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How to Use TruckersEdge


As an owner operator, you rely on load boards to make a living. But not all boards are created equal – some have better opportunities than others. Most of the time, free boards just don’t cut it.

But if you’re going to pay for access to loads, it better be worth the money.

TruckersEdge is the first choice of owner operators, and is the biggest load board on the web.

What Makes TruckersEdge Different?

TruckersEdge is a DAT load board that offers a number of features designed to help drivers make more money off each load.

There’s a reason owner operators say TruckersEdge is one of the best load boards out there.

What makes their load board different?


Days-to-Pay Score

One of the most frustrating things about working with a broker is not knowing when you’re going to get paid.

The Days-to-Pay score from TruckersEdge lets you see how many days it will take for you to get paid.

The good news? Most of the brokers on the board pay within 28 days.

And if you need cash faster, DAT’s partner Triumph Business Capital provides factoring services that can get you cash right away.

Alerts for the Loads You Want

As a driver, you don”t want to sit in front of a computer or on your smartphone all day, waiting for loads to be posted.

The Alarm Match Notification feature alerts you when loads you want are posted, so you can act quickly – without taking your eyes off the road.

Broker Credit Scores

TruckersEdge displays the credit scores of all companies who post loads to the board, with ranges between 0 and 100.

DAT says the average broker score is 94, so drivers can rest assured that they’re working with legitimate and reliable companies.

Knowing who you’re working with can give you confidence in knowing that you’ll get paid at the end of the job.

Unlimited Searches

No matter whether it’s two in the morning or two in the afternoon, you can search for loads on TruckersEdge. DAT says their board has more loads than any other board out there, which means there’s never a shortage of listings.

With unlimited searches, there is no limit to how much you can earn as a driver.

Unlimited Truck Posts

With TruckersEdge, shippers and brokers can find you. Members are free to post their empty trucks – any day, any time.

Shippers and brokers often look for trucks on the board, especially if they have freight that needs to move quickly.

Just post where your truck is and where you’re going, and let shippers come to you.

Month-to-Month Billing

With no long-term contracts required, TruckersEdge gives drivers the flexibility to come and go as they please through convenient month-to-month billing.

Routing and Mileage

To find profitable loads, you need to figure out how long it will take to cover the load. TruckersEdge gives you the tools you need to make these calculations by offering recommended routes between drops and pickups, and maps.

These tools also help you save money on gas by avoiding out-of-route miles.

Updates on Road and Weather Conditions

By providing the latest weather and road conditions in the U.S. and Canada, you can avoid lanes with bad road conditions that will slow you down or pose a safety risk.

Mobile Site and App

With the TruckersEdge mobile app and mobile site, you can find loads and post your truck from your smartphone or tablet – no computer required.

Broker Spot Rates

We saved the best feature for last – Broker Spot Rates.

Brokers don’t always list their offered rate, which can be frustrating for drivers.

TruckersEdge lets you know what other drivers have been paid for loads on the same lane. And with the Enhanced package, you can see the average rate for that lane for the last 90 days.

If the broker does list a rate, you can compare that rate to the average to see whether the load is worth your time.

Spot rates are based on $24 billion in actual transactions.

The Benefits of Broker Spot Rates

What’s the big deal about the board’s Broker Spot Rates feature?

The most obvious answer – and the biggest advantage it offers – is negotiating power. When you know how much other drivers are getting paid for loads in the same lane, you can negotiate fair rates, or leave low-paying opportunities behind.

But there are other benefits to this feature:

More Accurate Than Other Boards

TruckersEdge App

Unlike with other boards, TruckersEdge does not use asking prices or bid rates to calculate rates. They use actual rates that drivers have been paid.

When calculating the average rate, DAT also leaves out the top 25% and bottom 25%, which removes outliers and paints a more accurate picture of how much drivers are getting paid.

Having accurate, solid numbers to rely on gives you even more negotiating power.

How Are Rates Calculated?

Hundreds of companies send TruckersEdge their rates after they’ve been confirmed by the load provider and carrier. These figures are used to calculate averages.

Rates are sent confidentially. In exchange, companies are able to compare their prices to the going rates.

TruckersEdge tracks 65,000 lane pairs, and all rates must have at least three contributions. With this type of system in place, no one company can figure out another’s rates.

Great! How Much Does TruckersEdge Cost?

How Much Does TruckersEdge Cost

To get a TruckersEdge login, drivers need to sign up for one of the three packages offered.

Enhanced ($49.95 per month)

  • Unlimited truck posts
  • Alarm match notification
  • Unlimited load searches
  • Mileage and routing
  • Month-to-month billing
  • Weather and road conditions
  • Broker credit profiles
  • Days-to-pay score
  • Spot market lane rates
  • Phone searching and posting

Standard ($34.95 per month)

  • Unlimited truck posts
  • Alarm match notification
  • Unlimited load searches
  • Mileage and routing
  • Month-to-month billing
  • Weather and road conditions

Post Only (Free)

  • Unlimited truck posts

As you can see, the Enhanced package offers the best value, and will give you the tools you need to make the most money as an owner operator. The Standard package does not let you see broker credit profiles, spot rates or days-to-pay scores.

Truckers Edge Vs Internet Truckstop

Internet TruckStop vs DAT TruckersEdge

You’ve read plenty of positive TruckersEdge reviews, but you’ve also heard great things about Truckstop.

Which load board is the best option for you?

That really depends on your personal preference. Both are great, and provide drivers with the tools they need to earn as much money as possible. Both also offer similar features.

The main difference is price, so weigh your options carefully.

The Bottom Line

As an owner-operator, you rely on tools to help you find the most profitable loads. TruckersEdge gives you all of these tools and more to help you make an informed, smart decision when choosing freight to haul.

Broker credit profiles help you choose only reliable companies to work with, while spot rates give you more negotiating power. Route recommendations, load alerts, and weather/road condition information provide you with even more help when choosing the most profitable loads.

The sheer size of the load board and the number of opportunities available is more than enough reason to consider investing in a membership. And with three tiers to choose from and flexible monthly billing (no contracts), you have nothing to lose by signing up.