carvana driver pay

Carvana Driver Pay

Carvana has taken the world of buying cars by storm by eliminating the need to go to the dealership, spending hours talking to salespeople and offering impeccable pricing.

However, while the car industry is changing thanks to the company, the Carvana truck driver salary is also helping push driver pay up in the US.

If you’re looking for auto transport CDL jobs that pay well, Carvana may be a good opportunity for you.

Carvana Driving Careers

carvana driving jobs

Carvana transporter jobs are in high demand, and auto transport is your main option as a CDL driver. However, there are a lot of perks in this career aside from a high salary. Namely, truckers receive:

  • Daily home time, so they can spend time with their families
  • 100% paid medical
  • Vision and dental insurance
  • HSA and FSA contribution options
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Wellness program
  • Bi-weekly paychecks
  • Full-time, salaried position so that you know how much you’ll earn each paycheck
  • Opportunities to earn more money through safety and attendance bonuses
  • Option to work extra days to make more money
  • Vehicle purchase discounts
  • Accrue 144 hours of PTO time during the first year of employment

The company is so dedicated to its truck drivers that they offer a loader to driver program. If you join the company as a loader and decide to pursue a truck driver position, they will reimburse you for all costs associated with obtaining your CDL.

Diversity is also a crucial part of the company’s commitment to excellence, and they’re the top company for women to work for in the transportation industry.

Positions are available for CDL Class A drivers across the country, from New York to California and the states in between.

Salary Range For Carvana Truck Drivers

Carvana has amazing benefits, but their salary is also great.

How Much Do Carvana Drivers Make?

Carvana truck driver salaries range from $35,000 to $106,000, depending on location, experience and tenure in the company. The average salary ranges between $67,000 and $70,000 a year, but it truly depends on your location and experience.

Additionally, bonuses are a major part of the company’s compensation programs, and drivers receive cash bonuses of $1,380 on average.

An employee stock purchase plan is available, and the company has been known to give stocks to employees in the past. The company is a publicly-traded entity, and stock options are considerable, with the company’s stock trading at $64.37 a share at the time of writing this.

What Drivers Are Saying About Carvana

Many truckers have left comments and reviews online about how it is to work for Carvana. A few of the comments that stood out the most are:

  • Pay is excellent, and the main office will give raises to everyone.
  • Great place to start learning how to car haul.
  • Very flexible when it comes to vacation time and time off.
  • Maternity and paternity leave is offered with generous time off.

Of course, there are some downsides to working for Carvana, too. One of the most consistent complaints is that it’s difficult to move up in the company if you’re not overly friendly with management.

Management seems to be the biggest issue, with some drivers being told last minute that they’ll need to run a different route on a certain day.

If you can keep your head down and focus on driving, you shouldn’t have many issues hauling for Carvana.

Questions Carvana Asks When Applying for a Truck Driver Position

Carvana asks a lot of questions when you apply for a position, and a few of the most common questions you’ll have to answer are:

  • Can you drive a 10-speed manual?
  • Do you have a valid Class A CDL?
  • Do you have a medical card?
  • Have you driven a Class A tractor for a least six months recently?
  • Do you have experience hauling cars?
  • Are you 21 years of age or older?

As part of your position, you’ll be required to load and secure vehicles on the company’s 5 or 9 car hauler vehicles. Of course, Carvana takes safety very seriously, and if you want to boost the average Carvana truck driver salary, you can by maintaining high safety standards.

Carvana’s truck driver careers are a great opportunity for truckers to make an excellent living, enjoy home time every day and become part of a rapidly growing company.