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Convoy Trucking App Takes On The Digital Freight Industry

The trucking industry has advanced slowly. Technology has taken over the way that people shop, pay their bills and consume information. But the trucking industry has been slow to adapt in the digital age, with few carriers offering digital apps or anything innovative.

Convoy Trucking is here to change everything and bring the digital freight industry to life.

What is The Convoy System?

Convoy is a digital freight network that allows you to haul or ship with the company.

Truckers that want to haul goods will find ample opportunity with Convoy. The company offers the most efficient digital freight network.

Convoy is already moving millions of truckloads across the United States, and this is done through a network of:

  • Shippers
  • Carriers

Drivers are able to optimize their earnings, while shippers are able to save time and money.

The company started with efficient freight in 2015, and they are continually building out their network to accelerate growth. When someone ships through the company, the shipment volumes rise and their network becomes more efficient. The company passes on the cost savings of an efficient network to the shipping companies.

Convoy Trucking is able to offer:

  • Reliable shipping with flexibility capacity across their network
  • Improved quality, with a 15% safer network compared to the industry average
  • Real-time data and insights that have the ability to transform businesses

And Convoy has been working with some of the world’s leading companies, including P&G, Wayfair and Land o Lakes.

Convoy also boasts about being a responsible shipping company that has been able to eliminate 72 million tons of carbon emissions through their efficient network structure.

How Convoy Helps Truckers

Convoy helps over 3 million truckers, and this number is continuing to rise as the company expands. The company works with truckers that are able to use the company’s app to:

  • Find loads
  • Bid on loads
  • Automate hauls
  • Suggest reloads to keep trucks full
  • Enjoy fast payments via Convoy QuickPay and no fees

The company wants to make trucking as hassle-free as possible. Truckers can opt to haul for the company in just minutes. You can also request no-hassle detention pay with a tap of a button.

You never have to spend time on the phone or fight to get loads. Automatic bidding can help keep your truck full and allows for less downtime when on the road. Truckers can find loads 24/7, and access to all loads is 100% free.

Loads are available for:

  • Reefer
  • Power
  • Haul dry van

Truckers say the same thing: Convoy keeps truckers on the road and gets them home when they want. Convoy works harder than freight and logistics companies to keep trailers filled with loads at all times.

Rarely do truckers have to drive empty trailers between jobs.

There’s less time wasted, less waiting and more money to be earned thanks to the efficiency that Convoy Trucking offers to drivers. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone, from the shipper to the driver.

Convoy Trucking provides an app or desktop option for users. When you use the platform, you’re able to see who the shipper is and all of the facility’s information. You’ll also be able to access Convoy on your desktop or mobile device.

When you’re trying to take care of your bookkeeping, the platform helps by allowing you to upload documents for bookkeeping.

Convoy provides all of the trailers, so owner-operators never have to worry about maintaining trailers.

Pickups are fast thanks to preloading, so there’s little-to-no wait time. Appointment windows are also larger, so the shipments you want to haul fit into your schedule. There’s also no additional insurance required.

Convoy even allows truckers to use their empty trailers for other jobs, even if they aren’t jobs that come through Convoy.

Everything is handled through the app.

Loads are available coast-to-coast, and the company is continuing to expand their operations every month. The company does not require any fees or monthly payments to use their service.

QuickPay is available for free, and truckers can be paid much faster thanks to the service. You will have to provide the Bill of Lading and be logged into the app 3.5 hours before pickup and for the entirety of the haul to use the QuickPay option.

Convoy Trucking enables smaller trucking businesses the opportunity to compete against larger carriers. Trucking companies can use the platform to help them find loads and handle all of the logistics that allow larger companies to better compete in the market.

Smaller trucking companies do not have the resources to invest in the trailer pool that Convoy is able to invest in thanks to their impressive funding rounds.

The trailer network allows companies to fill trailers that are already at the facility. When a trucker arrives to haul the goods, they attach the trailer and can go on their way. There’s less waiting around and more driving.

Since truckers don’t have to sit around for three hours a day waiting for trailers to be filled, they’re able to make more money working fewer hours. Convoy Trucking helps owner-operators and small trucking companies compete against the larger trucking companies that have the means to run their own trailer network.

Through real-time logistics and data, Convoy is able to fulfill millions of shipments per year with greater efficiency and less waste.

Carrier productivity can be increased by as much as 50% using the Convoy app.

As an owner-operator or small trucking company, Convoy Trucking is a great option to fill in the gaps in scheduling. It’s free to use, so there’s no harm in trying out the company’s app.

Why the Industry Should Be Afraid of Convoy Trucking

Convoy Freight
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The trucking industry should take note of Convoy freight technologies. As one of the premiere Seattle trucking companies, Convoy Trucking has been able to raise $400 million in funding. A lot of trucking companies started with a shoestring budget and were one-man operations.

Convoy is looking to disrupt the entire industry, and the funding that they have received comes from:

  • Bill Gates
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Al Gore’s investment company

Convoy has the founder of Amazon (Bezos) and the founder of Microsoft (Gates) helping to fund their operations.

Former Amazon executives founded the company.

Well-funded and taking a technological approach to trucking should concern all of the trucking companies that have taken a backseat to innovation in the industry.

Convoy Trucking is the next logical step in the trucking industry, and it is a company that every trucker will want to pay attention to in 2020. The company enables smaller trucking firms to compete against industry giants that are spending heavily on creating their own digital freight network.

The company’s value has risen from $1 billion to $2.5 billion and continues to rise as it aims to disrupt the $800 billion trucking industry.