what is the best cdl refresher course?

What Companies Offer the Best CDL Refresher Courses?

If you haven’t been behind the wheel of a big rig for quite some time, it can be intimidating to get back on the road. Companies might not allow you to get back behind the wheel without a CDL refresher course either.

These courses are designed to help you brush up on skills that you may have forgotten.

Chances are, if you haven’t used your CDL license for months or years, you’ll forget many of the skills and laws required from a driver.

In-house training, or training provided by a trucking company, is often the best option when wanting to take a refresher course.

How Much is a CDL Refresher Course?

what is the best cdl refresher course?

When you take a refresher course, you often find many trucking companies offering in-house solutions. What’s nice about the in-house option is that they provide you with free training. The word “free” is very important, because while training is free, you’ll often be obligated to work for the trucking company for a set period of time.

This means that the free training comes with a contractual obligation.

You also have the option of going to a CDL refresher course at a trucking school. These courses allow you to brush up on your skills and then choose a company that you want to work with. You’ll find that while this option does require money out-of-pocket, you’re not tied to a contract. Not having a contract allows you the freedom to work for whichever trucking company you want.

Many companies will also pay you money through an internship, which will help you pay for any tuition costs that exist.

Our Top Companies Offering CDL Refresher Courses

Which companies offer the leading refresher courses?


Schneider offers a great option for CDL license holders who want to restart their careers. The company has partnered with some of the country’s leading trucker schools to provide you with free training.

The catch?

You need to complete a Class A CDL refresher course.

The course will provide applicants with a driving position once a person has graduated. Courses last for just three days, and the only requirement is that the applicant has a valid Class A CDL license.

When you apply for Schneider, you’ll also be receiving:

  • Paid time off
  • Paid orientation
  • Medical insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Driving position

Roadmaster Drivers School

Roadmaster prepares you to get behind the wheel as a Professional Truck Driver. The courses offered allow for:

  • Class A CDL
  • Class B CDL

Training is offered for:

  • CDL exam prep
  • Truck repair skills
  • Truck driver safety

When you choose Roadmaster, you’re also choosing to update and improve your driving skills. You’ll learn the latest trucking information, rules and regulations, and you’ll have the option of reentering the trucking profession.

Roadmaster does have stricter requirements, and this includes qualifications based on your driving record, health record and criminal record. You may also be qualified to have 100% tuition reimbursement.

KLLM Driving Academy

KLLM Driving Academy offers a three-phase refresher course that allows previous truckers to get back behind the wheel. The Academy will skip the first phase, which is training, if you have previous experience driving a tractor trailer.

Immediately entering phase 2, you’ll start with driving training. This training puts you back behind the wheel in a six-day driving course.

You’ll relearn some of the techniques that you may have forgotten or haven’t performed in a long time. Once you’re done with the driving training, you’ll enter into the internship program.

What the internship program offers is six weeks of training on the road with a certified trainer. You’ll earn up to $514.99 a week, or $73.57 per day, while driving with an instructor, who will ensure that you regain your confidence behind the wheel.

Frozen Food Express

Frozen Food Express, FFE, helps you get your career back on track. The training allows for new drivers that have their CDL A and less than a year of experience under their belt to take a 14-day course to refresh their skills.

The 14-day course is company-sponsored, so you’ll be able to work as a company driver following your completion of the course.

You’ll work for one of the industry’s best-known carriers, and there’s also room for improvement.

When you take the class, you’ll be entering a program that provides:

  • 6-day refresher course
  • Training equipment
  • Competitive pay

You’ll be required to have a 3-year good driving record to join the course. You’ll also need to pass a physical exam from DOT as well as a drug screen. You must not have any alcohol-related convictions in the past 5 years.

CDL refresher courses provide drivers, who still maintain their CDL license, with the option of entering the field after taking time off from driving. Once you’ve completed any requirements or contractual agreements with a school, you’ll be able to freely switch trucking companies and seek a company that offers the best pay, benefits and home time.