Alpicool CF55 Portable Freezer

Alpicool CF55 Portable Freezer

Truckers spend their days on the road, hauling goods across the state or region with little downtime. Stopping to grab a bite to eat or bringing homemade lunch on the road isn’t possible, which makes living a healthy lifestyle difficult. The Alpicool CF55 portable freezer is the perfect compromise, allowing truckers to improve their diets, lower the risk of obesity and save money.

The Alpicool CF55 comes in multiple size options, including: 35-, 45- and 55-liter.

Truckers will have an easy time loading the fridge/freezer in their truck because it weighs just 35 pounds and has dimensions of ‎13.6” x 18.2” x 27.2”.

Alpicool 12v Fridge Features

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  • LCD display panel allows for rapid, digital temperature control adjustments
  • Adjust temperatures to use the unit as a refrigerator or freezer
  • Freezing temperature goes as low as -4°F without ice
  • Low, medium and high battery protection system
  • Internal LED light makes it easy to see all stored items
  • Internal basket to hold fruits, veggies, meats or other items

Alpicool CF55’s portable freezer combo allows for rapid cooling. In just 15 minutes, the interior goes from 77°F to 32°F. You can reach just 10°F in 30 minutes and -4°F in a little over an hour.

High-density foam keeps the internal temperature cold while demanding less power from the battery. Speaking of the drain on your battery, the unit can run on:

  • 12/24C DV
  • 110-240C

Power consumption is a mere 45W, so your rig won’t have any issues with battery drain. You can also use Eco or HH modes if you need to conserve battery power. In the box, you’ll find an adapter and power cord.

Worried about the lid opening if you need to brake hard? Don’t be. A door latch keeps the lid firmly in place. You can even go on rough terrain thanks to the vibration-resistant design. Major inclines are not an issue thanks to the Alpicool CF55 portable freezer being able to operate at 45° from a horizontal position.

Alpicool Fridge Pros

The Alpicool CF55 is a great investment for any trucker who wants a simple solution for keeping their meats, veggies, fruits and drinks cold while they’re on the road.

Whether your goal is to eat healthier, save money on dining out or both, this portable refrigerator/freezer has all of the features you need. The little extra perks, like a built-in LED light, LCD control panel and door latch, make this model even more appealing.

And you can’t beat the lightning-fast cooling capability of the Alpicool CF55. Your fridge is ready for use in just 15-30 minutes, and if you want to freeze food, it’s ready to go in just one hour. That’s impressive for a portable unit.

Truckers love the Alpicool CF55 because it:

  • Freezes without ice
  • Is compact yet spacious
  • Won’t drain your truck’s battery
  • Can be powered by solar if you want
  • Has a temperature range of -4F to 68F

And if you want, you can use the Alpicool CF55 outside of work for camping or whatever you desire.

Let’s face it – eating out of truck stops gets expensive. With the Alpicool CF55, you can stock up on all of your food essentials and store them within easy reach.


The Alpicool CF55 has a lot of advantages, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

One thing that many truckers recommend is getting the extended warranty on this fridge/freezer. Because you’ll be running it all of the time, there’s a greater risk of something malfunctioning prematurely. A warranty will help protect against this risk.

This is something that can happen with any plug-in fridge/freezer.

Many buyers have been using their Alpicool CF55 for years with no issues, but the extended warranty will give you peace of mind.

Otherwise, the Alpicool CF55 is a great overall pick if you’re looking for a reliable portable freezer/fridge for your truck.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing quite like being out on the open road – until you get hungry or thirsty. For truckers, having a plug-in freezer/fridge is a lifesaver, and the Alpicool CF55 is a great option for anyone wanting a trucker-friendly cooler-style model.

With the Alpicool CF55 portable freezer, you can skip the truck stop meal and grab something healthy to eat while you’re out on the road.