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The Zero Breeze – A Legit 12-volt Air Conditioner for Trucks

As a trucker, you know how uncomfortable it can be to take a nap in your cab in the middle of summer.  Hell, it’s hard enough to sleep comfortably at night even when temperatures cool down.

How about re-charing your batteries and taking a 20-minute power nap in the hot August sun? Forget it.

We have seen several portable air conditioners out there aimed at truck drivers, but to be honest, most of those are fickle and never last. Others are big and difficult to move around the cab, so they never get enough use to offset the price.

That’s why I was naturally skeptical of Zero Breeze, a portable air conditioner that’s marketed as both powerful and lightweight. But as it turns out, this is a legit 12-volt air conditioner that will keep your cab comfortable all summer long.

It’s not surprising that many people consider Zero Breeze the best portable air conditioner for truckers.

What is The Zero Breeze?

Zero Breeze is a battery-powered, 12V air conditioner that’s compact in size and light in weight. But don’t let its size fool you – this is a pretty powerful air conditioner.

Zero Breeze is an 1100 BTU A/C unit with a built-in micro compressor. This is a real-deal air conditioner – not just a fan that blows ice or water (i.e. evaporation air conditioners).

This 12V air conditioner is powered by an interchangeable power base with 54 sections 18650 lithium battery composition.

On a full charge, you can get about 5 hours of use on normal and 3.5 hours of use on full load.

The unit itself weighs just 12 pounds, so you can easily move it around your cab, or take it with you on the go.

Zero Breeze does not emit any harmful gases, and it can lower the temperature in the area by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because this is a true compressor air conditioner, it does require the use of an exhaust pipe. But you can just snake this out of your window.

The Zero Breeze unit is available with and without a smart battery. I’d recommend getting the smart battery. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to use this unit when it’s plugged in.

How Does Zero Breeze Work?

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Zero Breeze uses a built-in compressor to cool the air. An exhaust pipe takes in fresh air, which is then cooled. The hose also vents hot air out of the room.

The unit itself has a control panel just about the vents. The panel allows you to choose between air conditioning and regular fan cooling. You can adjust the level of cooling with the touch of a button.

Beneath the control panel, you’ll find a button that you can press to pop the panel up and reveal a Bluetooth speaker. You can control the speaker function through your smartphone, and you can also control the play function through the control panel.

micro compressor

There’s a built-in LED light, too, which can change colors.

When you’re done with the unit, simply turn it off, remove the exhaust pipe, unplug, and you’re done. Setup takes just a few minutes, and cleaning up is just as quick.

When not in use, the compact unit is easy to store in your cab without taking up too much space.

Can I Use My Solar Power System to Run Zero Breeze?

What if you have a solar power system? Can you still run Zero Breeze? Yes.

There’s just one caveat: The system must supply stable 12V, 15A DC power. If it can, then you’re good to go.

What Models are Available?

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If you’re looking for Zero Breeze for sale, you’ll find that the Mark 1 model is already available. This is the model that I detailed above.

But Zero Breeze has also just released the Mark 2, which is a new and improved model that will be shipping soon.

The Mark 2 has more advanced features than the Mark 1. It boasts a 630Wh battery system and a 5-hour running time. It’s still portable and lightweight, and it offers a quick 10-minute fast cooling effect.

With this model, you get maximum cooling of 30 degrees Fahrenheit with minimum noise output. This model has twice the cooling power, with 2300 BTU/h and 40% more cooling efficiency. It also includes an LED light as well as a USB-C port.

The Mark 2 uses a unique dual hose system that draws in fresh outdoor air and outputs hot exhaust air through another hose. The dual hose system allows fresh air to be regulated to eliminate negative pressure in the room while maximizing performance efficiency.

And with a noise output of 40-50 dba, this unit is ultra-quiet compared to other portable air conditioning units.

Again, you can’t buy the Mark 2 until after December 2019, but it’s going to be a decent upgrade compared to the Mark 1.

What are the Benefits of Zero Breeze?

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Do you really need a portable air conditioner? Yes. Zero Breeze offers more benefits than you think.

Sleep Comfortably

With Zero Breeze, you can keep your cab cool and sleep comfortably. Keeping your rig on while you nap is out of the question, and idling isn’t enough to keep your cab cool.

But a portable air conditioner will keep you cool without wasting gas or your truck’s battery. It takes just a few minutes for this portable air conditioner to cool a cab, and you get hours of use out of a single charge.

Portable and Practical

Zero Breeze is both a portable and practical solution to your cooling needs. Weighing just 12 pounds, you can easily take this A/C unit anywhere you please.

The exhaust pipe can easily be placed in the passenger-side window, and you can place the unit anywhere you want.

True Cooling Power

This is a real air conditioner with a built-in micro compressor. Other portable air conditioners – i.e. evaporation air conditioners – are nothing more than just fans with water or ice inside.

Zero Breeze is a 1,100 BTU air conditioner, and the Mark 2 will offer 2300 BTU/h.

Easy to Use

Even though Zero Breeze is a true air conditioner, it’s still easy to use. All you need is ventilation (e.g. an open window), and you can use this A/C unit. The battery bank base powers the unit and gives you hours of use on normal.

There’s no water or ice to refill. Just turn on the unit, and enjoy cooler air.

Where to Buy Zero Breeze

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Where can you get a Zero Breeze air conditioner? You won’t find this unit in big box stores or even home improvement stores.

If you’re looking to get the best price, you’ll want to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Along with the best price, you also get the warranty and guarantee when you buy directly from the manufacturer. You may not get these same protections if you purchase your unit from a third-party seller.