FR8Star Trucking Marketplace

FR8Star is a new-ish marketplace for hot shot and heavy haul trucking jobs.

The platform makes it easy for drivers to find overweight, oversized and specialized loads that match their experience and skill level. Unlike other load boards, FR8Star is 100% free to use. And they specialize in loads that weigh over 25,000 lbs.

How Does the Fre8Star Platform Work?

FR8Star helps drivers find hot shot jobs. The load board is fueled by the company’s industry-leading platforms, which include:

  • Truck Paper
  • AuctionTime
  • Equipmentfacts
  • TractorHouse
  • Machinery Trader

FR8Star is not a broker. All of the customers come from the platform listed above.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customers tell the platform about their load, including the shipping destination and origin.
  • Customers get an instant estimate from FR8Star for free. Estimates are supplemented by the platform’s network of carriers and brokers as well as industry data.
  • Bids are transparent and include the total cost of the shipment, so there are no surprise fees. FR8Star has worked with the transportation department in each state to get precise permit requirements.
  • When a bid is accepted, the customer’s information is provided to the winning bidder. The bidder communicates with the customer to confirm the details, arrange for payment and match the load with the appropriate truck.

FR8Star encourages fair competition through its bidding system. The platform only uses blind bidding, which prevents users from being undercut by other bidders.

The platform’s network includes step deck, flatbed, Landoll traveling axe trailers and removable gooseneck (RGN) all ready for use. The company’s network also includes carriers with hotshot trailers for loads under 25,000 pounds.

Listing Details

Detailed listings are available for each load, which includes:

  • Confirmed load
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Distance
  • Dimensions/specs
  • Price
  • Broker contact information
  • Photos

The company’s logistics experts are available to help through every step of the process.

Finding the Right Load

FR8Star’s free carrier load board offers a variety of tools to help users find the right loads, including:

  • Filters and sorting options to find the loads you are looking for
  • A messaging system to allow for quick and easy communication with shippers
  • Chat features for easy connection with FR8Star support specialists

Shippers must verify dimensions before a bid can be accepted, so you don’t have to worry about surprises.

When searching for loads, filters help you find just the right match for you. Filters include:

  • Trailer type
  • Shipment destination
  • Country
  • Sort by location and distance within a certain location
  • Shipment type
  • Categories
  • Minimum and maximum distance
  • Minimum and maximum weight
  • Listing details, such as LTL Freight, Has Dimensions, Enclosed Loads, Verified Dimensions and Has Photos

FR8Star offers access to more than 50,000 trucks.

FR8Star’s Price Lock Feature

FR8Star has a Price Lock feature that makes it easy for shippers to know exactly how much they will pay to have their load shipped.

Shippers simply enter the information about their freight details and agree to an all-inclusive price, which includes service fees, permits and pilot cars. Once the shipper agrees, FR8Star will match them with a qualified carrier.

Price Lock offers a guaranteed rate that is completely transparent, including detailed line items for linehaul, permits and any third-party fees that may apply.

What Can You Haul with FR8Star?

FR8Star specializes in freight weighing over 25,000 lbs., but they also have hot shot trucking rates for smaller loads. With FR8Star, drivers can find loads that match their experience and skill level, including:

Heavy Haul, Oversize and Wide Load

FR8Star has a network of carriers and brokers that are bonded and insured to ensure that your shipment goes smoothly. Carriers can transport:

Farm Equipment

  • Harvesters
  • Combines
  • AG trailers
  • Chemical applicators
  • Planting equipment
  • Hay and forage equipment
  • Harvest equipment
  • Tractors
  • Manure spreaders
  • Tillage equipment
  • Specialty crop equipment

Construction Equipment

  • Forestry equipment
  • Aggregate equipment
  • Dozers
  • Cranes
  • Excavators
  • Dumpers
  • Asphalt/paving equipment
  • Skid steers
  • Generators
  • Forklifts
  • Loader backhoes

Truck and Trailer Transport

  • RGN trailers
  • Truck transport
  • Hot shot trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Landoll – traveling axel trailers
  • Stepdeck trailers

Other Vehicles and Equipment

  • Freight transport
  • Super load hauling
  • Boat transport
  • Driveaway transport
  • Car shipping
  • RV transport
  • Partial truckload shipping
  • Wide load transport
  • Container transport

How to Get Started with FR8Star

FR8Star is free to use. To create an account, users must pass an automated test against data provided by FMCSA. This test is completely hands-off. Just complete the registration, and FR8Star will handle the rest.

But this is just the first step in the process. FR8Star will also require the following:

  • Two dealer references
  • Your certificate of insurance

Brokers are required, at minimum, to be an Active Authority with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and have a Surety Bond of $75,000 under form BMC-84 or BMC-85.

Carriers are required to have at least $100,000 in Cargo and BIPD coverage.

FR8Star makes it easy for carriers, brokers and shippers to connect. Whether it’s a heavy haul load or smaller loads under 25,000 lbs., the FR8Star load board has you covered.

To get started, visit

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