E-Z Wheels Driving School

EZ Wheels Trucking School

The first step to any career as a driver is training. Whether you want to drive a bus or a tractor trailer, you’ll need proper, professional training and the right license if you hope you land a job.

E-Z Wheels Driving School is dedicated to providing quality driving instruction, service and training to their clients regardless of their gender, race or religion.

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What is E-Z Wheels?

E-Z Wheels is a CDL and bus driving school in New Jersey with several locations, including:

  • Union City
  • Passaic
  • Elizabeth
  • Hopelawn
  • Morris County

The school was established in 1997 in Union City, New Jersey. When they first launched, E-Z Wheels had just one tractor trailer, one automobile, one bus and just four staff members.

Since opening their doors, the school has greatly expanded its fleet and opened new office locations throughout the state.

Each office location offers fully-equipped classrooms with space to view instructional videos. The school’s fleet includes:

  • 20 tractor trailers
  • 5 straight trucks
  • 7 automobiles
  • 4 large class B buses
  • 1 school bus
  • 1 class C bus
  • 2 forklifts

These are all industry standard vehicles that meet New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) requirements.

There’s a reason why E-Z Wheels Driving School reviews are so positive: the school cares about its students.

What sets E-Z Wheels apart from other schools is their friendly and patient instructors, which are all highly trained and certified by the NJMVC. All staff members are fluent in both English and Spanish. Two instructors are fluent in Portuguese.

What Type of Training Does E-Z Wheels Offer?

E-Z Wheels offers training for:

CDL Licenses

All CDL applicants must meet all vision, fitness and medical requirements. Trainees must be at least 18 years of age to obtain a CDL, but those who want the hazardous material or passenger CDL endorsements must be 21 years of age.

Class A CDL

E-Z Wheels provides training for Class A CDLs, which are required to drive a tractor trailer. The school’s proven method of study will help prepare you for the theory tests.

There are three theory tests: air brakes, general knowledge and combination vehicles. All theory tests are administered at the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

Once all three theory tests have been passed, you can begin viewing the school’s instructional videos and begin driving lessons.

The final step is to take the road test.

Class B CDL

The Class B CDL will allow you to drive straight trucks and buses. E-Z Wheels will help you prepare for your theory tests using their proven method of study.

For a Class B CDL, there are two theory tests: general knowledge and air brakes. These tests are also administered at the MVC.

Once passed, you can begin viewing the school’s instructional videos and start your driving training.

Those who wish to drive a bus will have to also meet the requirements for a passenger CDL endorsement.

Class C CDL

The Class C CDL is meant for students who want to drive limos, vans and small buses. Like with the Class B CDL, there are two theory tests that must be passed: general knowledge and passenger.

Again, these tests are administered at the MVC.

Students must also meet the requirements for the passenger CDL endorsement. No road tests or driving lessons are required for this license.

CDL Endorsements

E-Z Wheels also provides assistance in obtaining CDL endorsements, including:

  • Passengers
  • Double & Triple Trailers
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Tank Vehicles

Along with providing driving training, E-Z Wheels also provides assistance with filling out job applications, the interview process and the presentation of your skills. The school has several respected carriers in its network, and their job placement experts can help students find work.

How Much is E-Z Wheels Driving School?

E-Z Wheels is not clear about the cost of their training, and we could not find information from other students related to tuition costs.  This is most likely due to the different license options that they offer.

However, we can get an idea of how much it will cost based on the average tuition price for trucking schools in New Jersey.

On average, trucking schools in New Jersey charge $11,407 for tuition.

We have heard from 2 drivers that the school was a positive experience for them and both are now full time OTR drivers.

If you are in the New Jersey area and looking to enter the driving profession, visit them online at EZWheelsDriving.comEZWheelsDriving.com for more information.

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