Synergy RV Transport

How Much Does Synergy RV Transport Pay?

Synergy RV Transport has a dedicated transportation team that hauls campers from across the United States and Canada. The company offers you the option of hauling campers for money, and there are numerous tow services, including:

  • Backhaul
  • Drive Away
  • Tow Away

Drivers can always send an application to the company’s Goshen, Indiana office, or you can apply for a position online.

Synergy RV Transport Load Board

Synergy RV Load Board

Drivers that haul for the company have true freedom to choose their own schedule. Once you apply and are accepted to the company, you gain access to the driver load board. The load boards give you access to all of the open jobs that Synergy RV.

Synergy RV Transport is one of the best paying RV transport companies, and drivers view their positions as a positive experience. Drivers appreciate the:

  • Work environment that is energizing and offers a sense of happiness
  • Freedom to make your own schedule
  • Complete control over your own success
  • You’re never forced to dispatch

One of the main complaints is that you’re unable to initiate a self-dispatch. You need approval before going on the road, and drivers feel like the lack of self-dispatch cuts into their potential earnings.

You’ll need your own truck if you plan to drive in one of the following divisions:

  • Tow away
  • Haul and tow
  • Lowboy

If you’re in the drive away division, you’ll be driving the camper rather than your own vehicle. Drivers for all divisions will need a minimum of six months of experience driving commercially or driving your own RV.

When hauling for the company, two of the most important things to know are:

  • Drivers receive 50% pay upfront
  • Drives are paid daily Monday – Friday

All payments are made on the ComData MasterCard. Upon delivery of the vehicle, you’ll be required to file paperwork, and the remainder of your pay will be dispersed to you.

Drivers must meet DOT rules and regulations, and you’re subject to drug testing, too.

How Much Do RV Transport Jobs Earn In General?

Synergy RV Transport salary information is difficult to find because all drivers use the load board and pick their own loads. Drivers can make their own schedules and are responsible for their own success.

For the positions that were listed online for job openings at Synergy, the pay was as follows:

  • Flatbed drivers make $50,000 – $55,000 per year

Otherwise, there’s no salary information available. However, we can estimate the salary based on the average RV transport salary.

The national average pay for an RV transporter is $42,355 per year, or roughly $20 an hour. Since you’re using your own truck or driving the RV yourself, there are many costs involved that lower this pay significantly.

However, since you use the Synergy RV load board and make your schedule, you can earn between $17,000 and $77,500. You can earn between this range using the load board, but you need to remain dedicated and be sure to pick the highest-paying loads.

Orientation is Required Before Your First Haul

A concern for many non-Indiana RV transporters is that with Synergy RV you’re required to attend a two-day orientation where you’ll learn more about driving RVs and using the load board. The issue many drivers have with orientation is that it’s not paid. You will need to get to Indiana and attend the training on your own dime.

However, Synergy will try and help you go directly from orientation into an RV.

The leading Indiana RV transport company wants you to make money right now, so they’ll assist you with landing your first job. And you can ship or drive the RV to any of the 48 contiguous states or Canada.

The farther you drive, the more you’ll often be paid.

Salary depends on how willing you are to drive and changes from one load job to the next.

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