Indiana Transport Pay
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Indiana Transport Pay

Headquartered in Elkhart, IN, Indiana Transport offers more than 45 years of combined experience in transportation. The company, which is located in the RV capital of the world, focuses primarily on transporting 5th wheel RVs and travel trailers. However, they also haul motorized RVs, gooseneck trailers, utility vehicles, buses, boats and cars.

Indiana Transport is one of the leading RV transport companies in Indiana. The company works only with contractors, who may drive for their tow-away, multi-hail or drive-away divisions.

How Much Does Indiana Transport Pay?

If you’re considering working with Indiana Transport, you may be wondering about their average RV transporter pay.

The company pays on a per-mile rate.

Half the money for the trip is loaded onto a pay card once the trailer is dispatched. The other half is dispatched after the delivery.

The company does not disclose how much they pay per mile. However, data is available through third-party websites on pay for drive-away drivers working with Indiana Transport.

Drive Away Driver Salary

According to, the average salary for drive away drivers at Indiana Transport is:

  • $124,796 per year for transporters
  • $53,066 per year for independent contractors

As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for expenses that employees may not have to think about, like taxes and vehicle maintenance. Drive-away drivers have less to worry about, as they drive motorized RVs.

Drivers have the option of booking backhauls through the load board, but it’s important to keep in mind that these loads are not guaranteed.

Jobs at Indiana Transport

Contractors who work with Indiana Transport will need to provide their own trucks. The company recommends at least one trip per month, but you’re free to do more as long as you’re meeting FMCSA’s regulations. There is no forced dispatch either.

Indiana Transport has three main divisions:


The tow-away division transports fifth-wheel RVs and travel trailers across the country using 3/4 ton and 1-ton pickups.

For this division, contractors must meet the following qualifications:

  • At least 25 years of age
  • Class A CDL preferred
  • 10-year documented work history
  • No history of DUI, drug, OWI, reckless driving or careless driving
  • Must pass a DOT drug test
  • Must pass the Indiana Transport road test
  • Must have a smartphone

Trucks must be:

  • 2012 or newer
  • 1-ton or heavy duty 3/4 model

Trucks must also have a 5th wheel, digital trailer brake control, weight distribution system, full-width rock guard, full-wheel mud flaps, adjustable bumper hitch and other requirements outlined by the company.


The drive-away division is focused on transporting motorized RVs throughout the U.S. and Canada. Your job is to drive RVs to their intended destination.

Contractors must meet the following requirements for this division:

  • Be at least 25 years of age
  • Have a Class A or Class B CDL
  • Have at least 1-year or 25,000 miles of experience operating a similar vehicle
  • Must have a smartphone
  • Must pass a background check, DOT physical, DOT drug test and road test before being dispatched

The company may also have requirements for tow vehicles, but these vehicles are optional.


The multi-haul division specializes in transporting multiple units at the same time. Contractors who work in this division will need specialized equipment.

Contractors must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 25 years of age
  • Class A CDL preferred
  • No history of DUI, OWI, drug, reckless driving or careless driving
  • Complete 10-year work history
  • Pass the Indiana Transport road test
  • Pass a DOT drug test
  • Must have a smartphone

The company also has requirements for tractor and step decks as well as haul and tow trucks for this division.

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