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Decker Trucking Careers & Pay Scale

Decker Truck Line has built their business on the back of valuing their customers, and the value starts with truck drivers. The company first opened their doors in 1931 when the founders, Loren Decker and Dale, his younger brother, used their Model B Ford to haul goods, including windmills, plumbing fixtures and canned goods, to surrounding states.

decker truck line

The brothers worked on the business together until 1976 when Loren sold his interest to his brother and his two nephews.

Dale’s son, Don Decker, took full control over the company in 1993 and has helped it maintain the values that his uncles and father built their company on.

Decker Truck Line Careers

Decker Trucking offers a variety of trucking positions to their drivers, such as:

  • Reefer in the midwest and western regions
  • Flatbed in the midwest and southern regions
  • Shorthaul
  • Teams
  • Lease Purchase

Company drivers are valued with Decker, and this starts with competitive pay, a great working environment and excellent benefits. The company also prides themselves on offering superb equipment so that their drivers are always safe on the road.

Decker Truck Line Pay Scale and Information

Decker truck line pay

Drive directly into your career with Decker.

The company offers pay that, according to the company, is between $57,000 and $80,000 per year.   

We’ll take the average pay for drivers at $67,719.

The great starting pay is also accompanied by:

  • Annual raises
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • Benefits plan
  • 401 (k)
  • Tarp pay
  • Paid vacation
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance

When applying for the company, drivers must be the following requirements before being considered for the job:

  • Maintain a valid CDL Class A license
  • Experience of at least one year

Family owned, the company offers ample room for growth and pays their employees well. These are the complaints that every company has, and the work environment is very demanding, as are all trucking environments.

Diving deep into Decker Truck Line reviews, we can learn a lot about the company and how they operate.

Salary Information and Ranges

The company’s Indeed profile allows drivers to leave reviews on their salaries, and there are tens of thousands of reviews that allow potential drivers to have a better understanding of their expected pay range.

Decker Trucking positions pay 8% above the national average, with the average salary being $67,719 per

The trucking industry has a wide range of salaries, from the high $30,000s to some making nearly $107,000 per year. The problem is that the listings don’t state the amount of experience the drivers had to fully understand the salary differences.

When viewing salaries, you can see what the employees are saying about the company, including:

  • Good equipment and benefits
  • Great company if you want to be a trucker
  • New trucks and equipment
  • Job security

You even see some industry veterans with over 38 years of experience leaving feedback stating that this is a great company to work for. The biggest complaint, which is common in the industry, is that you practically live in your truck.

Drivers are very rarely at home, so having a personal life is very difficult but this goes with any long haul position.

Solo Drivers are reporting that their salary is $67,555 on average, which is a very respectful salary. The range also goes from the mid-$30,000 up to the $106,000 range. The salary figures seem to be exactly the same as regional driver, so this can be any solo driver with the company apparently.

Owner Operator figures seem to be inaccurate from an outside perspective, but this may be due to the owner operator only picking up a few loads with the company. The average O/O salary listed is $59,948, with a top end of $90,000.

Any owner operator must assume that there is inaccuracies with these posts due to the lower salary.

The review that’s listed states that the company is great to work with, but that you’ll be out on the road for 10 – 14 days before your 2 days of home time. This is a rough schedule for all drivers, so it’s something to consider when working with the company.

We can also piece together some other information about the company by viewing the reviews:

  • Drive on bonuses for a new driver range from $1,000 to $3,000.
  • The company has bad reviews from 2008 – 2010.
  • Reviews seem to have gotten better.
  • A lot of drivers complain that home time requests go overlooked.
  • Orientation pay is fully covered if you stay with the company for one year.
  • Insurance premiums for one driver in 2014 was $102 a week with a $6,000 deductible.

Drivers rarely complain about mileage and pay when working for Decker.

Everyone seems rather content with the money they make and the miles they run. The company, for the most part, seems to respect their employees, and some drivers from more recent reviews state that the company will respect home time requests.

The company does their best to ensure that drivers are given the latest equipment to do their job properly. The company has new trucks every three years, so drivers are always put into rigs that are reliable, safe and fun to drive.

Dispatch is supposed to be great, but this depends on the terminal.

Overall, Decker Trucking provides a great salary, benefits and a work environment that’s not stressful.