mexican border, propelling growth during that period. Now, the company is still locally-owned and specializes in time-sensitive service, connecting all major manufacturing areas in the:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexican Border

Priding themselves with efficiency, the company states that they have the most efficient fleet in the entire United States.

Citing a high demand for quality truckers, the company attempted to bridge the gap with their own transportation school.

MVT Trucking Pay

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Payment and Incentives

As far as compensation, I am very well paid and receive bonuses and incentives for certain shipments that are time sensitive. Pay is competitive within the company.

Most of the incentives comes from fuel competition. The company is very serious about the amount of fuel spent to haul a load, and drivers that are good at managing their fuel will receive incentives and bonuses as a reward.

Overall, the money is very good, which leads to a common issue among all trucking companies: home time.

Home Time

Spending time with family is difficult as a trucker. I am often away from home driving 10 hours per day. The one concern that employees have is that they work too much.


The company is still locally owned and most drivers will meet the owner. Employees and management are very friendly and often get to know each other by first name. There’s also a company cafeteria where everyone goes to eat and mingle.

As with any trucking company, Mesilla Valley Transportation will have drivers working many hours, but with a competitive wage, great benefits and bonus incentives, it’s a great company to work for. With top notch schooling, MVT will be able to help you get into the trucking industry.

Mesilla Valley Training Institute

Mesilla Valley Trucking

The Mesilla Valley Transportation School is where potential truckers, like myself, can get their foot in the door.

Institutes allow for the latest in trucking to be taught to prospective drivers and the ability to go on to work for the company.


The institute’s goals include:

  • Prepare individuals for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) standards. Through 200 hours of training, students will learn:
    • Driving basics
    • Essential maneuvers
    • How to Handle cargo

Students that enter a course will need to maintain an average of 70% or higher to be able to pass. Courses are daily and last from 7 AM – 3:30 PM, or 4 PM to midnight for anyone wanting to take evening classes.

The classrooms at MVTI are equipped with audio and visual aids as well as driving areas and professional, experienced staff.

Tuition and Fees

There are currently no means to sign up for financial aid. Your best bet is to contact the school directly to speak with an admissions representative to discuss your payment options. Tuition fees are currently not listed and will change.


Students will be able to choose from two campus locations:

  • Canutillo, Texas
  • Nashville, Tennessee


Any potential students are urged to apply in person at any of the facilities listed above. There are virtually no requirements. If a person does not have a high school degree or equivalent, they will need to take an assessment test before being approved to become a student.

Veterans benefits are often available to help pay for schooling.

Career Placement

Upon completing the school requirements, Mesilla Valley Transportation will help students locate a job. Oftentimes, students will become part of the MVT team and work for the same company that taught them how to transport goods properly and ultimately prepare them for their CDL exam.

The company has also helped students land jobs for the biggest trucking companies in the world, including:

  • Werner Transportation
  • Swift Transportation
  • Con-Way Truckload
mvt trucking

It should be noted that the institute will help a person find a position with a company that fits into their needs.

This means personal and career choices will be assessed as well as the driver’s ambitions.

Recruiters for various companies often come to the campus, and students are automatically notified of any open positions within the trucking industry.

The Mesilla Valley Transportation School is highly respected in the industry.

A Driver’s Perspective Of MVT

Working as a driver for the company, I gained a wealth of experience that went well beyond my schooling with the company.

Initial Problems Solved

Going through a communication system change in mid-2014, the company had many communication issues that would otherwise not exist.

These issues allowed me to talk with the managers to better understand the routes I needed to take and was the only issue I had with the company thus far.

The systems have all been corrected, so this is no longer a problem.