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Internet TruckStop Load Board Review

How to Get More Loads with the Internet TruckStop Load Board.

Internet TruckStop For Brokers

Internet TruckStop (rebranded as is one of the industry’s leading load boards that works to connect truckers with loads that they can haul. There’s no obligation to take on loads, which allows owner-operators the freedom of picking and choosing the loads that are most profitable and beneficial for them.

Real-time freight matching works as a powerful tool to help you earn more money, with over 1 million power units and up to a half a million loads.

If you’re an owner-operator or a broker that is looking for loads for your fleet to run, this is a fast and easy way to connect with loads without having to spend money in the process. Load boards are a major driver of the trucking industry, and ITS is one of the best ways to find freight fast.

And less downtime means more money in your pocket.

How To Get Started With The Load Board

How to Get Started with The Internet TruckStop Load Board

Ready to dive in and start picking up more loads?

The first step is to go to the load board itself. I want to warn you that this isn’t a free load board, but it pays for itself after just one load, so it’s worth every penny. That doesn’t even mention their transportation management features that help you work more efficiently…

There are three main subscription options available that will give you access to the board:


The pro account is $149 a month, and this account provides you with:

  • Heat maps
  • Pin preferred loads
  • Hide unwanted loads
  • Real-time search results
  • Offer, posting and history
  • View of the 20 best paying loads

And you’ll also receive all of the benefits of the advanced account.


The advanced account includes all of the basic account features (more on that soon) plus a lot of additional features for $125 a month. The features include:

  • ProMiles Routing to optimize trips
  • Fuel stop and IFTA tax calculations
  • Spot market rate trending
  • Broker experience factors
  • Broker days-to-pay information
  • Rates by equipment


The no-frills membership allows you access to the load boards so that you can bid on a load. All of the results are available in real-time, too. This is the cheapest account type at just $35 a month.

And once you sign up, you’ll use the Internet TruckStop login to start searching for loads.

A few of the most common questions asked prior to signing up are:

  1. Is There a Free Trial? No, but you can request a demo by calling the company and asking to demo the system.
  2. Are there Hidden Fees? No, all of the associated costs are listed, so there are no surprises or hidden fees to worry about.
  3. Do I need to Sign a Contract? All of the subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis. If you only need loads during yearly downtime, sign up and cancel as needed.
  4. What Payment Options Are Available? You can sign up using most major credit cards as well as make a bank payment to the company.

“I wouldn’t have a business without the load board,” states one trucker that uses the board as his main way to land new loads.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up for ITS?

Internet TruckStop Load Board

Signing up for the service is easy, but what benefits and features will you be able to enjoy? A few of the most prominent features are:

  • Real-time Freight Matching: When you want freight, you deserve only the freshest loads. There are currently 500,000 loads available at any given time and over 1 million power units. This allows you to search for loads in real-time, so you never find loads that have already been delivered.
  • Find the Best Loads: Depending on the membership type, you’ll be able to find the top 20 best paying loads at any given time. These are loads that often go very fast, and these are the loads that can help you maximize your profits.
  • Region Hot Spots: You live in Florida, and you want to know where to find the “hot spots” for loads. This can be done via the region “hot spot” map that shows you the best places for freight, or where the best rates in a given region are located.
  • Partner Search Information: Get matched with partners that are well-researched and documented. Through a pro account, you’ll be able to access the broker’s credit history, days they take to make payment and even custom sort the results to neatly organize potential carriers.
  • Rate Tools: Underbidding is a major issue – and it becomes an addiction. Some truckers, especially the new ones, want loads and underbid themselves to the point where they’re barely breaking even. Rate tools allow you to choose a rate that is appropriate and bid in a way that ensures profitability. And if you’re posting a load, you can also ensure that you’re setting a rate that is aligned with the industry average, so you never overpay.
  • Comparison: Powerful analytical data is presented so that you can make smart choices when picking a load. You can view in-depth information about a poster to view which loads they’ve posted and their submitted rates for equipment. Rates and fuel rates can also be compared by week, month, quarter and even year to get a clear picture of rates.
  • Route Planning: A full set of route planning tools are available. You’ll be able to map out the most efficient routes and will be able to refuel with confidence. Setting your discounts,  favorite places to refuel and MPG will further allow you to determine the cost of each load to make a smart load choice every time.

And with over 500,000 loads available, you’ll have access to loads that you won’t find anywhere else in the trucking industry. This is a great way for new truckers with their own rigs or fleets to find loads to fill the gap when there are downtimes in the supply chain.

Internet TruckStop Dispatch software further eases the pain on brokers to be able to offer dispatch information effortlessly with their freight matching service.

What you may not know is that ITS has been around since 1995 – so it’s credible. With over 27 years in the industry, you’ll find that their load boards are among the best in the United States.

There is also the Internet TruckStop Classic 3.0 UI if you don’t find the current UI meets your needs.

Getting The Most Out Of Your ITS Membership

Internet TruckStop Review

When you’re ready to start looking for loads, you’ll find that the setup is straight forward and geared towards freight matching. After logging into the dashboard, you’ll fill out the basic details about your truck and you can begin your search in their app.

All of your truck’s criteria will be filled in on the initial form. If you run your own trucking business, you will need to fill out this form for all trucks in your fleet. Yes, this can be time consuming, but it helps you route loads more efficiently and is worth the setup time.

Searches follow the same popup system, which you will get used to quickly.

When you’re looking for loads, you’ll notice that the board doesn’t automatically refresh the results – this is up to you. So, you will see all of the loads from the initial query. Make sure you refresh your search if you want to see new loads.

Decision tools will display how much negotiating power you have when choosing a load based on rate information.

I’ve seen other apps in the trucking industry that offer freight matching, but they they don’t have the same amount of loads available as The site may not be as nice as other options, but the massive amount of loads they have more than makes up for the cumbersome interface.

And the Internet TruckStop app makes up for all of the flaws the board’s site contains. The mobile app is leagues above the website in terms of ease of use, and it’s a lot faster, too.

If you’ve used ITS in the past, you know that it used to have times when the board was slow or down, but much of this problem has been remedied. As the board continues to improve on their user interface, it’s able to compete with other boards while also offering an abundance of loads to scour and pickup.

Anyone that needs more loads or has a lot of downtime can maximize their profits with Internet TruckStop’s load board.