TransForce Trucking Pay

Transforce Trucking

TransForce started in 1991 and has since grown to dispatch more than 2,500 drivers per day. The company started with only three offices, and is known for their commitment to safety and compliance with high standards for drivers and their staff.

The company operates as a staffing / temporary agency as a national provider of workforce solutions for commercial transportation.  That means their hiring process and pay scale is quite different.

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Working for TransForce requires drivers to meet stringent requirements, including:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Sufficient English ability
  • Pass physical qualifications
  • Maintain a valid commercial driver’s license
  • No DOT accidents in the past 3 years
  • 1-year of experience
  • No more than 3 moving violations in the previous 3 years

All potential drivers for TransForce are subject to a nationwide background check. TransForce has just .38 accidents per million miles, far below private fleets that have .86 accidents per million miles on the road.

The company’s Corporate Compliance Center screens and approves each driver that joins the company’s ranks.

TransForce Driver Pay

TransForce data from provides drivers with a good base of information to work off of to determine if TransForce is the right fit for them. The company’s drivers have submitted their salary ranges for several positions, including:

  • Truck Driver positions, according to over 3,000 salaries, ranges from $8.85 to $27.20 per hour, with the average salary per hour being $17.58.
  • Local Driver positions, according to over 275 salaries, also range from $8.85 to $27.20 per hour. The average local driver earns more than their truck driver counterparts at $18.01 per hour.
  • Driver positions, which may include both a truck driver and local driver, earn between $8.85 and $27.20. The average hourly wage is $19.00.
  • Shuttle Driver positions are available, with a small data set of just 7 salaries and an average hourly wage of $16.50.
  • Yard Driver positions have an hourly range of $8.40 – $25.25, with the average yard driver salary reported at $16.78 an hour.
  • Regional Driver positions are also provided, with six employees submitting their yearly salary. The average salary was $54,085, with ranges of $17,700 to $54,400.

What drivers need to understand when driving with TransForce is that the company is a staffing agency that provides drivers on a temporary or permanent basis to other companies that need qualified drivers to join their ranks.

The company has had issues in the past with truckers stating that they were hired at a specific hourly wage, which was then lowered after they started driving.

Always stay on top of the issue and ensure that you’re getting the agreed-upon salary as the company states.

Drivers working for the company provide tips that will allow you to start with TransForce faster and keep the company happy, too. A few of the tips that current drivers recommend are:

  • Show up ready to work.
  • Be honest and friendly during the interview process.
  • Be energetic and show a willingness to work hard.

Hiring is quick, with most drivers starting and finishing the hiring process in as little as a week. You’ll need to fill out the application and take a drug test to get the position.

Drivers will need to pass a driving test, but remember that TransForce is a temp company, so you’ll be paid by another company.

Benefit Information

When you drive for TransForce, you’ll find that the pay is good, but what about the benefits?

The benefits you receive will be based on the ACA, so, they will be expensive. But you’ll also receive other benefits, including:

  • Paid holidays
  • Bonuses

Drivers have also stated that they are home nearly every other day with weekends off. Of course, this will depend on location and position, but the possibility of home time is available for a lot of drivers.

A lot of drivers are able to choose their own assignments, allowing for one of the most flexible working hours in the industry.

Drivers have mixed feelings about TransForce. Some state that the company is run poorly, while others state that the company is filled with awesome people. TransForce is said to:

  • Be friendly to drivers
  • Provide support to drivers and stand up for them
  • Well-organized with scheduled routes
  • Willing to assist in transport as needed
  • Offer great working hours

There are times when drivers may be asked to “bend” the rules and be asked to drive more than eleven hours.

Drivers state that TransForce is a great company to work with if you’re a new driver or if you have no other job prospects lined up. The difference in opinion among drivers has to do with the company hiring for other companies, so you’ll often be dealing with two companies.

Sometimes, the company that “hires” you may not know the rules and regulations as well as TransForce.

You’ll need to go back and forth with the hiring company, but TransForce will help ensure that there is a smooth conversation with all sides understanding the matter at hand.

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