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Container Port Group has been in operation since 1971 under the name of Rail Container Services. The company started in Cleveland helping the Norfolk & Western company thanks to the storage and shipping capabilities of the company.

Services were expanded to the Midwest with a terminal opening in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1975.

Expansion continued, with terminals opening in:

  • Baltimore
  • Chicago
  • Columbus
  • Louis
  • Louisville
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Indianapolis
  • Detroit
  • Joilet, IL
  • Atlanta
  • Memphis
  • Houston

As a leading intermodal trucking company, Container Port Group was formed in 1986 with the merger of Rail Container Services and Midwest Container Services. The merger formed a single entity that provides a complete intermodal container transportation service.

One of the unique aspects of the company is that they do not own their own trucks. Owner-operators are responsible for all of the company’s shipping. If you’re an owner-operator, you will have to call in daily and secure loads on a schedule that works best for you. Different terminals have more loads available than others.

Driving for Container Port Group
intermodal trucking companies

Container Port Group has four decades of experience in the global shipping industry, with driving opportunities for:

  • Bulk
  • Intermodal
  • Truckload

Freight is regional and local, with the rare exception, so drivers are able to be home nightly or every weekend. Independent contractors are hired, too, with a lot of great benefits that make being an independent contractor profitable.

Key Reasons to Drive for Container Port Group as an Independent Contractor

Drivers will join a 100% independent contractor fleet with the option to be home every night or weekend if preferred. You’ll be joining a company that has a strong history of growth and continues to grow its customer base.

As a contractor, you’ll benefit from:

  • No forced dispatch
  • No touch freight
  • Permits, plates and insurance
  • EZ Pass
  • 24/7 breakdown line
  • Safety incentives
  • Fuel card
  • Tire discounts
  • Maintenance discounts

Contractors will also receive the option to have settlement deductions that assist with direct insurance purchases. Group rates are provided for:

  • Bobtail insurance
  • OC/AC insurance
  • Physical damage insurance

Group rates are available for medical and dental insurance along with a base plate program. Permits are provided to all owner-operators. Tolls are paid via EZPass, and direct deposit settlements are sent weekly.

The trucking company offers an array of services that make it different than driving for other companies. The services offered allow the Group to leverage their strengths to secure more shipping contracts.

Services offered by the group include:

  • Trans-loading
  • CY services
  • Drayage for some hazardous materials
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Canadian cross border
  • POD imaging technology

Container Port Group Owner-OperatorPay

Owner Operators driving for the company have the potential to earn $1,675 per week on average.

The weekly pay is obviously less than the national average for owner-operators, but the local and regional routes mean that you can be home daily or on the weekend depending on your preference.  It is a trade-off for certain, but many drivers prefer consistent local and regional runs.

Recent reviews from November 2019 claim that there’s a major discrepancy between the earnings per load.

For example, one owner-operator was driving four days per week earning around $1,800 for the week. The driver was delivering for Honda and mentions the pay being:

  • Atlanta to Tennessee – $422
  • Atlanta to Knoxville – $700

The route to Knoxville (also in Tennessee) was only 25 miles longer, but the pay was significantly higher for these loads.

What Drivers are Saying About Container Port Group

Drivers have a lot to say about working for this company. Dispatchers are often the biggest issue, but as all truckers know, this will change from one terminal to the next. A few key takeaways from reading driver reviews are that:

  • Long hours spent picking up containers, which means that the wheels are not moving, so you’re not making money during these long wait periods.
  • Owner-operator trucking company only, so you will not find any opportunities to drive specifically for the company.
  • Work does slow down at different times of the year, so it can be difficult to make good money with these seasonal ups and downs.

But drivers also claim that they love working for Container Port Group because you’re still able to make your own hours. You’ll be able to be home nightly if you want, or you can take longer loads that allow you to be home on weekends.

As one of the leading drayage trucking companies, you’ll transport goods over a short distance. Cargo often goes from port to port, and drayage is often completed in one shift.

Owner operators should use Container Port Group to fill in gap periods where work is slow. The company may have slow periods where you’re only delivering loads a few days a week and are losing money as a result.

The company does have high turnover, so they’re always hiring and often hire too many drivers, making slow periods worse because there aren’t enough loads to go around.

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