Magnum Trucking

Magnum Trucking

Magnum is a logistics company that deals with transportation services. Together with its stellar staff, equipment and resources it provide quality services at affordable rates. Magnum has its headquarters based in Fargo, North Dakota. It also has other terminals all over the country.

A lot of employees lack the feeling of calling their job a ‘home’.  In truth, a workplace cannot serve as home but its management and fellow employees can make one feel at home.

Magnum Trucking is home.

Company History

Magnum Trucking

Up until 1981, the farmers in Duluth, Minnesota had been yearning for a way they could transport their lime rock to sugar plants in large quantities.

Wayne Gadberry was the revolutionary who came up with the solution to this problem. In 1981, Gadberry and two trusted farmer friends incorporated Magnum Ltd. This was his 2nd bold move after he founded Gadberry Inc. in 1978. Gadberry combined Gadberry Inc. and Magnum Ltd after several years into the current Magnum Limited.

Over time Gadberry and his associates realized that more people wanted to be served other than farmers transporting large quantities. In 1990, Magnum Less Than Load (LTL) was started by Gadberry, Paul Meyer and Dick Roswick.

Fortunately, their great vision for Magnum did not stop there.

They went further and opened subsequent divisions of Magnum into Magnum Logistics Inc. and Magnum Warehousing. The previous was to serve as a logistics and brokerage company while latter was meant to provide inventory organization and logistics functions.

Magnum made a daring move in 2008 by choosing to expand and create another Magnum entity: Magnum Dedicated. This sub-division was created to handle the consumer market that desires quick freight delivery.

These consumers have high demands that could only be fulfilled by a strong capable company such as Magnum Dedicated.

In 2010, Meyer and Roswick left the Magnum family leaving Gadberry as sole owner of 5 companies in the Magnum chain.

Today, Magnum Trucking companies are the pioneers in the transport and logistics industry. They have employed almost 700 drivers in the mid-west, southeast and south regions.

Its 13 terminals serve North Dakota as well as Minnesota, parts of Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa. They have maintained their quality record and have strived to improve it over time.

Average Magnum Salary

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Magnum Trucking Pay

Magnum Trucking Careers

Magnum Trucking careers

Magnum companies like expanding their large family. They are always advertising new positions for ambitious men and women to join.

These positions give individuals a chance to improve their skills and learn other skills. They are always looking for people to join the following fields:

  • Accounting department
  • Drivers
  • Sales and marketing
  • Warehousing
  • Dispatching
  • Human Resource Management etc.

Individuals who apply for these positions get a chance to take up a stimulating vocation in a challenging field.

These men and women begin to love what they do and get an urge to do more for the company. When they do more, they receive great reward packages. Magnum takes care of its employees by insuring them and giving them perks such as: paid vacations, job referral bonuses and more.

Drivers at Magnum Trucking work through Monday to Friday. They earn $0.46 per mile they cover. Some of them cover up to 3000 miles every week.

Advancement opportunities are also available for employees to take up even more challenging roles.

Training Employees

Drivers who have little experience with over the road (OTR) trucks as well as driving school graduates are offered training programs at Magnum Trucking.

These programs are meant to show these individuals how to operate the sophisticated machines that Magnum trucks are. A driver is taken through the ropes by an experienced trainer.

During the training program, drivers will operate real loads. Those who take part in this program can expect to earn a trainee pay for each session.

OTR drivers also go through training to reinforce their skills. They spend hours in Magnum classrooms learning about safety measures and getting hands-on-training.

These individuals receive a power unit of their own when they complete the training process.


Magnum makes its employees’ work easier by arming them with the highest technologically advanced systems. One such example is the trucks their drivers operate.

Drivers receive their directions via satellite communications. This avenue allows drivers to give feedback to the company about the status of the loads without having to call them.

These trucks handle transport of medicines to hospitals, food and other technical goods.

Magnum trucks have refrigerated carriers that keep food fresh until its arrival at the given destination. The food is also placed in a safe clean environment as pH balances are also maintained.


This company does its part in preserving the environment. They have systems in place that work in reducing harmful emissions and overconsumption of resources.

All their employees have vast education on eco-friendly practices that they operate every single day.

Magnum has found that these practices save them time and costs in the long run. Every single day their drivers go out and wave the company’s eco-friendly flag by practicing the following:

  • Effective route planning. This practice enables them to avoid wasting fuel and limit the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the air.
  • Recycling. At their offices they re-use plastic bottles for water storage.
  • Fuel monitors. The trucks have fuel economy monitors that allow drivers to measure the amount of fuel they are using. This prevents them from wasting fuel.
  • Smart fuel usage. Magnum Trucks use clean fuels that limit emissions of particulate matter and oxides.
  • Electronic log systems. Magnum Trucking uses electronic systems to display hours a driver has spent on the road. This eliminates the need to cut trees to supply paper.

The Future

Magnum Trucking is looking to expand their employee numbers over the future.

This is a place where every employee’s welfare is known and cared for. They would like to share the great benefits of being a Magnum employee with others.

The future of Magnum is greater staff numbers as well as the opening of more and more outlets in other states.

Magnum is also working toward creating profitable returns in society.

They aim to increase the overall productivity of their employees ensuring that their customers enjoy the true quality of life. Dynamic and genius innovations are part of Magnum’s bright future. This is definitely a company to watch.