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What Trucking Companies Have the Best Home Time

Are you a trucker that is only considering home daily truck driver jobs? If there’s one thing that the past few years have shown us, it’s that life is short, and you need to make time for your loved ones.

Local truck driving jobs are a great start if you have a family and want to be home daily.

However, we’re going to list trucking companies with the most home time so that you can find the perfect life balance you want.

Trucking Companies with the Most Home Time


Roehl is a trucking company that genuinely wants the best for its drivers. HOMEtime PLUS™ Fleets were designed for truckers that, in their current stage in life, need more home time. Flexible driving opportunities are available, with the following:

  • 3 days home for every 11 to 14 days out
  • Drive more, get 7 days home time

If you join a dedicated or regional position, you’ll often have weekly home time. Local trucking positions are your true home daily trucking jobs because you’ll go home every night.

Depending on the area and fleet, you can also have 7 days on the road and 7 days home. In addition, the HOMEtime PLUS™ Fleets offer the opportunity to be home 26 weeks out of the year.

Other positions offer an average of 120 days off, with a 7-day out, 4-day home schedule.

If you want to make more money, you can with Roehl’s option to be on the road for 14 days straight and home for seven.

When you work with Roehl, you’ll maximize your earnings potential so that you can drive on fleets that meet your financial or personal life goals. If you want to be home for 26 weeks out of the year, Roehl is one of the only trucking companies offering this exceptional opportunity.

JB Hunt

JB Hunt is another well-known, top-tier trucking company that offers truckers the opportunity to be home. Local truck driving jobs with JB Hunt require you to haul freight within a 200-mile radius, and drivers can return home nightly.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy exceptional benefits, which include:

  • 401(k)
  • Health benefits
  • Medical

If you don’t find an opportunity to drive local with JB Hunt, you may be interested in their Final Mile Services. As a Final Mile driver, you’ll be in the most active division and must make deliveries to customer locations.

You’ll work Monday – Friday with weekend time off with this position.

Since over 50% of JB Hunt’s truck driving jobs are local, they’re one of the industry’s best options for drivers who want to maintain true work-life balance.


Werner is much like the other companies on our list because they have a healthy mix of positions that offer daily home time or long days out before returning home. A few of the options available from Werner that offer a lot of home time include:

  • Dedicated accounts, which may mean daily or weekly home time. Customer accounts will dictate demand and home time, so it’s crucial to ask what the home time will be for certain regions.
  • Regional van accounts offer weekly home time for drivers, with an average salary of $61,000. Competitive pay and no-touch freight are two of the other perks available in this position.
  • Local driving jobs are available out of some terminals, and you’ll be home daily. Pay in this position is competitive, and there are also weekly options available if you want to go regional.

Working for Werner offers great benefits with massive home time opportunities.


Schneider has options in multiple states and impressive sign-on bonuses. When driving for the fleet, you’ll find many options, including dry van, which offers home time every other week. Dedicated drivers will enjoy weekly home time, paychecks and performance bonuses.

However, depending on your location, there are also routes that offer you 14 days on the road followed by 7 days home.

Schneider remains a major question mark in the industry despite being a large operator. The company shuttered their first to final mile operations a few years back, but they believe the move was a smart choice moving forward.

Overall, the trucking company offers great benefits and has a lot of work opportunities for drivers that want to maximize their paychecks rather than their home time. However, the company will work with you to find a good balance for you.

Knight Trucking

Knight Trucking is known for its exceptional pay and decent home time, depending on the position. Many drivers will be on the road for 7 to 10 days and have two to three days at home. However, there are some positions that offer weekly home time, but this is only available on a terminal-by-terminal basis.

Many drivers who want to be home more often will try to land a 7 / 3 position, where they’re out for seven days before being home for three.

You’ll find that Knight is a smaller operation compared to some of the options on the list, but they offer:

  • Higher pay, with many dedicated positions earning $81,000 per year
  • Transition bonuses
  • Automatic pay increases
  • Much more

If you’re considering Knight Transportation, most drivers state that they’re a good company. However, your happiness will be primarily based on the DM.

How Often Do Truck Drivers Come Home?

home daily cdl jobs

On average, truckers are home every 2 – 3 weeks , but the long time away from home isn’t an option for some drivers.

If you want to be home more often, not necessarily every day, there are a lot of positions that offer this:

  • LTL jobs, such as those with Conway, YRC and others, tend to pay well and offer more home time.
  • Slip seat driving. Companies like Knight Transportation offer slip seat driving opportunities (and others), where you’ll be out 7 days and home for three or four days.
  • Day cab. A lot of truckers are searching for day cab CDL jobs because there’s a lack of a sleeping cabin and often includes more home time than other routes.

Of course, regional or local truck driving jobs offer more freedom and the opportunity to be home more often.

With the truck driver shortage, experienced drivers have more options to “shop around” and find a trucking company that offers home daily truck driving jobs.

Truckers that value home time, and this may change throughout your career, will want to consider LTL positions. Local opportunities are also an option with some smaller, local companies in your area needing skilled drivers.

Unfortunately, many truckload positions will not meet your needs if you want to make a good living and be home to spend quality time with your family.